Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The boys!

"The 3 boys"

"the 5 boys"

"the first two"

"the last three"

"mom's boys" (higher functioning- mom teaches skills to)

"dad's boys" (lower functioning-newer here, dad does total cares for)

............the boys!!!!

This is how we describe them as we roll into our routines for the day. As we talk to Drs, visitors, friends, relatives. This is how we keep them "straight" LOL! As we get the boys through their very important days.

I've always said it takes me a good 6 months to adjust to new family members, whether by adoption, birth or group home clients. I've heard families say they adjust much quicker. Not me.

You might re-call I wrote posts like these starting August 2011- http://theroaddownhome.blogspot.com/2011/08/rough-rough-rough-days-need-son-shine-o.html
when Julius and Pauly joined us.
Those were long hard days that blended fitfully into the next day; until we finally made small break throughs. Biting stopped, teeth grinding stopped, fitful sleep stopped. And then we made a few headways, they ate well, they stopped running away and ever so slowly we eventually started flying as a family!! Yup, about 6 months later! Once we started flying we never looked back! The boys were amazing in that they bonded so differently/sweetly than kids who hadn't lived in orphanages. Julius and Pauly had never been asked to bond before! That was a big thing for them. If they had bonded before with anyone it was on "their" terms. They fought us setting up the bonding. And yet once bonded, they have a very endearing quality to their very real bonds with us! By the time the next 3 boys came we could actually see and feel that we were completely bonded to Julius and Pauly and they to us. It was such a joyful feeling! And our difficult days were hard to even remember!

The last 3 boys slid easily into our family.

They are older- 9 yrs, 7 1/2 yrs & 7 1/2 yrs.

They were more severely neglected.

They had less than less and yet they were easier!

They mourned little of their past.

Once they saw the food, the beds, the people, the love the affection, they were so busy soaking it up, they didn't look back. They were happy with so little compared to Julius and Pauly. The many many self stims that Jacob had (they were the most I'd ever seen any adult or child have) have slowly, slowly faded away. Why? Only from answered prayer; because we were too overwhelmed as to how to help him. Our PT friends were overwhelmed as well since they had never seen many of these self stims in kids before. They had even suggested trying a psychiatrist. But first we are doing his surgery. Maybe by the time his surgery is done he will have stopped the most worrisome ones!

The only self stims Noah and Mosie have needed help with are spitting. And Noah's chewing. he chews everything. We saw this with Pauly too, and Pauly no longer does this. Those two are not very many when you consider where they came from.

If it had been me. I would have been more like Jacob- I would have needed a lot of self stims to survive. (especially after brain surgery and a month in a hospital alone) So to see these things melt away with him is Awesome- it is God's Loving Hand! It is definitely not us. Jacob is my super survivor.

I remember thinking 6 months was a loooong road with no end in sight for my J & P. But this time is different. Easier. So blessed. The light at the end of the 6 month tunnel shines brightly! Progress comes daily. JOY comes every morning!

The last time I shared/posted our morning routine; I described many hands helping. Older kids dressing. Lots of dressing, undressing, changing, feeding, night time supervising. Tom and I tag team diapering. Tom feeding the "new" boys, me feeding J & P. All of us exhausted in wonderful happy ways at the end of each day. Those long hard days are already over!

This morning a half hour before everyone got up. I woke up 5 of the cutest boys on the planet on my own. Dressed and diapered them, put pajamas and sleep sacks away. Threw out diapers. Fed 4 of them (Tom stole Mosie! LOL!) And woke up my 4 sleepy headed helpers! All my helpers needed to do was dress, eat, brush teeth, put dogs out. (I had fixed their breakfast first)

I can't wait to see the JOY 6 months (March) brings! And by next year- September, I "see" the the JOY of being completely and forever bonded with 3 more boys. Yup! The cuuuuutest boys on the planet! 
LOVE-LOVE-LOVE you boys!! God is GOOD!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oh Pauly!

