Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stop to smile at the little boys!

It's kind of like stop and smell the roses! 
 Stop and smile at the little boys!
It will do your heart good!
And he will love you for it!
This boy, Noah, has been overlooked by the world as.................
being  un-attractive, unable to communicate, needy, odd, anti-social and most likely- profoundly retarded.
That hurts, and makes me sad! 
Really?? My boy? My Noah? 
They couldn't be more wrong!  
All of the pictures we have of Noah from the last year in his Country, his eyes are closed, his arms reaching, grasping, pulling to touch someone, hold someone, begging to be held. But never looking at people. Now he looks at everyone. I mean really looks!! LOL!! Sometimes you can hear him thinking- "Who are you!!"
Except for the picture of him with Susanna 8/2011. There he looks at her, inspects her, wonders about her and enjoys her holding him. He knows- she loved him. And he loved her.
We thank God he had a Baba.
She taught him to love being held and touched. She loved him. She misses him. We know he misses her too. How? because he is not profoundly retarded.
He is substantially delayed. And that is not his fault. That is the fault of his care givers.
He knew them too. In fact leaving the medical area of his first physical here in the US- the white lab coats and familiar concerned looks of the medical providers frightened him. He remembered the white lab coats the staff wore, he remembered the "care" they gave him.  
He has the sweetest little voice that makes such happy sounds. If he could talk, others would respond to his sweet voice with kindness.
He doesn't make trouble. He is so easy going and agreeable. If something new is tried with him he's always agreeable.
We started giving him chunkier foods at dinner. He now eats snacks like cheerios and cereals on his own. Grabbing them by little fists full. As with any new skill- only one ends up in his mouth! 
Before dinner was pureed. Now we started feeding him tiny chunks of potato, chicken. He looked so surprised! And then he liked it! He drooled some into his bowl, wondering how to hold it in his mouth, chew it AND get more in at the same time.
And then I want to cry, because these are baby steps he should have learned 8 years ago when he was one year old.
As I feed him I talk to him like he's my baby, because mommas are nurturers, they breast feed, bottle feed, first foods feed, always with love and compassion only as a momma can.
And Noah never had this.
Yet he trusts so easily. He's eager to "hear" me as he eats. Even though life taught him not to trust. He loves everybody. Even when few loved him. My heart breaks when he's often overlooked in public by others, I feel so sad for those who miss out on a smile from him. They lose out. I want to tell them-He'll brighten your day- just take time to smile or say "hello!" 
p.s. Sorry we've had really sick kids forever here it seems. Our 8, 9, and 10 yr olds in tears from the long illnesses. Thank goodness the 5 boys seem to be immune to most of the viruses. 
Also we've been so busy with 3 boys x 4 different specialists each boy! We have seen almost every specialist now. Jakie has 1 this week, Mosie gets his thyroid re-checked Monday and our first out patient surgery is Thursday for Moses- tonsils-adenoids.


  1. Elizabeth! I'm sorry I never comment, but I'll tell you now...I LOVE your blog. And I learn a lot from you. Please let me know how Moses' surgery goes. Sam is going to have her tonsils/adenoids out as well. I'm surprised to hear your boys are avoiding sicknesses so well. Sam seems to be catching everything. Poor baby has had constant ear infections...even with the tubes she got in November. Nothing seems to help.

    I have a question for you. How are your newest boys doing with liquids? Do they drink from bottles? Do they hold them themselves? Do you ever have trouble getting them to drink enough? Sam will only drink when I am holding her, which is great for bonding :) But other than morning time, she really doesn't like to sit still for very long. She's way too busy to drink :) Anyway, any advice you have would be much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Grace!! :o) I'll get back to you soon on the drinking! (((HUGS)))

  2. Oh so glad to hear from you! That boy is a beauty. It is sad that society judges from the outside. Don't be sorry for not posting. Life is always more important. Just worried that you were ill. Hugs

  3. I think Noah is the cutest ever!

  4. Handsome Noah, you made my day with your precious smiles!! We love you and hope you have a wonderful day with your family! Keep growing and learning and smiling and sharing your cheerful sounds with your family ~ you are precious and perfect! Hugs~
    Brenna and family

  5. He is such a joy to look at! And what a wonderful spirit he has! To have been treated like an object not worthy of anything resembling care for 9 years, the fact that he loves at all is a miracle. But he seems to love with all his heart and soul. All 3 of the newest boys seem to have an easier time with giving and receiving love which is such a miracle considering where they were! All those boys smiles are pure love. They wasn't nothing but to love and be loved and that's why they are such special boys. You are so lucky to be able to love on them everyday. They are all so cute! Thanks for the updates. I am in awe of you being able to do so many updates. You must have unlimited energy or only sleep 2 hours a night! LOL

    1. Thank You! We think he's really handsome too! Yes! it is truly a blessing to be their mom! You can't believe how snuggly Noah is! As for energy- I think I write in my sleep! HA!!

  6. Hugs and kisses to a very special little boy that will always hold a very special place in my heart. You are beautiful inside and out xxx miss you but so happy that you have a forever family to love and cherish you xxxx

    1. We are humbled by your love and generosity towards such a special boy, now in our lives. Thank You for loving him so selflessly! (((HUGS)))

    2. Thanks to you and your loving family for finding a special place in your home and heart for such wonderful little boys xxxx

    3. Thank You! :o) These boys give us so much love. They are a JOY! (((HUGS)))


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