Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mosie growing!

He still looks like a toddler. Even though he is 8 years old.
Still when he was 7 we could see a 5 year olds wisdom in him. He knows things, he's seen things, he's been through things.......he remembers. He uses what he learned to reject or accept what he finds tolerable or understands.

But now that he's 8. And still wears size 18 months clothes. ( he has gained 9 lbs since September, he just fills them out now)
Asking others to believe he was 7 was hard. Now asking others to believe he's 8 is even harder.

I almost wish that we could consider his birthday, to be the day in September when he came home. That he could begin again, that he is one year old.
With his current wisdom of people and his memories of years of frustration and isolation, he would be considered a high very functioning 1 year old! He knows things! From having lived in his crib 7 1/2 years, he knows mostly about human behavior, watching staff, watching the other children. His personality is formed.
Just my wishful thinking, dreaming.
This is his little bed in the window alcove. He's holding his favorite little Elmo a dear reader sent him! The pak & play cover keeps him from making holes in the screen. A little mattress, with a fluffy water proof mattress pad. Boy sheets- footballs, cowboys, baby Snoopy! 
From here he can watch everyone in the hallway to his left, and watch me in my room straight ahead! :o) He laughs LOUDLY, calling us! Each laugh is a word! A very happy word! He thinks if he laughs long enough we'll come. We try not to- after all it's nap time or bed time! He needs to sleep! ;o)
At 3 a.m. last night, I learned his "word" for "I'm going to throw up!" It is a cough! I thought it was croup starting in the night. Each time he did a cough to get me to check on him. Each time I wondered if it was going to get worse. 
Then after breakfast everything came up. He couldn't throw up at 3 a.m., his tummy was empty! 
Now when I hear a cough I'll be ready! LOL! The cough he has with a cold or virus is not quite so urgent sounding. Poor little guy.
I never need to change his sheets or clothes. The kids change them for me, so frequently and so fast, that by the time I think of it, it's done! They adore him so much that he never sleeps on a boogie smeared sheet, or wears a jammy that has saliva or boogies wiped on it, even if it was only worn a few hours. Dad who washes the boys laundry daily, may not appreciate this. But I see this as a huge expression of service, the LOVE his older brother and sisters have for him. They don't think of it as icky or smelly. Or even a chore. They know that mom wouldn't allow them to sleep on or wear things soiled, so neither should their Dear brother Mosie!
 And here. Here is the little Mosie we brought home in September. All 15 pounds of him. His clothes here are also size 18 months, pant legs rolled up, shirts way too roomy. Hands too weak to grasp and hold. Legs too weak to stand.
So cute, so sweet. But we can't help but LOVE his new filled out face in the more recent pictures! (on top) He's so heavy now, the kids sit on their bums and scoot him down the stairs.

The 4 older kids want to help with everything. They are huge helps! They adore their brothers. They beg to change diapers! LOL! But they really aren't old enough yet. Sometimes we even tell our daughter Grace (almost 23) when she stops by that she isn't big enough to change a diaper yet! LOL!! But then she convinces me. And then I ask her, are you sure? ;o)

We did recently find that Isaiah is big enough to feed Noah and help Julius eat meals. So each day if I don't get it done first, Isaiah silently takes their food and feeds them! He is so sweet.

And yet he's still only 9. He has school work and his own play time. Little boy things that must get done also!

I can fully remember how big I thought I was at 9 with my new baby sister. And I was, but Isaiah has me beat with 5 little brothers! Even so, I have to protect him from over doing, helping too much, just because he can.

Because then he ends up getting so tired after dinner he has to go to straight to bed. If he goes to bed too early, we won't get our time together without the little brothers. The little brothers go to sleep at 7 p.m. Every night after 7 I make it special time for those 4 until they go to bed at 9.

I try to show Isaiah how to pace himself by example~ :o) ~ even mom takes a nap! :o) The girls have no problem napping! ;o) The difference between boys and girls! Delightful!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Knocked down, but not knocked out!

 We were knocked down..................
But we got back up again!

Tom has had a change of heart.
He now understands that the blogs are an expression of all God has done for our family. And he had not realized they could encourage others. He has been so touched by the outpouring of love from everyone. We are going to put the "war" in His hands, move on and live for Him.

