Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our hearts sing His Praises with JOY!

So this big guy!
(I know- tiny in size- but big in age- soon to be 8 yrs old February 8th!) went to the hospital at 6:30 a.m. Thursday, for removal of his adenoids and tonsils along with placing tubes in his ears. The tubes were not for sure, but during surgery they found fluid behind the ear drums. His ears are so tiny it's hard to tell if they have fluid by an office exam. So we never knew if his ears were a reason for his "sickies". Hopefully now his ears will feel lots better and he'll sleep better at nap time and quit calling me to come get him! LOL!! You can already see that his tongue has more room in his tiny mouth, now that the tonsils are gone. This will be great when he visits his new dentist, he'll be able to breathe easier! 
Oh! My goodness!! We missed him terribly!! There was a huge missing piece to our daily routine without him! We missed his JOY, his LOVE, his laughter! Tom called us after surgery which was only 30 minutes long! It went super easy! YES!! They said he was scheduled to stay overnight or even longer because of his size!? We did not think he'd like that.
So Tom told the hospital that Mosie would heal and be cared for much better at home. Tom made sure Mosie did not think he was back in a sterile environment like the orphanage. He made sure they didn't wheel him in the "cage" crib into the surgery- he made the nurse carry him! :o) The nurses and Dr. decided to trust Tom about going home, but only if Mosie drank first! The secret to drinking for Mosie is getting his tylenol/ibuprofin into him every 4 hours on the dot!! So Mosie drank and Tom was the best nurse ever!  The hospital thought Tom had left for home with Mosie at 4 p.m.! But no Tom and Mosie had slept until 6 p.m. and upon wakening they wondered where they were! LOL!! And then they came home!!
Nope! We weren't HAPPY to see this big boy at all were we?? ;o)
We ALL fought over who would sleep with Mosie all night and give him his meds and drinks. The girls set up a playpen in their room, Isaiah begged to keep him in his room where he normally sleeps, and well, I wanted him too!! But Dad won! And Dad and Mosie are sleeping in the living room. Mosie elevated in the infant car seat, dad on "his" couch. :o) Upstairs I'm cooking cinnamon apple oatmeal in a crock pot on a kitchen table in our big bedroom and watching over the rest of the kids. Normally I watch MA at night, but Tom is down there with Mosie doing both tonight. Thanks Tom! My mom always said we work well together. A gift from God! 
All 5 boys and us are a package deal now! One for all and all for one! We can barely stand to be apart! In fact it's our downfall! We leave the house only to run home quickly to be re-united! Love-love-love our boys!! Our cup overflows!
Mosie is the first of the 3 new boys to have surgery! Success!! Now 1 more surgery for Moses, two for Noah, and we found out Tuesday Jakie will need to have his testicles (both) brought completely down. I was thinking he would not need this. They are no where near as high as Noah and Julius'. But they are still too high. Darn. But we know God will get him through this with nurse Daddy!
And this guy who turns 18 on Feb. 2nd helped me hold the fort down while Dad was gone! Thanks Gabe!! :o) He's a little tired here! It was a long day! Tomorrow I have news about what Gabriel's been up to! Besides helping mom and dad and loving his brothers!

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  1. Your love is true testimony to the love God has for all of us Elizabeth! What a wonderful gift these children have in you and Tom and visa versa.


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