Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, January 18, 2013

This guy~ our guy~ wins brother of the year!

(If I add pictures blogger keeps putting my cursor in the middle of the page so I get these dumb shaped paragraphs as I type! aaack!!)
Sorry I don't have a new picture of Mr Gabriel. Tom took these yesterday. He hates his picture taken. So he does this for me! But first he takes lots of silly shots like this~
and this!!

Some of us are much more cute in person! :o) Especially Gabe!
As I mentioned yesterday, our/my Gabriel, frequent International Traveler, Best Brother ever to little boys in orphanages from far away, turns 18 on February 2nd. Where have the years gone? (sniff-cry) We adopted him from the "Windy" city when he was 1 week old! His foster mom handed him to me showing me how cute he was/is. His agency gushed over how adorable he was/is! And I would have fallen madly in love with him instantly if he had not been so sick. All I could think about was how was I going to keep him alive in a strange place for one week until we could get him medical care in our state! We spent 8 hours in the ER in a strange city. They handed me an antibiotic and looked at me like "good luck". Antibiotics do nothing for severe asthma.
The rest is history! Praise God he lived. He thrived. He is God's gift to our family. 
Last fall he quit school. Yup, I cried. But life goes on and if you aren't going to school at our house, you need to go to step two of your emerging independence. He needed a job. He is now employed at the McDonalds that is 5 blocks from our house. It's a start. :o) And we are pleased to see him handling more responsibility well.
Mom's of young men will understand when I say that Gabriel does not share with me much about his day to day life. He listens to me/mom talk on and on about my day and contributes to our conversation with a re-assuring smile here and there. But as far as communicating to me anything about his day...........silence.................crickets chirping! LOL! Not that he doesn't want to. He's just not big on conversation! 
Recently Gabriel had a chance to share about our family with our adoption worker. He said some things I've never heard him say. Things I hoped he knew. Things that touched my heart. Things I guess he just thinks we already know! ;o)  
He said~
" He loves that his parents adopted the 5 children and he is lucky to have them as brothers. He is welcome home any time. (they asked about our family relationship since he will soon be 18) He said his mom and dad are gentle with their words. He said his discipline by his parents is fair. He said he feels his home is too safe! And he worries about leaving home because his mom takes such good care of him!"
Such sweet words from a thoughtful, considerate sweet young man.
Oh no, am I bragging here? Sorry! I just had to share! :o)
He holds our hearts in his hands.
We thank God for blessing us with him as our son.   

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  1. Oh that is so sweet! I am so glad that you were able to hear his heart. I think sometimes those closest to us don't say what they think we know but they are the ones that we need to hear it from the most! Way to go Mama! You are doing a WONDERFUL job! :) Be blessed!


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