For me blogging is my outlet to Praise Him for the many gifts He's given us, including you!

I might not know you personally. :o) But God knows you! That makes me feel like I know you too! LOL!!

Thank You! and God Bless you for taking time to share things we had not thought of. Things that helped us see more clearly. Things that reminded me of where my priorities lie. In Him.

We have received so much wisdom from others, so much love. Your prayers have covered us abundantly. Our cup is overflowing in His Body- the Body of Christ.

So the decision was made by Tom that I can continue on blogging as I always have. No changes. No going private or shutting down.

The "4" (as we call them :o) precious kids above are always big indicators to us on how our family is doing! As you can see they have come through this very challenging time with great JOY! And I need to learn from them!

         Sending ALL our LOVE with (((HUGS))) and prayers to you!

p.s. MA's CT scan showed improvement in her lungs. No "lesion" that was previously a concern, and she'll have another one in 6 weeks. It could be a early development of respiratory disease. In the mean time we will just keep praying the next scan shows total improvement!! ;o) Praise God!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Please PRAY with us!

Your words have touched everyone's heart here deeply.

Thank You is such a small thing to say for your precious kindness. We do not take it for granted! It is a cup of water to a thirsty soul.

This afternoon this was in my e-mail from Max Lucado.
(I love Max. God has given Max the gift of encouragement. God has given him the gift of words that encourage others. Day Spring (I love Day Spring too! :o) sent this e-mail.)
It said~

None of us can help everyone.
But all of us can help someone.
And when we help them, we serve Jesus.
-Max Lucado

The little things you do...
the sacrifices you make...
may not always be noticed by others-
but God sees every one of them and smiles.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23,24
(Beautiful don't you think :o)
"Not for men".........."I serve Jesus"...........
Oh my heart, I have forgotten again, in my sadness, whom I serve and why. I have taken my eyes off of Him and focused only on my problem.
"the sacrifices you make"...............
This makes me sad. I know my sacrifices are nothing compared to Jesus. And yet, I'm ashamed because I complain so much.
Especially when grown family members (that we wish would love and respect us) judge my every flaw (and then take my flaws and expand on them). Whatever I do is wrong in their eyes. Whatever I say is a lie to them. I'm even accused of things that are lies. And yet my constant prayer for them is that no one judge them as harshly or hurt them as deeply as they've hurt and attacked us.
I remember years ago as a young mom, reading about David and Absalom. I was shocked. And then years later studying it. This time I had rebellious young adult children of my own. 
There are countless stories in the Bible, of children who turn against God. And parents who suffer because of this.
Believe me, I've already beaten myself up- forewards and backwards over what I did to make any of this happen. I have relived every parenting mistake and selfish thought I had as I raised them wondering- where? when? how? did it get to this?
My last words to one of them, two and a half years ago was "You can not come here and yell at me, it is disrespectful."
I did not, do not, take my parenting lightly. I often told them I knew I was not a perfect parent. I told them maybe they won't make any parenting mistakes. But I know I have. If I did not make mistakes I would not need God. My mistakes constantly remind me who I serve!
They don't seem to remember I answer to God. I have asked God forgiveness of my sins. I know that I am forgiven. I answer to God each and every day. 
It makes me wonder what happened to the nice things they used to tell us? Were they lies? Tom and I can't make sense of it. I get 99% of the criticism and Tom gets 1%. But they still insist on hurting him too.
I'll get backlash now, from them, for saying things here. I wish they would not read my blogs. (But Blessed made a very good point about this with her precious MIL. See the comment on the last post) They can't seem to live their lives without causing us anguish. They have already hurt us~ they win if that was their goal. They even hurt the older children here. We just wish for them to stop.
And as David begged God for Absalom not to be killed. We beg God for them to see the error of their ways.
Please PRAY! God's Will be done!
Thank You! God Bless You! (((HUGS)))

This is a song we are singing loudly these days!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A very hard post to write

Tom and one of our adult daughters, have respectfully requested that I either take this blog private or shut it down.

I have been debating this since December.

I have prayed over this heavily. My heart is in my blogging.

But there are people God placed in our lives, who use what I say here as a sort of gossip. They add it to their already judgemental opinions. And it hurts Tom, our daughter, me, my mom, my friends and our older kids at home.

