Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, April 12, 2013

Noah's Home!

Oh my! We've been so busy, no time for pictures.
Thursday was the big day for Noah!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures!

Tom and Noah left at 8 a.m. in a snow storm that gave us 8" of snow here and rain/snow south of us, where they were going. It was hard shoveling with our oldest shoveler now being only 12! Faith and I shoveled off and on all day to get the dogs a way out to potty!

Public school was closed, so we were sure that MA and SP's day programs would be closed. But there they were bright and early to pick up MA. We waved them on and told them no. Because if they closed early, how would I get her back home in all the snow! I called to check SP's program and they too were open??!! SP's is from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. So we cancelled hers too. Cars were getting stuck on our street all day! Our sidewalk was not shoveled. The plows hadn't even come by!

Back at the hospital, Noah was so cooperative! He thought he and dad were just having a daddy~son day! LOL! The Drs did not wear the white lab coats, they wore green and blue surgical uniform. Noah hates white lab coats- it reminds him of the orphanage. :o(

His surgery was 1 p.m. It was finished by 2 p.m. And this incredible, sweet loving boy came out just as loving and happy as he went in! No fear~ no worries! Of course the anesthesia etc helped his dis-comfort. But you would not have known that he had just had surgery! Or that anything had even happened to him! He did not look like his brothers did after theirs! He looked happy! LOL!!

He was the fastest kid ever in the recovery room! He ate! He drank! He cooperated! He was AMAZING!! He was home by 7 p.m. !! The traffic was incredibly light for the drive there and home thanks to the weather. So that helped.

When he came into the house he was so happy to see us! And we were so happy to see him!! During the night he would wake and talk so we could tell he needed his tylenol. But he didn't cry. He is so so SO chipper and happy! I LOVE this boy! I adore this boy!

This evening he crawled in to see me as I was correcting homeschool books on my bed. He was playing in Samson's room. The kids never notice him sneak away! He's very quiet and determined! He does this frequently. Sometimes he sneaks out the wrong door. (there are 2 door ways in Samson's room) So he backs up and turns around. And you know he was there because you see his little toy left behind! After he found me tonight I took his hand to see if he wanted to climb up by me. He only put one leg on the stool to get up. Then you could see he was thinking- he better not do it because it might hurt. I hugged him and loved him up and his siblings whisked him away to play. :o)

Mosie will be the last boy to have this surgery. I don't think he'll take it as well as Noah. Mosie will fight the recovery, he won't eat or drink when he's mad! So it has been fun to see Noah just take this all in stride. He's such a big boy. It makes me think that he's so happy with his family that he can do anything with our LOVE and support! What a blessing he is!

What JOY these boys bring us each and every day!


  1. I'm so glad he came through the surgery so nicely. What a brave, happy little man. I'll continue praying that he heals quickly and any pain can be alleviated.
    Snow! We had pollen almost that deep. And no pollen plows to clear it away. No kidding. Everything turns yellow until we get a good rain. Rained a few days this week thankfully. I'm glad y'all were safely tucked inside and that Tom and Noah had a good trip down and back. Faith, You are such a good helper to your mother! Hard work is good for us, and when we look back on those times of working side by side with loved ones, we can see how it strengthened that bond.
    Hugs to all of you! Think of y'all every day.

  2. Snow! It was in the 80's here this past week. I'm so glad he came through surgery so well. Sounds like he is doing great.

  3. So glad the surgery went so well for Noah !!! We had and ice storm before the snow - branches and trees down absolutely everywhere - Sioux Falls looks like a war zone !!


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