Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mosie growing!

He still looks like a toddler. Even though he is 8 years old.
Still when he was 7 we could see a 5 year olds wisdom in him. He knows things, he's seen things, he's been through things.......he remembers. He uses what he learned to reject or accept what he finds tolerable or understands.

But now that he's 8. And still wears size 18 months clothes. ( he has gained 9 lbs since September, he just fills them out now)
Asking others to believe he was 7 was hard. Now asking others to believe he's 8 is even harder.

I almost wish that we could consider his birthday, to be the day in September when he came home. That he could begin again, that he is one year old.
With his current wisdom of people and his memories of years of frustration and isolation, he would be considered a high very functioning 1 year old! He knows things! From having lived in his crib 7 1/2 years, he knows mostly about human behavior, watching staff, watching the other children. His personality is formed.
Just my wishful thinking, dreaming.
This is his little bed in the window alcove. He's holding his favorite little Elmo a dear reader sent him! The pak & play cover keeps him from making holes in the screen. A little mattress, with a fluffy water proof mattress pad. Boy sheets- footballs, cowboys, baby Snoopy! 
From here he can watch everyone in the hallway to his left, and watch me in my room straight ahead! :o) He laughs LOUDLY, calling us! Each laugh is a word! A very happy word! He thinks if he laughs long enough we'll come. We try not to- after all it's nap time or bed time! He needs to sleep! ;o)
At 3 a.m. last night, I learned his "word" for "I'm going to throw up!" It is a cough! I thought it was croup starting in the night. Each time he did a cough to get me to check on him. Each time I wondered if it was going to get worse. 
Then after breakfast everything came up. He couldn't throw up at 3 a.m., his tummy was empty! 
Now when I hear a cough I'll be ready! LOL! The cough he has with a cold or virus is not quite so urgent sounding. Poor little guy.
I never need to change his sheets or clothes. The kids change them for me, so frequently and so fast, that by the time I think of it, it's done! They adore him so much that he never sleeps on a boogie smeared sheet, or wears a jammy that has saliva or boogies wiped on it, even if it was only worn a few hours. Dad who washes the boys laundry daily, may not appreciate this. But I see this as a huge expression of service, the LOVE his older brother and sisters have for him. They don't think of it as icky or smelly. Or even a chore. They know that mom wouldn't allow them to sleep on or wear things soiled, so neither should their Dear brother Mosie!
 And here. Here is the little Mosie we brought home in September. All 15 pounds of him. His clothes here are also size 18 months, pant legs rolled up, shirts way too roomy. Hands too weak to grasp and hold. Legs too weak to stand.
So cute, so sweet. But we can't help but LOVE his new filled out face in the more recent pictures! (on top) He's so heavy now, the kids sit on their bums and scoot him down the stairs.

The 4 older kids want to help with everything. They are huge helps! They adore their brothers. They beg to change diapers! LOL! But they really aren't old enough yet. Sometimes we even tell our daughter Grace (almost 23) when she stops by that she isn't big enough to change a diaper yet! LOL!! But then she convinces me. And then I ask her, are you sure? ;o)

We did recently find that Isaiah is big enough to feed Noah and help Julius eat meals. So each day if I don't get it done first, Isaiah silently takes their food and feeds them! He is so sweet.

And yet he's still only 9. He has school work and his own play time. Little boy things that must get done also!

I can fully remember how big I thought I was at 9 with my new baby sister. And I was, but Isaiah has me beat with 5 little brothers! Even so, I have to protect him from over doing, helping too much, just because he can.

Because then he ends up getting so tired after dinner he has to go to straight to bed. If he goes to bed too early, we won't get our time together without the little brothers. The little brothers go to sleep at 7 p.m. Every night after 7 I make it special time for those 4 until they go to bed at 9.

I try to show Isaiah how to pace himself by example~ :o) ~ even mom takes a nap! :o) The girls have no problem napping! ;o) The difference between boys and girls! Delightful!

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