We know God uses ALL things for good. He can take the most hurtful situation, and He will make it into His Will ~ for His Good! God is LOVE! :o) He may give free will to those who choose to hurt us, but He Reigns Supreme! He has the Final Word! He is "The God of Angel Armies".http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOkImV2cJDg

He's doing that now.

Three weeks from now the last 3 boys will celebrate 6 months home!

We want to celebrate!

I think I can either set it up so only blog authors only can read? I'm thinking that means those with a blog also. Or going private- invite only. But I heard that you can only invite 100 people? That would be hard.

It will happen sometime next week. I'll post boy photos soon! :o)

Otherwise feel free to keep in touch with us at
tarcher30 at charter dot net

(((HUGS))) I'm really going to miss this forum.


Friday, February 22, 2013


Last year when Tom tried to get our boys Julius and Pauly, Social Security numbers for filing our taxes.

They said......no. Not without a MN birth certificate.

We argued, made our case. They said they needed their interpreters to transcribe into English, the adoption birth certificates from their country. Even with their Certificates of USA Citizenship!

One week later a letter came saying we had applied for their cards.

One week later their Social Security cards came.

What was that all about?

Today Tom went to apply for the 3 new boys Social Security Cards and get forms for Samson to apply for adult disability- SSI on his 18th birthday, this summer. I don't think he dared to ask about Samson's forms because..........

The Social security worker, the woman took Tom's Social Security card, came back and said
"Next week you'll be in here to apply for disability."

Tom was taken aback.

Then she said, "How do you support all these dependents, you haven't worked since 1999."


none of our 20 children has had disability SSI, other than Samson. TX had applied for it for him before we adopted him. And He had it as a "subsidy". Only one child, our Andy adopted at age 10 had an adoption from the State. He's 37 now.

We have supported ALL other 18 dependents.

Is it the governments business how we do it?, if we file our taxes and obey the law?

Right now it is a new calendar year for our insurance, we need $5,700.00 for our children's surgery co-pays, and specialists. I faithfully pay $100 a month to each specialist until we pay it off. Any extra money that comes in goes directly to their Drs. We did it last year, we can do it again this year, because................

God provides!!!!!!!

God cares for His children.

Truthfully, we are ALL His children. Not "my" children, "your" children, "their" children.
God's precious children.
Created by him.
In His image!!

I LOVE it!! I live for it!

In the meantime we sell on ebay. We have had property listed for sale for 4 years that has not sold. But when it does, that money supports our children. We work with our women and pray that God will send us a new client to cover the extra.

We watch our money carefully, because it's God's money!

Sometimes we even give it away.

Because orphan faces touch our hearts.

The same way hundreds of you precious people were touched by our 3 boys. You who love the orphans like us, donated to our boys! You helped us to be FULLY funded, $30,000.00 to bring these 3 boys home.

You didn't waste a penny. Look at their faces!

Others donated clothes, formula, diapers! Precious gifts to boys who never knew how LOVED they were!

This Social Security woman/worker knew nothing about us. :o(
Tom stammered to explain-
we signed immigration papers that say we will not use government money. We proved that WE have enough money to support these boys, by complying with Hague convention income guidelines.

And last year our hospital forgave a $4,000.00 hospital stay because our income qualified us for help from a Charity. What a HUGE blessing! For our Pauly, a very deserving precious boy.

This year our urologist wanted Jakie's surgery done at an outpatient hospital he is vested in. We could not afford it. Their prices were higher than our local Catholic non-profit Hospital. The hospital that helped us. The other hospital asked us to pay them $1,000.00 up front. We don't have it!

And you know what? Answered prayer! God had the Dr move the surgery to the Catholic non-profit hospital.........for Jakie. For us!

God is so GOOD!!!
God Bless you all who have helped our boys when others see them only as a burden on our government.
(((HUGS))) ((((HUGS))) and MORE ((((HUGS))) :o)
From ALL of us!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Every day filled with JOY!

Each day a beautiful challenge.

Each day filled with JOY!

God's Hand blessing us all! 

Years ago (my precious group home gal) Susie's father had rheumatoid arthritis. I'd ask him "How are you today?" :o) And he always answered "I"m having the best day of my life!" I truly wondered how. The medications he took to take the pain away, had side effects of brittle bones that eventually made him a quadriplegic in a wheel chair. I was young and thought that life was hard! How could Susie's Dad say that and mean it.............every day?

