Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Who's your super hero?! and bathing my octopus

We are big Toy Story 2 fans! When I found out I was pregnant with our baby Isaiah in 2003. Tom said- Buzz was going to be our theme! LOL! This was our last birth baby. Our birth babies were 28, 25 and 23 years old! So I let Tom have his way! :o) However I did sneak in quite a few stuffed puppies. Isaiah is a dog lover like me and at 18 months he even helped me train our first German Shepherd.

It seems like just yesterday Isaiah was running through the house in this Buzz costume. Now Isaiah is putting it on his baby brothers! Our newest super heros! It's too small for Noah and Jacob, and too big for Mosie right now.
What a blessing!
Watching these two little superheros boys grow in our family. Every day, growing in love and even in faith as they learn to pray their first little prayers. Not praying with their voices, but with folded hands and from their hearts! Both boys sit through our church service via internet. Julius falls asleep on me during the sermon! :o) Pauly rocks along to the hymns. (Noah, Moses and Jacob can't sit through a service yet)

Everyday they are learning to be big boys! Helping in ways only they can! Julius now lets mom use the bathroom and waits patiently just long enough till I come out, 95% of the time! Pauly no longer demands being fed first, changed first, held first- he can share his time now! Yes, maybe he still grumbles about it, but no more yelling!

Each day we see less and less of the old behaviors and regular little boys. When we have hard days with Jacob, Noah and Moses', Julius & Pauly give us hope! Soon the three new boys will remember less and less of their survival skills and melt into our family. Next year looks so exciting!

Speaking of Noah ;o) have you ever tried to bathe an octopus?? LOL!! Noah had his first tub filled, with water and bubbles bath. Previously he sat in the tub learning how water felt, and was rinsed/showered with a little hose from the faucet. Yesterday- trying to put an octopus into a bubbly bath tub full of water is another story! LOL!! Arms- legs everywhere- hands clinging to everything. It takes three to sit him! LOL! He didn't cry- he just wasn't going to get in it! When it was all over he was as calm as could be! LOL!

Jacob too had his first tub bath yesterday. (Next time I'll bathe those two on separate days!) No more little showers in the tub. This experience caused Jakie to have a new saying - "I'm so mad I could poop!" No he can't verbally say this, he doesn't need to! LOL! Just plunk him in a bubble bath up to his waist, he starts to protest (pass large volumes of gas) and then proceeds to add something to the bath. Thankfully Isaiah and I were able to wishy-washy him up before things had to be re-washed. Removed him, diapered him, and bleached the tub. I don't think I'll ever look at a bubble bath in that tub the same way again............when I step into it! ;o)

Moses had his first water filled tub bath last month. (before his first surgery) He LOVES water!! The more water the better! LOL!! And well, I don't have to tell you, but he is cuuuute! in the tub! (darn it he's just cute everywhere!!)

Our Samson was adopted from the US. He was 3 when we were blessed with him and even he screamed during every baths until he was about 9. Pauly grumbles through his baths too. Only Julius and Mosie think baths are fun. Bathing has got to be one of my least favorite chores. The bigger boys are heavy- I get wet from head to toe!- I sweat. (Yes, Samson still needs help bathing- he has incredibly dry thick skin- Isaiah now helps him scrub too now.) I need lots of helpers with the 5 boys- each boy is a ticking time bomb deciding to wee as I rush to diaper! It just isn't pretty! But the boys sure look good and smell amazing when it's done! LOL!

And each time during the day I need a little energy pick up~ I just sniff a little boys head. :o) 


  1. Sometimes I put lotion on for no reason so I can just sniff my little ones heads too! Nothing like the clean baby scent!!

  2. Oh my! I can just imagine the watery mess of trying to bathe so many who either don't want in the tub or are having so much fun in the water! When I put my two boys in the tub rather than the shower, I KNOW there will be water everywhere. :) And so true about bath/shower water and the "water works"! I never knew a kid could do the other thing in the tub either (and we had lots of little kids around when I was growing up) until one of mine did it. Shocker! Now I'm hard pressed to remember which ones haven't done it. You just hurry up with a "lick and a promise" to give them a better bath next time. hehe I think I'll keep that little gem a secret from my married daughter. She'll need to find out some surprises on her own once they have kids, right? lol
    I love the smell of my freshly washed children. I will miss that when they're grown. Have you ever thought how God gave us the sense of smell to be part of how we love? There are many uses for it but think about how we snuggle into our sweet babies/kids and smell their scent. And babies bond with the mothers, right away recognizing her scent.


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