Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, February 4, 2013

My two little pumpkins

Today Julius and Pauly had their kindergarten physicals. It's been a year since they saw the Dr. And since our Dr of over 20 years quit, it took us a while to get them in.

Julius has Hyper-thyroid. :o(

Pauly has Hypo-thyroid. :o(

Last year Julius had slightly low Thyroid and then normal Thyroid. Pauly's was fine last year. No one saw a need to re-check sooner.

I had a feeling Julius had thyroid issues because he just does not gain weight and had brittle nails, and thin dry skin. Nope, Hyper thyroid. I hadn't even read up on Hyper, but now I see it is exactly him. :o(  Nervousness and energy. Poor baby. We thought it was his personality. Our little leprechaun.

Julius will see a pediatric endocrinologist miles away from here.
It's very frustrating that in our big central MN city there is not even one (ooooh this makes me mad) pediatric endocrinologist visiting our area for all the children we have here. :o((((
Please pray for Julius.

Pauly seemed like he would have no thyroid issues if you had asked me! Good thing I'm not a Dr.!! (Moses also has Hypo thyroid and is tiny and thin, and has thin brittle hair.) Pauly has great hair, brittle nails, and he gains weight too easily. I didn't really see any of those as Thyroid. :o( We checked him because we were checking Julius. Thank Goodness. Pauly will start meds.

When Mosie started his Thyroid meds we called them his "happy pills" because he was even more happy after taking them! I wonder if my little Eyore/Pauly will cheer up now?? Either way, he is precious!


  1. Elizabeth, you mentioned kindergarten physicals, will your little fellas go to public school? Also, how is MA doing? Have a great day?

    1. No the boys will start school at age 7. They go to home school. But we do a lot of pre-school activities- color matching, sign language, stringing beads. Julius loves these activities even though he needs help. Pauly likes to watch- but that's how Pauly learns!
      Jacob, Noah and Moses go to school because they are 7+. Their school is mostly daily living skills. With PT/OT soon added.

      MA sees the Dr on Monday. She is tired and weak. It's hard to see her this way. She is back to her daily routine of attending the Senior Center. It takes a lot out of her. In 6 more weeks of testing (we are doing it the least evasive way- CT scans) we should know for sure.
      (((HUGS))) Thanks for asking :o)


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