And now I know. :o) And I thank God for her dad in my mind each time I remember him!

I am having the best day of my life! :o)

Please keep praying for MA. Her next CT scan is Friday morning. We pray that there is NO cancerous lesion. We pray that if it is anything, it is just a "spot". We heard from a precious family who has a mamma who has a spot on her lower lobe of her lung. Her "spot" turned out to mean nothing. If MA still has the spot we pray that hers too means nothing!
MA is slowly gaining back the huge amount of strength she lost while sick. The Senior Center was having her resume her activities too quickly. She wasn't ready. She is only 56 wonderful years young ;o) but she doesn't bounce back like she used to.

Please pray for Jacob's surgery on Monday. He is having Orchiopexy surgery. All three of the new boys will have it. Noah and Julius have/had the hardest cases. Noah's is in March, miles away from home. Where Julius had his. They did let Julius home 6 hours after surgery. We hope Noah will be back quickly too! That's why we give him his bottle~ to pacify him in times of great need!
Out of the 5 boys only Pauly did not need this surgery! We are concerned for Jacob and Mosie with surgery, they are both fragile. We anticipate Jakie breaking down emotionally from this surgery. He is very sensitive. Mosie is physically fragile.
Mosie won't have his orchiopexy until flu season is over.

The most exciting news is that the boys have gained weight! Jacob and Noah have gained 10 pounds! In 5 months 1 week!! They were 24 pounds- now they are 34 pounds. PRAISE GOD!! Both now in size 5 diapers! Jacob loves food, wants food, and is always hungry. He sucks air in to fill his tummy. Now when we hear that sound we say "time to feed Jakie!" Noah gets bored with eating if he's not really hungry! He still eats a good amount for a 9 yr old boy!

And Mosie!!! Mosie gained 9 pounds!! He was 15 pounds on gotcha day! And now he is 24 chubby-ubsy pounds!
A dear friend donated formula for him that is like a "super" food! We add it to his food.
Now he is so STRONG! He used to laugh a tiny giggle. We didn't think it had anything to do with his size. It did. :o( It was his weak laugh. But now he laughs a LOUD resounding "ha-ha-ha-ha---- HA!" It is so cute. And he is incredibly ticklish, he pulls our hands to tickle him! His little hands are so chubby and strong! I can't get my hand around the calf of his leg anymore! He stands and stands and stands! When he first came home he fought just to sit.
He's still very short, so things like stairs and walking around furniture are too intimidating to him. Scooting up or down stairs are frightening to him.
He is outgrowing his clothes!! We had some cute one piece outfits saved from Pauly for him. Now they are too tight! LOL! I was happy to see my big boy grow, but sad because the outfits are so cute on him! LOL!

Poor Mosie has had a cold since his tonsils were out. We had to get an antibiotic. You'd never know he was sick though! Especially when he spends his whole 2 hour nap standing up laughing. And we can't do anything about it........he won't stop if told shh...........so we enjoy it and actually look foreward to his laugh nap time!
It does make it hard for Julius and Pauly to sleep, but they do!

We are so blessed that Julius & Pauly, and Noah & Jacob will share beds. I had no idea they would. Pauly first had the bottom bunk bed all by himself at home, he had graduated from the pak&play. He hated the big bed. So we tried having them share a pak&play up north. It saved space up there if they'd share sleeping space. They loved it! When we got home we then put Julius in the bottom bunk with Pauly and they loved that too! They are very close emotionally, like twins, but personality wise they are total are opposites! ;o) They are such sweet brothers!

When Noah and Jacob came home, we tried putting them together in a bottom bunk. They liked, they didn't want to sleep in their pak&play. Our only problem was they rolled around in the big space so much, they woke each other up. We put a body pillow in the middle of the bed to slow that down. They will move it in the night, but it stays put for the most part! They don't like having their own pillow, so they will lay their sweet little heads on the body pillow! They have grown very close to each other now. And are comforted to be near each other. They are good brothers!

Mosie a few feet away stands in his pak&play saying "Hey make room for me!" LOL! And we just might take him up on that when he's bigger! He's still physically delicate. A brother could accidentally hurt him.

