Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, March 18, 2013

Moses Eight years old! (well on 2/8/13)

Mom bought me this stuffy suit for my birthday.

Lately I have been wearing lots of one piece jammies just because I am a comfort kinda guy! I don't like lots of clothing on and off and up and down and layered. I like fleece sleepers...........period!
Mom says that's o.k. because most days she wears her jammies (tshirt and crop jammie pants) ALL day!! (shhhh........I never told you that!)

Ooops! Did mom hear that?

O.K. see what I mean? Shirts are for pulling up, pants are for sticking hands waaaay into. Socks are for throwing..........and if I'm lucky....he-he!! Noah will put the whole sock in his mouth!! Then mom AND dad scream NO!! It gets pretty exciting around here!!
Dad says the couches are too dark for his photography. Mom says that's the least of his photography worries!
I am cute!
 But wiggly!

Mom says take the vest off! I say- it took forever to get it on! Don't take it off unless you are sure we are done! LOL!!

Should I pull the shirt out too??

Fine- I'll leave it in! See my hands are up!!

 This is geeeettttting booooring!


Yup, dad decided to try again! The vest is back! LOL!! I kinda like the couch pictures!

Well I like the couch the first 20 pictures..........then I kinda zone out!

 Yup, you guessed it. Back in the kitchen!

 And, dad wet my hair down................why???

Seriously? could I take a bad picture?

Mom says you can really see how big my tummy is getting! My old pants are waaay too short! My legs are chunky! This darn shirt and tie is tight on my chubby little neck! This suit (size 18 months) is being donated to another little guy as soon as we are done! LOL!

 Next year I'll need at least a size 24 months.............if not a size 3!!

Yup!! Eight sure feels GREAT!!
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  1. That boy is just so adorable, and esp, in that outfit! With the vest and socks. But also with them askew! ; )

  2. These pictures are sooo cute! Also the ones with his sister and all the boys in their matching shirts!

    Barb M.

  3. I love your boys!! Moses is just so sweet!
    Happy birthday Moses!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! He's soooo cute!!!

  5. Moses you sure look dapper in that suit! I bet any young lady would be honored to go out on a date with such an handsome and stylish young man!!!
    p.s. Carrington has a beautiful dress she is just dying to wear. (your parents and us can chaperone).

  6. Very nice post Mosie!! You certainly are one cute little boy!!!! Blessings, Jennifer


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