We needed pictures for our post placement reports. Pauly hates his picture taken! I posted about that here- http://theroaddownhome.blogspot.com/2012/12/but-i-dont-want-my-picture-taken.html
 But we needed to show his wonderful Country, the Country we Thank and love, how CUTE he is. These pictures were for the 1- 1/2 yr reports. Can you believe Julius & Pauly have been home 1- 1/2 years??

Next month we do the 6 month reports for the 3 new boys! 
So big brother thought he could help Pauly...........but Pauly says this is not the kind of help he wants!! LOL!! Big brother tried to distract him- but he's way smarter than that!!
 Nope, not interested Dad. How about if Isaiah and I go play?
 Poor pumpkin, he really hates the camera! Silly boy!
Aren't they sweet together? They look like brothers! Isaiah waited over 2 years to be a big brother. He wanted to be a big brother so bad. He did not like being the youngest. He'd even like more brothers- but we are full up with brothers!! LOL!! He adores each one of them. He is amazing with his brothers. His favorite brother is all 5 of them! :o)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

boys don't model fashions by Julius

 "Huh? you put this silly hat and coat on me and you want me to pose?"
 "Nope! I don't model fashions, but I do fill my mouth with enough saliva to make a good.....thpit!"
"Oh, no spitting. Sorry I forgot. How about this? I can fold my tongue in BOTH directions!! Yah! Cool huh?"
 "Hats are always itchy. Even fleece hats. Is there a seam in this?"
 "I can't hold still Dad! I CAN'T! Now the arm is itchy. Can mom return this or put it on you Dad?"
"Now it's itchy in the back! Dad? do you model fashions? There's my point!"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Please pray for our MA!

My best buddy buddy (as we call each other) is sick. Seriously sick. Because of her privacy I can't tell you what it is.
She was in the hospital. And in 8 weeks the Drs should have a firm diagnosis of the health problem she is fighting- we are fighting with her.
Please pray! She is our angel.
We read last fall somewhere that the "new" life expectancy of a person with Down Syndrome is 65. (she's only 56) We want our MA to out live the longest living man with DS who happens to be from our state of MN. He was 83.
Thank You!
And if MA could~ she'd give you a big (((HUG))) and the cutest smile from her sweet little face! She is LOVE.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ju-Ju Bean our little monkey!

I love all of the little monkey clothes for boys! Not so sure I like the monkeys on girl clothes. I don't think any of my girls are little monkeys! They are more like princesses! 
We named Julius and Pauly after Acts 27 in the bible. Soon after I started looking for clothes for them. I saw "Julius" the monkey! LOL! But I didn't think my Julius would be a little monkey! 
And boy was I wrong! From day one at home he climbed, ran, hung from things and got into everything just like little monkeys do! Out of all 5 boys, Julius is my little monkey!
(Pauly is our Pooh Bear, Noah is our Tigger, Mosie is our piglet, and Jacob is our Eyore.)
Julius could escape anything, Get into anything, faster than I could catch him! ;o) He couldn't wait to show me how he could climb in and out of his big bed all by himself!   
Of course this all makes him feel as though he is one tricky little boy! And he would be right!!
Right now he doesn't know what a little monkey is. He's starting to figure out what the basic farm animals are. He's wondering why we make cow-chicken and horse sounds when he can mimic a really good monkey scream!
I'm hoping soon he'll watch Curious George with me and realize......"Hmmm........that's kind of like me! I like to explore and try new things on my own too!" LOL!!
What fun little monkeys have! What fun little monkeys are!

Friday, January 18, 2013

This guy~ our guy~ wins brother of the year!

(If I add pictures blogger keeps putting my cursor in the middle of the page so I get these dumb shaped paragraphs as I type! aaack!!)
Sorry I don't have a new picture of Mr Gabriel. Tom took these yesterday. He hates his picture taken. So he does this for me! But first he takes lots of silly shots like this~
and this!!