Julius was jealous of new brothers at first. He mostly took it out on Noah by throwing toys at him. Soon he saw that they were fun. And Noah ever hurt anyone. None of the 3 new boys hurt each other or anyone else. (Julius and Pauly attacked each other in the hotel room any time they could reach each other! Biting, pulling hair!!) Now Julius gets animated and excited when the 3 new brothers are playing with them! He's so happy to see them! Julius thinks if Jacob doesn't respond- that he can't hear him! LOL! He loves how animated and happy and little Mosie is! He pats their heads and strokes them!

Pauly just took the 3 boys in stride. And then he pouted! He does like to play by Noah. Mostly he tags along with Julius, his pal, his best friend, his brother.
Mosie laughs too much for Pauly's liking. Jacob ignores Pauly, Pauly ignores Jacob!

So many blessings sprinkled every where, throughout our day! Our cup overflows with JOY! Thank You God! It is more than we deserve. It is more than we could have hoped for!

p.s. our ebay Fenton is back up with new items.........finally! :o)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentines!

This little boy watching in the hallway. My Isaiah. He's always watching me. Altho here he's watching Dad with the camera.
He amazes me with his insights. He's thinking of Mothers Day already, asking me what I might like because he noticed I gave away my last gift of candies to him and his sisters. I thought I liked them, but after a few I just didn't. Now he's worried. Now what will he get me? He's such a thoughtful boy!

He needn't worry. Everything he does for me is a gift.
He was the first this morning to give me a Valentine. A piece of notebook-lined paper. Cut ever so carefully into a heart. Saying "Happy Valentines Day Mom and I love you very much". He's a man of few words. But the words he writes are more than enough!
They are very heartfelt!
This sweet little boy, 6 months older than Isaiah, may not talk. He may not know what day it is. He may not worry or care about what I like. He may not show me "affection" other than to receive my hugs and kisses.
But he watches me too.
We had a visitor today and I needed to talk. Noah sat by my side. Always animated, he was making his many little arm and leg movements next to me. Letting out a sweet little sound here and there. While watching me as I talked. Watching me closely, intently, sitting along side me. Tom saw, he was watching Noah. Tom told me later that Noah was really studying me as I talked.
Noah is conditioned to look away if I want him to give eye contact. He is conditioned to sit with his back to me on my lap. He is conditioned to flinch and close his eyes if I come near him quickly.

So for him to sit, to watch, and be interested in my every word. Listening as I talk to another person...........is huge. He is learning who his mommy is. He wants to know me. He is learning he is a part of me, not the guest.

With his good behavior and his quiet patience. He is loving me. And he is learning to love me.

I can't make him love me.
I can give him love. I can hope he'll love me. He has to be the one to want to love me.

In his beautiful Country his Baba taught him love. Volunteers at the orphanage who noticed/cared about- him- taught/gave him love. Because these precious people loved him, he willingly accepted my love. But he did not have to love me back.

And today I am so humbled, because he does. He does choose to love his momma.
Today, was a Happy Happy Valentines Day! filled with LOVE! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

How we make room!! Our house.

Our house is not huge. It is about 1,300 sq feet. I wrote about it before, but darn it! I can't find the post! LOL! Here is (L to R) Pauly, Noah, Kitty and Julius. These boys play actively. Moses and Jacob would get trampled. (if you enlarge this picture- that's me in the halway! :o) They play in the girls room.

This is our upstairs. Our group home gals don't come up here. We can't "store" things in their areas downstairs. We store things in the basement for all of us. And our things are upstairs.

