Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Please PRAY with us!

Your words have touched everyone's heart here deeply.

Thank You is such a small thing to say for your precious kindness. We do not take it for granted! It is a cup of water to a thirsty soul.

This afternoon this was in my e-mail from Max Lucado.
(I love Max. God has given Max the gift of encouragement. God has given him the gift of words that encourage others. Day Spring (I love Day Spring too! :o) sent this e-mail.)
It said~

None of us can help everyone.
But all of us can help someone.
And when we help them, we serve Jesus.
-Max Lucado

The little things you do...
the sacrifices you make...
may not always be noticed by others-
but God sees every one of them and smiles.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23,24
(Beautiful don't you think :o)
"Not for men".........."I serve Jesus"...........
Oh my heart, I have forgotten again, in my sadness, whom I serve and why. I have taken my eyes off of Him and focused only on my problem.
"the sacrifices you make"...............
This makes me sad. I know my sacrifices are nothing compared to Jesus. And yet, I'm ashamed because I complain so much.
Especially when grown family members (that we wish would love and respect us) judge my every flaw (and then take my flaws and expand on them). Whatever I do is wrong in their eyes. Whatever I say is a lie to them. I'm even accused of things that are lies. And yet my constant prayer for them is that no one judge them as harshly or hurt them as deeply as they've hurt and attacked us.
I remember years ago as a young mom, reading about David and Absalom. I was shocked. And then years later studying it. This time I had rebellious young adult children of my own. 
There are countless stories in the Bible, of children who turn against God. And parents who suffer because of this.
Believe me, I've already beaten myself up- forewards and backwards over what I did to make any of this happen. I have relived every parenting mistake and selfish thought I had as I raised them wondering- where? when? how? did it get to this?
My last words to one of them, two and a half years ago was "You can not come here and yell at me, it is disrespectful."
I did not, do not, take my parenting lightly. I often told them I knew I was not a perfect parent. I told them maybe they won't make any parenting mistakes. But I know I have. If I did not make mistakes I would not need God. My mistakes constantly remind me who I serve!
They don't seem to remember I answer to God. I have asked God forgiveness of my sins. I know that I am forgiven. I answer to God each and every day. 
It makes me wonder what happened to the nice things they used to tell us? Were they lies? Tom and I can't make sense of it. I get 99% of the criticism and Tom gets 1%. But they still insist on hurting him too.
I'll get backlash now, from them, for saying things here. I wish they would not read my blogs. (But Blessed made a very good point about this with her precious MIL. See the comment on the last post) They can't seem to live their lives without causing us anguish. They have already hurt us~ they win if that was their goal. They even hurt the older children here. We just wish for them to stop.
And as David begged God for Absalom not to be killed. We beg God for them to see the error of their ways.
Please PRAY! God's Will be done!
Thank You! God Bless You! (((HUGS)))

This is a song we are singing loudly these days!


  1. Sweet Lady, I am so sorry your older children are being so cruel to you. I hold you in high esteem for all you do for children and adults.
    I do not have a blog but have several I read daily and yours is one of my favorites. It was interesting how you have your rooms set up for all the kids. Very good use of room areas. I have loved watching the last 5 come home and then adjust. They have changed so much in a short time. It's amazing to see the sad faces change to a smile. I laughed at your husband trying to hold the 3 boys on his lap while still at the orphanage. I pray these boys soon learn how lucky they are to have such loving, caring parents and siblings. If you do go private, and I can understand why you feel you must, please allow me to follow your blogs. How I wish I were younger than 71 so I could do this but I did not discover these adoption blogs till about 4 years ago. I knew nothing about these children overseas and the awful conditions they live in and the conditions they themselves are in. My daughters (I have 5) all enjoy following the lives of some of you. A lot of prayers have gone up for these children. Know that down here in Texas there 6 of us who pray and care about you and your family. Thank you so much for all you do in God's name and I know when the time comes you will all be reunited in heaven.

    1. Oh! Dottie you are so sweet! My dearest friend is also 71! :o) We were neighbors for over 30 years and then she moved, but we stay close! Time passes quickly. My momma turns 80 this spring! She prays for the orphans daily! (((HUGS))) to you and your precious 5! :o) daughters!

  2. Elizabeth, I will pray, just as you've asked. And I'm so sorry to hear the backlash you're receiving from your family. You set such a lovely example of a godly, Spirit-filled, prayerful woman and I would be so proud if you were mine :)

    I've taken much of what you've written here to heart in my parenting of Samantha. So, for what its worth, you are ministering to me!! Thank you for what you do.

    1. Oh! Grace, Thank You! You are a blessing to all who know you! Tom says "hello" too! He loved his time with you and Anna! (((HUGS)))

  3. Praying for y'all as you make a decision about the blog. One reason I'm not a blogger is because I really need the privacy from extended family. Another reason, it would seriously cut down on the time I have to read your blog and a couple others, if I had to write on my own. haha

    I was sharing with my husband on the way to worship service this morning how you were possibly having to shut down the blog and why. As I talked I realizaed how far and wide your blog reaches. Not only do we get to read about your precious family and pray for you, but we are encouraged by your words of wisdom and your insight. I know firsthand that you help and are helped by other bloggers who have similar adoption stories. Without blogs, how many children wouldn't even be home with their forever families yet? I realize that God doesn't need blogs to set the lonely in families but through blogging, word is spreading. Many times through the day I find myself not only praying for your family but reminding myself that "if Elizabeth can do this with her many SN children, then surely I can calm down and manage my children in a godly manner."
    I hope you'll be able to keep the blog going, but Tom, your children at home, and those recently influenced need to feel safe and that home is a haven. I hope your adult children will come to understand that one day, sooner than later.
    You know I'll stay in touch, one way or another. God bless you, Tom, and all your precious blessings.

  4. Elizabeth, I love reading your blog daily. It inspires me. It makes me smile. It makes me feel like a witness to something greater. I hope you continue, but that is selfish. So instead, I hope you do what is best for your family and yourself. No matter, I will always remember the lessons you have taught me. Hugs Lisa L.


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