Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Every day filled with JOY!

Each day a beautiful challenge.

Each day filled with JOY!

God's Hand blessing us all! 

Years ago (my precious group home gal) Susie's father had rheumatoid arthritis. I'd ask him "How are you today?" :o) And he always answered "I"m having the best day of my life!" I truly wondered how. The medications he took to take the pain away, had side effects of brittle bones that eventually made him a quadriplegic in a wheel chair. I was young and thought that life was hard! How could Susie's Dad say that and mean it.............every day?

And now I know. :o) And I thank God for her dad in my mind each time I remember him!

I am having the best day of my life! :o)

Please keep praying for MA. Her next CT scan is Friday morning. We pray that there is NO cancerous lesion. We pray that if it is anything, it is just a "spot". We heard from a precious family who has a mamma who has a spot on her lower lobe of her lung. Her "spot" turned out to mean nothing. If MA still has the spot we pray that hers too means nothing!
MA is slowly gaining back the huge amount of strength she lost while sick. The Senior Center was having her resume her activities too quickly. She wasn't ready. She is only 56 wonderful years young ;o) but she doesn't bounce back like she used to.

Please pray for Jacob's surgery on Monday. He is having Orchiopexy surgery. All three of the new boys will have it. Noah and Julius have/had the hardest cases. Noah's is in March, miles away from home. Where Julius had his. They did let Julius home 6 hours after surgery. We hope Noah will be back quickly too! That's why we give him his bottle~ to pacify him in times of great need!
Out of the 5 boys only Pauly did not need this surgery! We are concerned for Jacob and Mosie with surgery, they are both fragile. We anticipate Jakie breaking down emotionally from this surgery. He is very sensitive. Mosie is physically fragile.
Mosie won't have his orchiopexy until flu season is over.

The most exciting news is that the boys have gained weight! Jacob and Noah have gained 10 pounds! In 5 months 1 week!! They were 24 pounds- now they are 34 pounds. PRAISE GOD!! Both now in size 5 diapers! Jacob loves food, wants food, and is always hungry. He sucks air in to fill his tummy. Now when we hear that sound we say "time to feed Jakie!" Noah gets bored with eating if he's not really hungry! He still eats a good amount for a 9 yr old boy!

And Mosie!!! Mosie gained 9 pounds!! He was 15 pounds on gotcha day! And now he is 24 chubby-ubsy pounds!
A dear friend donated formula for him that is like a "super" food! We add it to his food.
Now he is so STRONG! He used to laugh a tiny giggle. We didn't think it had anything to do with his size. It did. :o( It was his weak laugh. But now he laughs a LOUD resounding "ha-ha-ha-ha---- HA!" It is so cute. And he is incredibly ticklish, he pulls our hands to tickle him! His little hands are so chubby and strong! I can't get my hand around the calf of his leg anymore! He stands and stands and stands! When he first came home he fought just to sit.
He's still very short, so things like stairs and walking around furniture are too intimidating to him. Scooting up or down stairs are frightening to him.
He is outgrowing his clothes!! We had some cute one piece outfits saved from Pauly for him. Now they are too tight! LOL! I was happy to see my big boy grow, but sad because the outfits are so cute on him! LOL!

Poor Mosie has had a cold since his tonsils were out. We had to get an antibiotic. You'd never know he was sick though! Especially when he spends his whole 2 hour nap standing up laughing. And we can't do anything about it........he won't stop if told shh...........so we enjoy it and actually look foreward to his laugh nap time!
It does make it hard for Julius and Pauly to sleep, but they do!

We are so blessed that Julius & Pauly, and Noah & Jacob will share beds. I had no idea they would. Pauly first had the bottom bunk bed all by himself at home, he had graduated from the pak&play. He hated the big bed. So we tried having them share a pak&play up north. It saved space up there if they'd share sleeping space. They loved it! When we got home we then put Julius in the bottom bunk with Pauly and they loved that too! They are very close emotionally, like twins, but personality wise they are total are opposites! ;o) They are such sweet brothers!

When Noah and Jacob came home, we tried putting them together in a bottom bunk. They liked, they didn't want to sleep in their pak&play. Our only problem was they rolled around in the big space so much, they woke each other up. We put a body pillow in the middle of the bed to slow that down. They will move it in the night, but it stays put for the most part! They don't like having their own pillow, so they will lay their sweet little heads on the body pillow! They have grown very close to each other now. And are comforted to be near each other. They are good brothers!

Mosie a few feet away stands in his pak&play saying "Hey make room for me!" LOL! And we just might take him up on that when he's bigger! He's still physically delicate. A brother could accidentally hurt him.

Julius was jealous of new brothers at first. He mostly took it out on Noah by throwing toys at him. Soon he saw that they were fun. And Noah ever hurt anyone. None of the 3 new boys hurt each other or anyone else. (Julius and Pauly attacked each other in the hotel room any time they could reach each other! Biting, pulling hair!!) Now Julius gets animated and excited when the 3 new brothers are playing with them! He's so happy to see them! Julius thinks if Jacob doesn't respond- that he can't hear him! LOL! He loves how animated and happy and little Mosie is! He pats their heads and strokes them!

Pauly just took the 3 boys in stride. And then he pouted! He does like to play by Noah. Mostly he tags along with Julius, his pal, his best friend, his brother.
Mosie laughs too much for Pauly's liking. Jacob ignores Pauly, Pauly ignores Jacob!

So many blessings sprinkled every where, throughout our day! Our cup overflows with JOY! Thank You God! It is more than we deserve. It is more than we could have hoped for!

p.s. our ebay Fenton is back up with new items.........finally! :o)

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