(Above) The playroom is precious Samson's bedroom. It is about 10' x 10'. It was a kitchen once when our house was a duplex. The wood on the left is Samson's bunk bed. He sleeps alone. The bottom bunk stores learning toys and PT/OT stuff for now.
This is the hallway. The closet to the right- sheets and blankets. The closet to the left- towels and bedding. The steps lead down stairs. This is the view coming out of the 6 boy's bedroom. If you turn right here, is Samson's room, if you turn left here, it is the bathroom and the girls room.
Here are where 6 precious boys sleep! Left top bunk is Isaiah. Bottom left bunk is Noah & Jakie. Right top bed is empty. Bottom right bunk is Pauly and Julius. The green book shelf in the bottom right corner has a window alcove area where Mosie's play pen is. The door way straight ahead out of the bedroom, is Tom's and my bedroom. The door way into this room is where Tom was standing to take the hallway picture.
Straight ahead is Isaiah's table for home school.
This was a living room when our house was a duplex!
This is our bedroom, it has a back door to let our big dogs out. Kids run up and down the steps to clean up the kennel. :o)
Or they open the door often to check the weather. We just had 10" of snow and everybody had to open the door multiple times to watch the snow!
Stuff on the right is homeschool. A pink toy box to the left. :o)
This is our bedroom. We added this 26' x 18' area on to the house. There is a huge closet on the far left. Our bed is way back to the right. You can see the end of it by the pink desk. My computer is by the far back window. There is a rocking chair, foot stool and stools where we watch TV back there. We eat, cook and homeschool in our room. We need the added space to cook since our old kitchen has few outlets. We use the bread machine and crockpots up here. The pink toy box is on the bottom right, the same toy box in the above view. The partition on the left has my sewing area behind it.
This is where 3 precious girls sleep. This was a bedroom when our house was a duplex. Lysa sleeps here to the left. In the right corner, the wood is a bunk bed. The kids watch movies only on the small VCR/TV.
More homeschool books. If you go out the doorway there is the door to the bathroom. It's a long walk for me from our room to the bathroom! :o(
This was our bedroom before we built the big- bedroom/familyroom.
In the blog picture of our house up top, the top 3 windows are over Lysa's bed. In the front of the house!
Here is Lysa's bed again to the right. There is a trundle bed under Lysa's bed. Kitty sleeps on the top bunk. Faith sleeps on the bottom bunk. Yes that's my lovely arm and leg directing Tom's magnificent picture taking! LOL!
 This is our kitchen downstairs. I posted it once before but could not find the post? Off the kitchen to the left is a small full bath and MA's room. Straight ahead the hallway leading upstairs, basement, living room or left the tiny craft room. The white bookcases straight ahead left are in the living room. SP's bedroom is off the living room. And a porch entry way is off the living room. You see the porch entry way in our blog house picture- the wheel chair ramp leads to it.
Our dining room downstairs- Faith set the table. :o) A third downstairs bedroom is off the dining room. The dining room has a door to our big deck on the side of the house. the dining room and 3rd bedroom were added on.
Our living room we keep as spotless as possible for our ladies and the any guests who stop by. No toys allowed! Mornings we put up a playpen so Jacob can stand and watch TV. It is the only way right now we can get him to stand.

I know it may look "crowded" in the pictures. But there is plenty of space to walk and move, do school work, play, and watch TV upstairs. It's nice for us to have family time upstairs. Alot of my knick knacks I thought the kids would take as they left home. But no takers so far. They do take my extra household stuff!

I wanted to show how we make room for 14 of us in a house that is much smaller than most houses. If we can do it- you can do it!

We thank God for this house! :o)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Who's your super hero?! and bathing my octopus

We are big Toy Story 2 fans! When I found out I was pregnant with our baby Isaiah in 2003. Tom said- Buzz was going to be our theme! LOL! This was our last birth baby. Our birth babies were 28, 25 and 23 years old! So I let Tom have his way! :o) However I did sneak in quite a few stuffed puppies. Isaiah is a dog lover like me and at 18 months he even helped me train our first German Shepherd.

It seems like just yesterday Isaiah was running through the house in this Buzz costume. Now Isaiah is putting it on his baby brothers! Our newest super heros! It's too small for Noah and Jacob, and too big for Mosie right now.
What a blessing!
Watching these two little superheros boys grow in our family. Every day, growing in love and even in faith as they learn to pray their first little prayers. Not praying with their voices, but with folded hands and from their hearts! Both boys sit through our church service via internet. Julius falls asleep on me during the sermon! :o) Pauly rocks along to the hymns. (Noah, Moses and Jacob can't sit through a service yet)

Everyday they are learning to be big boys! Helping in ways only they can! Julius now lets mom use the bathroom and waits patiently just long enough till I come out, 95% of the time! Pauly no longer demands being fed first, changed first, held first- he can share his time now! Yes, maybe he still grumbles about it, but no more yelling!

Each day we see less and less of the old behaviors and regular little boys. When we have hard days with Jacob, Noah and Moses', Julius & Pauly give us hope! Soon the three new boys will remember less and less of their survival skills and melt into our family. Next year looks so exciting!

