Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, March 8, 2013

So much going on here..........

Surgery number 3 is coming up next Friday. Noah's more complicated http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orchiopexy surgery will be at the Children's Hospital 75 miles away.

He had his pre-surgery physical today. First he needed a bath. Which he tolerated well considering he still fears the bathtub. I'm thinking by next month he should like baths! Mosie sure does! It is so much fun when they like the water and splash! :o)

Jacob is now 1 week post-op from his less complicated version of the same surgery. He is doing very well. In fact yesterday as Tom carried him to bed, Jakie hung over his shoulder, and patted his daddy on the back. That is huge for Jacob! He still cries through every bath. Poor baby.

Mosie needs this surgery last, maybe in June, Dr said~ after flu season. He has been on antibiotics 3 weeks now and still is constantly congested with green boogies. :o( Poor little guy. His tonsils/adenoids are out so its not quite as bad as before. I'd love to see some normal clear running boogies!!

Three boys still need tonsils adenoids out.

We are getting dizzy, keeping up with weekly and monthly, testing thyroid on three boys now. Mosie off meds till next week? Pauly on meds. Julius saw the Pediatric endocrinologist on Wed., also 70 miles away. Not a fun drive, stop and go traffic almost all the way home. We are waiting on blood tests for?? which thyroid disease it is? possibly meds?? Not sure. I still think its Graves. But the Dr said he is tall and his weight is in the 50th % so she thinks Hypo. We'll see. His levels fluctuate, that's why she thinks hypo, not hyper. But he has the fast heart rate and jumpiness. I noticed some kids in an online discussion had ADD with their hypo thyroid? Pauly and Mosie are quite sluggish without meds. Julius is our only "zippy" guy! Hopefully Monday we'll find out.

Our 3 new students in homeschool are doing fantastic.
Here are a few of their IEP goals we have been working on with a few goals already accomplished!!

stand independently, consistently (accomplished)
hold a spoon
fist grab cheerios to feed himself (he can get 2 in his mouth now!)
chew (yes! he chews!)
understand simple verbal commands in English, like "come here" (he understands some English, no commands yet)
take his shirt off (he can after arms are out)
"pick" a toy to play with (He's very curious about toys now and shows toy preferences!)

hold a spoon (not yet :o(
eye contact 5 seconds ( almost!)
stand (he will only stand in the playpen to watch TV)
move feet independently, while assisted with walking (coming)
help put shirt on (he will now assist with arms going into his shirt)
chew (not yet)
eat small chunks without choking (we weren't sure if he'd be able, he used to swallow "hard", but he is eating small chunks now.)
sign "eat" (he is so pre-occupied with eating, he refuses to wait, he cries to eat if he sees food)
respond to commands in English- right now we are doing "look" (depending on his mood, he will look if asked)

stand (YES!! he can!!)
drink from cup (not yet)
hold spoon (yes)
make sounds other than laughing (we ask him to listen & mimic us, not yet)
brush teeth (yes, he can hold his toothbrush now!)
take off shirt (still a struggle)

We have a big blue therapy ball for developing core strength. The boys sit on it, Roll side to side sitting and lay on their tummies on it. They love it!

The goals for the boys are about the same. We could easily have them all do the same goals. All three are starting from scratch. But we try to set them according to their interest and motivation. Then we take into consideration their age, size and strength.

It is easier for Noah and Jacob to physically do some things, than it is for Moses. All goals are in place to teach independence. For example, Noah stands easily and readily, we are going to ask him to "walk" to us next. Jacob's legs are weak. He may not walk. We still hold him standing in front of us and we move his legs one foot at a time with our legs. He may never be strong enough to walk. But as long as we can keep strengthening his legs, he can bear weight, which is crucial as he grows. Moses can stand, which is a huge help, but we are not asking him to walk in any way yet. He is doing 4 point crawling! Drs have no idea if he'll be a "normal" size like Jacob. If he is unable to walk unassisted, his smaller size will make helping him easier.

We work one hour a day on the specific goals. We break it up to as many as 4 sessions. It has really helped the boys become more flexible in their days. They "look foreward" to us requesting these things and working on them. So when we try new things they are more open to trying something new!

I wish you could hear my 4 helpers (Isaiah,Kitty, Lysa and Faith) as they help me through out our day. It always amazes me how sweetly they talk to their brothers, as if the boys are the best part of their entire day! They make finding clean pants and t-shirts sound like great fun! And as they help change their clothes, or feed them, they even laugh with great joy~ ! It is music to my soul to hear their love for their little brothers, little boys that others didn't have time for. My helpers are wise beyond their years!

Our cup is running over! Thank You God!


  1. I really liked reading each boy's IEP goals. It helps me to imagine what we might be working on once Simon is home. We leave for our first visit in 2 weeks!! (march 22nd). I wish this was our second trip, then we could bring him home!! ;)
    Thanks for blogging! I do lots of "research" on your blog!

  2. I'm wondering why it seems so common for the adopted little ones to have this problem/need this surgery...is it related to Down syndrome specifically? Seems like they all need tonsils or adenoids out too, and are circumcisions necessary for health reasons? Just something I keep wondering about from reading my obsession...adoption blogs. :) one day I hope to adopt special needs children too, I feel a strong calling!

    1. good questions! Yes kids with DS have smaller airways, their tonsils/adenoids can be very obstructive.(small) Mosie's were the worst we've seen, then add a virus and the tonsils can swell even larger causing great concern. Jacob will not have his tonsil/adenoids out- they are fine. P Noah and Julius are "o.K." and can wait a while. Pauly and Samson's were huge.
      The orchiopexy has me wondering? I don't ever hear of this specific to DS kids, but out of my 8 boys who do not have DS, only one had a similar (hernia) problem in the testes area. Now of my boys with DS, 4 out of 6 needed this. The circ is mainly for cleanliness, we have one un-circed son with DS and he can't "clean" without help. :o( He can't bathe independently. I wish we'd done his when he was younger.
      Hope that answers your questions!
      You GO girl with your calling!! Praying for you!

  3. Love your IEP's!!! I know your days must be so completely full I can't even imagine it!! But, having goals in front of me helps me stay focused when the days are crazy....I would guess that's helping you also. Especially when you have such amazingly great helpers to carry out the tasks!! You have many Early ed teachers, spec Ed teaher, adaptive PE teachers, OTs, PTs, and SLP's and multiple medical and health related professionals in the making!!! What a blessing they get all this real life experience to help them in their career decisions someday!!! Blessings, Jennifer

  4. Thanks for answering my questions! I'm learning all I can, and definitely seeing a trend with the boys and undescended testicles. I see that listed on reeses rainbow listings a lot too. I hope to adopt some little boys in the next 5 year's, since they seem to be most in need. I love reading your blog. :)

  5. Elizabeth your love and dedication to all your children is a testimony to the fact that God chooses just the people He needs to carry out His plan. Any child who becomes an Archer is destined to receive the purest of love and devotion from you and Tom. We know you are not perfect, none of us are, but you are doing everything out of perfect love.

  6. Hugs and kisses for my special little man noah xx hope all goes well for him. Xxx


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