Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, February 22, 2013


Last year when Tom tried to get our boys Julius and Pauly, Social Security numbers for filing our taxes.

They said......no. Not without a MN birth certificate.

We argued, made our case. They said they needed their interpreters to transcribe into English, the adoption birth certificates from their country. Even with their Certificates of USA Citizenship!

One week later a letter came saying we had applied for their cards.

One week later their Social Security cards came.

What was that all about?

Today Tom went to apply for the 3 new boys Social Security Cards and get forms for Samson to apply for adult disability- SSI on his 18th birthday, this summer. I don't think he dared to ask about Samson's forms because..........

The Social security worker, the woman took Tom's Social Security card, came back and said
"Next week you'll be in here to apply for disability."

Tom was taken aback.

Then she said, "How do you support all these dependents, you haven't worked since 1999."


none of our 20 children has had disability SSI, other than Samson. TX had applied for it for him before we adopted him. And He had it as a "subsidy". Only one child, our Andy adopted at age 10 had an adoption from the State. He's 37 now.

We have supported ALL other 18 dependents.

Is it the governments business how we do it?, if we file our taxes and obey the law?

Right now it is a new calendar year for our insurance, we need $5,700.00 for our children's surgery co-pays, and specialists. I faithfully pay $100 a month to each specialist until we pay it off. Any extra money that comes in goes directly to their Drs. We did it last year, we can do it again this year, because................

God provides!!!!!!!

God cares for His children.

Truthfully, we are ALL His children. Not "my" children, "your" children, "their" children.
God's precious children.
Created by him.
In His image!!

I LOVE it!! I live for it!

In the meantime we sell on ebay. We have had property listed for sale for 4 years that has not sold. But when it does, that money supports our children. We work with our women and pray that God will send us a new client to cover the extra.

We watch our money carefully, because it's God's money!

Sometimes we even give it away.

Because orphan faces touch our hearts.

The same way hundreds of you precious people were touched by our 3 boys. You who love the orphans like us, donated to our boys! You helped us to be FULLY funded, $30,000.00 to bring these 3 boys home.

You didn't waste a penny. Look at their faces!

Others donated clothes, formula, diapers! Precious gifts to boys who never knew how LOVED they were!

This Social Security woman/worker knew nothing about us. :o(
Tom stammered to explain-
we signed immigration papers that say we will not use government money. We proved that WE have enough money to support these boys, by complying with Hague convention income guidelines.

And last year our hospital forgave a $4,000.00 hospital stay because our income qualified us for help from a Charity. What a HUGE blessing! For our Pauly, a very deserving precious boy.

This year our urologist wanted Jakie's surgery done at an outpatient hospital he is vested in. We could not afford it. Their prices were higher than our local Catholic non-profit Hospital. The hospital that helped us. The other hospital asked us to pay them $1,000.00 up front. We don't have it!

And you know what? Answered prayer! God had the Dr move the surgery to the Catholic non-profit hospital.........for Jakie. For us!

God is so GOOD!!!
God Bless you all who have helped our boys when others see them only as a burden on our government.
(((HUGS))) ((((HUGS))) and MORE ((((HUGS))) :o)
From ALL of us!!


  1. I just want to say that I have been following your blog for awhile and I really enjoy it. Your boys are adorable and so are your girls. We just adopted two girls from Bulgaria and they arrived home on January 19th. Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts.

  2. (((HUGS))) Sharon! I've seen your BEAUTIFUL blog!! Your girls are precious!! Your new granddaughter is beautiful too! I just never know what to comment! Thank You for stopping by! I'll think of something to say next time I visit you!

  3. I don't understand the American medical system. We don't pay a cent for hospital stays and specialist visits in Canada. I'm not trying to start a fight. I am just amazed at how you manage it. You and you family are amazing. I inspire to be 1/10th of the person you are.

    1. Thank You! You are too sweet. Yes we pay here! I know you did not intend to argue! :o) (((HUGS))) my readers are the best!

  4. oops. I think I wrote inspire. It should say aspire.


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