Speaking of Noah ;o) have you ever tried to bathe an octopus?? LOL!! Noah had his first tub filled, with water and bubbles bath. Previously he sat in the tub learning how water felt, and was rinsed/showered with a little hose from the faucet. Yesterday- trying to put an octopus into a bubbly bath tub full of water is another story! LOL!! Arms- legs everywhere- hands clinging to everything. It takes three to sit him! LOL! He didn't cry- he just wasn't going to get in it! When it was all over he was as calm as could be! LOL!

Jacob too had his first tub bath yesterday. (Next time I'll bathe those two on separate days!) No more little showers in the tub. This experience caused Jakie to have a new saying - "I'm so mad I could poop!" No he can't verbally say this, he doesn't need to! LOL! Just plunk him in a bubble bath up to his waist, he starts to protest (pass large volumes of gas) and then proceeds to add something to the bath. Thankfully Isaiah and I were able to wishy-washy him up before things had to be re-washed. Removed him, diapered him, and bleached the tub. I don't think I'll ever look at a bubble bath in that tub the same way again............when I step into it! ;o)

Moses had his first water filled tub bath last month. (before his first surgery) He LOVES water!! The more water the better! LOL!! And well, I don't have to tell you, but he is cuuuute! in the tub! (darn it he's just cute everywhere!!)

Our Samson was adopted from the US. He was 3 when we were blessed with him and even he screamed during every baths until he was about 9. Pauly grumbles through his baths too. Only Julius and Mosie think baths are fun. Bathing has got to be one of my least favorite chores. The bigger boys are heavy- I get wet from head to toe!- I sweat. (Yes, Samson still needs help bathing- he has incredibly dry thick skin- Isaiah now helps him scrub too now.) I need lots of helpers with the 5 boys- each boy is a ticking time bomb deciding to wee as I rush to diaper! It just isn't pretty! But the boys sure look good and smell amazing when it's done! LOL!

And each time during the day I need a little energy pick up~ I just sniff a little boys head. :o) 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guess What!!

"Z" lives in the same Country that our 5 precious boys are from!
His family is raising money to bring him home! He's 7 years old.
You can help him here~ http://www.addingawealtothebus.blogspot.com/2013/02/it-fundraising-time.html
Here's a few pictures of what's for sale!
 Don't you love this adorable model? ;o)
Beautiful Afghan!
You really should check it out!
........... if you have anything to spare to help this little boy.
Please consider donating anything, even $5.00 can help. He is in a place where the lost boys live. These boys-http://covenantbuilders.blogspot.com/search/label/Lost%20Boys
Thank You!! (((HUGS))) and God Bless you! I will be praying for you, because our precious God knows exactly who you are!! :o) 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Since when.....is it good to be naughty!! LOL!!

Mosie turns 8 years old on Friday! It is his golden birthday! Eight years old on the 8th! We thank God we are the ones who get to spend this special day with him! Two of his birthdays passed before we could get to him.

Now he's home!

Do you see the tissue box?? :o) Do you see the boy who never was allowed to get into trouble outside his crib for 7 years? :o) Do you see that now when he is curious- it is so normal! LOL! What child doesn't love a box of tissues!

This was considered naughty before we saw Mosie do it! Now it's just too darn cute!
We were amazed because he does not get into things! :o) He kicks things and throws things that he can lift. But this was a great getting into something! (you can see Jakie in the playpen waiting while we make his dinner)
And so because we were so in love with watching him have this milestone, we could not stop him. We had to let him have his fun!
                    Precious-precious Mosie oh! how we LOVE you!

This tiny boy brings so much JOY to all of us here! SP and MA refuse to call them the boys. They call them "the babies". They mean it with great fondness. Even though they are women with special needs, they know they never married. They know they won't have children. So these boys are their babies!

Every afternoon from 12 to 2 p.m. Mosie is supposed to take a nap! LOL! But no, he laughs, and giggles and makes toddler sounds gleefully for most of the 2 hours! If he sees me he calls out in his cute little voice as if to say "Hey! I love you! Don't you want t come and get me!"
                                       Silly, silly, boy!

