Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, February 11, 2013

How we make room!! Our house.

Our house is not huge. It is about 1,300 sq feet. I wrote about it before, but darn it! I can't find the post! LOL! Here is (L to R) Pauly, Noah, Kitty and Julius. These boys play actively. Moses and Jacob would get trampled. (if you enlarge this picture- that's me in the halway! :o) They play in the girls room.

This is our upstairs. Our group home gals don't come up here. We can't "store" things in their areas downstairs. We store things in the basement for all of us. And our things are upstairs.

(Above) The playroom is precious Samson's bedroom. It is about 10' x 10'. It was a kitchen once when our house was a duplex. The wood on the left is Samson's bunk bed. He sleeps alone. The bottom bunk stores learning toys and PT/OT stuff for now.
This is the hallway. The closet to the right- sheets and blankets. The closet to the left- towels and bedding. The steps lead down stairs. This is the view coming out of the 6 boy's bedroom. If you turn right here, is Samson's room, if you turn left here, it is the bathroom and the girls room.
Here are where 6 precious boys sleep! Left top bunk is Isaiah. Bottom left bunk is Noah & Jakie. Right top bed is empty. Bottom right bunk is Pauly and Julius. The green book shelf in the bottom right corner has a window alcove area where Mosie's play pen is. The door way straight ahead out of the bedroom, is Tom's and my bedroom. The door way into this room is where Tom was standing to take the hallway picture.
Straight ahead is Isaiah's table for home school.
This was a living room when our house was a duplex!
This is our bedroom, it has a back door to let our big dogs out. Kids run up and down the steps to clean up the kennel. :o)
Or they open the door often to check the weather. We just had 10" of snow and everybody had to open the door multiple times to watch the snow!
Stuff on the right is homeschool. A pink toy box to the left. :o)
This is our bedroom. We added this 26' x 18' area on to the house. There is a huge closet on the far left. Our bed is way back to the right. You can see the end of it by the pink desk. My computer is by the far back window. There is a rocking chair, foot stool and stools where we watch TV back there. We eat, cook and homeschool in our room. We need the added space to cook since our old kitchen has few outlets. We use the bread machine and crockpots up here. The pink toy box is on the bottom right, the same toy box in the above view. The partition on the left has my sewing area behind it.
This is where 3 precious girls sleep. This was a bedroom when our house was a duplex. Lysa sleeps here to the left. In the right corner, the wood is a bunk bed. The kids watch movies only on the small VCR/TV.
More homeschool books. If you go out the doorway there is the door to the bathroom. It's a long walk for me from our room to the bathroom! :o(
This was our bedroom before we built the big- bedroom/familyroom.
In the blog picture of our house up top, the top 3 windows are over Lysa's bed. In the front of the house!
Here is Lysa's bed again to the right. There is a trundle bed under Lysa's bed. Kitty sleeps on the top bunk. Faith sleeps on the bottom bunk. Yes that's my lovely arm and leg directing Tom's magnificent picture taking! LOL!
 This is our kitchen downstairs. I posted it once before but could not find the post? Off the kitchen to the left is a small full bath and MA's room. Straight ahead the hallway leading upstairs, basement, living room or left the tiny craft room. The white bookcases straight ahead left are in the living room. SP's bedroom is off the living room. And a porch entry way is off the living room. You see the porch entry way in our blog house picture- the wheel chair ramp leads to it.
Our dining room downstairs- Faith set the table. :o) A third downstairs bedroom is off the dining room. The dining room has a door to our big deck on the side of the house. the dining room and 3rd bedroom were added on.
Our living room we keep as spotless as possible for our ladies and the any guests who stop by. No toys allowed! Mornings we put up a playpen so Jacob can stand and watch TV. It is the only way right now we can get him to stand.

I know it may look "crowded" in the pictures. But there is plenty of space to walk and move, do school work, play, and watch TV upstairs. It's nice for us to have family time upstairs. Alot of my knick knacks I thought the kids would take as they left home. But no takers so far. They do take my extra household stuff!

I wanted to show how we make room for 14 of us in a house that is much smaller than most houses. If we can do it- you can do it!

We thank God for this house! :o)


  1. Wow--all those rooms! It sure looks much bigger than 1300 sq. ft.! You really know how to use the space efficiently too.

    This was such a fun post--thanks for inviting us to visit you in your home! ; ) And it was really fun for me to see another family who has such an untraditional "master bedroom suite." We are a family of six living in a 550 sq. ft. vintage cabin, so our bed is in the living room, right in front of the big picture window and next to the fireplace. When guests come over, they sit on our bed as the "sofa." (And just the other day some friends of my kids were over, and one of them said how much she thought it was great to have a bed for a sofa--so cozy. ; ) We have the computer in our "master suite" and at Christmas we have the Christmas tree too. ; ) When we first moved into the house the fridge was right by the front door, which is not far from the foot of our bed, so it felt like that was in the room too. C'mon--what more could the ultimate Master Suite need? ; )

    And I also enjoyed seeing your boys sharing bunks. All three of my girls currently sleep in ONE single bunk! It was only supposed to be temporary (several years ago) until we build new beds, but they are happy and sleeping through the night, so it is working just fine--but people think we are crazy. So I enjoyed seeing someone else who put more than one kid in a single bunk bed!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk through your home.

  3. Lovely to see around your home and for me to see where these very precious children live :) I think the style of your homes there are fantastic. i am sure that the 3 boys find comfort in sharing a room/bed with others after living in such a big institute for all there lives. Being in a room of their own could be very distressing i should imagine. Offers always there for a visit to the uk or spain with the family though not sure we could fit all 14 at once, maybe 2 trips lol xx Hugs and kisses for my special boy although of course all the children are specail xxxx

  4. I love you Elizabeth!! Thanks for giving us a tour! This has inspired me to do a blog walk through at some point!! Blessings!

  5. Looks like a house filled with love to me! So fun to have the tour and be able to picture your place as I pray for you!

  6. I love this post, Elizabeth! I love it because it helps explode the myth that you have to have a huge, fancy house in order to provide a wonderful, nurturing home for a child in need! Your five boys weren't suffering due to lack of a mansion and new furniture, it was because they didn't have what you and Tom and your other children are giving them in abundance--the love of their own family! Thank you so much for continuing to blog and for this post!

  7. Thank you for sharing. Honestly...I wouldn't have guessed your house wasn't the size you say from the pictures...you have done amazing things with that space. It's warm and welcoming and lovely. I wish I could figure out what to do with Nathan and Peter- they wake eachother up for all the reasons I've shared. They destroy things...but different things so pretty much everything has to be stripped down. And they would hurt eachother if one wasn't in the tent. I wish they could sleep together like yours. It is truly a blessing that your sweet boys can do that.


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