Mosie wants so bad to shoot his big brothers "pop" gun too. He bats at it, tries to lift it. He really wants to shoot it, but he's just too small.

He has a wonderful sense of humor. He interacts with his older sibling by making silly noises to get their attention and make them laugh! Oh how they laugh!

He has gained so much strength since he came home. Look how tall he sits. He holds his arms up high! Since his tonsil/adenoid surgery, his tongue fits in his mouth and food does not come out of his nose when we feed him! He also does not reflux anymore.

Mosie still needs his surgery to bring his testicles down, but Dr says we have to wait till flu season is over. (love the Drs insight!) He'll go to the childrens hospital 75 miles away for it. This same Dr did Julius' and is excellent. I think this Dr thinks we are good for business, only Pauly did not need this surgery. Four boys will have it. Three boys need the specialty hospital. Jakie will stay here at the local hospital for his.

Oh! And by the way.........Nope! You can't have him! LOL!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

My two little pumpkins

Today Julius and Pauly had their kindergarten physicals. It's been a year since they saw the Dr. And since our Dr of over 20 years quit, it took us a while to get them in.

Julius has Hyper-thyroid. :o(

Pauly has Hypo-thyroid. :o(

Last year Julius had slightly low Thyroid and then normal Thyroid. Pauly's was fine last year. No one saw a need to re-check sooner.

I had a feeling Julius had thyroid issues because he just does not gain weight and had brittle nails, and thin dry skin. Nope, Hyper thyroid. I hadn't even read up on Hyper, but now I see it is exactly him. :o(  Nervousness and energy. Poor baby. We thought it was his personality. Our little leprechaun.

Julius will see a pediatric endocrinologist miles away from here.
It's very frustrating that in our big central MN city there is not even one (ooooh this makes me mad) pediatric endocrinologist visiting our area for all the children we have here. :o((((
Please pray for Julius.

Pauly seemed like he would have no thyroid issues if you had asked me! Good thing I'm not a Dr.!! (Moses also has Hypo thyroid and is tiny and thin, and has thin brittle hair.) Pauly has great hair, brittle nails, and he gains weight too easily. I didn't really see any of those as Thyroid. :o( We checked him because we were checking Julius. Thank Goodness. Pauly will start meds.

When Mosie started his Thyroid meds we called them his "happy pills" because he was even more happy after taking them! I wonder if my little Eyore/Pauly will cheer up now?? Either way, he is precious!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Large Family Life Savers

Our 24 hour pharmacy.......and it's only 3 blocks from our house :o)

Having groceries delivered locally via internet (only the bulk items and staples like milk, vegies, meat) This is a new extravagance we love. For what we spend on delivery, we save on time and gas. Plus you can use coupons, and shop store deals this way too!

Large boxes of diapers ordered via internet, delivered from T*arg*et using a red card- with 5% off

Internet shopping sales! (I can shop a K*ohls sale with a 30% off card and Ko*hls cash back with better deals than going to the store! With free shipping!) Somedays I have 3-4 screens open- price comparing! LOL!!

I know years ago we did so much of this ourselves, and it was much easier because we were younger. I had more energy! I miss that energy. (High blood pressure meds are the worst :o( We also had more baby sitters and helpers. We have not had a babysitter since last September! ouch!

I have friends in their 60s and 70s who only use the computer for FB and e-mail, if they use a computer at all. I probably would be one of them. But little boys with special needs make me stretch and grow in ways I never knew existed!

Sometimes I miss going to the store, pushing a real shopping cart, touching the items in the store.

And right now other than delivery men visits, the mail man and friends, we are semi-isolated until we get the next 4 surgeries completed.

Then we anticipate something new and very exciting! In Home OT/PT!! Our insurance has never allowed this before due to expense. I have driven several children to tons of appointments over the years. But now with more than 2 children in the home needing these services, the insurance has approved home visits!!! YEAH!!

Of course once spring comes we head up north. You'd think being in the woods on a lake you'd be secluded? Nope! Everybody is outside. And neighbors are almost as close as in the city. (what's a few 100 feet!) Sound carries farther so you hear everybody!! Even across the lake! LOL! We are only 1 mile from town and an amazing EMS ambulance that takes people 18 miles to the nearest hospital up there. Exactly what a large family with special needs- needs! We love our time there.

Those are some of our family's biggest life savers!