Some of us are much more cute in person! :o) Especially Gabe!
As I mentioned yesterday, our/my Gabriel, frequent International Traveler, Best Brother ever to little boys in orphanages from far away, turns 18 on February 2nd. Where have the years gone? (sniff-cry) We adopted him from the "Windy" city when he was 1 week old! His foster mom handed him to me showing me how cute he was/is. His agency gushed over how adorable he was/is! And I would have fallen madly in love with him instantly if he had not been so sick. All I could think about was how was I going to keep him alive in a strange place for one week until we could get him medical care in our state! We spent 8 hours in the ER in a strange city. They handed me an antibiotic and looked at me like "good luck". Antibiotics do nothing for severe asthma.
The rest is history! Praise God he lived. He thrived. He is God's gift to our family. 
Last fall he quit school. Yup, I cried. But life goes on and if you aren't going to school at our house, you need to go to step two of your emerging independence. He needed a job. He is now employed at the McDonalds that is 5 blocks from our house. It's a start. :o) And we are pleased to see him handling more responsibility well.
Mom's of young men will understand when I say that Gabriel does not share with me much about his day to day life. He listens to me/mom talk on and on about my day and contributes to our conversation with a re-assuring smile here and there. But as far as communicating to me anything about his day...........silence.................crickets chirping! LOL! Not that he doesn't want to. He's just not big on conversation! 
Recently Gabriel had a chance to share about our family with our adoption worker. He said some things I've never heard him say. Things I hoped he knew. Things that touched my heart. Things I guess he just thinks we already know! ;o)  
He said~
" He loves that his parents adopted the 5 children and he is lucky to have them as brothers. He is welcome home any time. (they asked about our family relationship since he will soon be 18) He said his mom and dad are gentle with their words. He said his discipline by his parents is fair. He said he feels his home is too safe! And he worries about leaving home because his mom takes such good care of him!"
Such sweet words from a thoughtful, considerate sweet young man.
Oh no, am I bragging here? Sorry! I just had to share! :o)
He holds our hearts in his hands.
We thank God for blessing us with him as our son.   

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our hearts sing His Praises with JOY!

So this big guy!
(I know- tiny in size- but big in age- soon to be 8 yrs old February 8th!) went to the hospital at 6:30 a.m. Thursday, for removal of his adenoids and tonsils along with placing tubes in his ears. The tubes were not for sure, but during surgery they found fluid behind the ear drums. His ears are so tiny it's hard to tell if they have fluid by an office exam. So we never knew if his ears were a reason for his "sickies". Hopefully now his ears will feel lots better and he'll sleep better at nap time and quit calling me to come get him! LOL!! You can already see that his tongue has more room in his tiny mouth, now that the tonsils are gone. This will be great when he visits his new dentist, he'll be able to breathe easier! 
Oh! My goodness!! We missed him terribly!! There was a huge missing piece to our daily routine without him! We missed his JOY, his LOVE, his laughter! Tom called us after surgery which was only 30 minutes long! It went super easy! YES!! They said he was scheduled to stay overnight or even longer because of his size!? We did not think he'd like that.
So Tom told the hospital that Mosie would heal and be cared for much better at home. Tom made sure Mosie did not think he was back in a sterile environment like the orphanage. He made sure they didn't wheel him in the "cage" crib into the surgery- he made the nurse carry him! :o) The nurses and Dr. decided to trust Tom about going home, but only if Mosie drank first! The secret to drinking for Mosie is getting his tylenol/ibuprofin into him every 4 hours on the dot!! So Mosie drank and Tom was the best nurse ever!  The hospital thought Tom had left for home with Mosie at 4 p.m.! But no Tom and Mosie had slept until 6 p.m. and upon wakening they wondered where they were! LOL!! And then they came home!!
Nope! We weren't HAPPY to see this big boy at all were we?? ;o)
We ALL fought over who would sleep with Mosie all night and give him his meds and drinks. The girls set up a playpen in their room, Isaiah begged to keep him in his room where he normally sleeps, and well, I wanted him too!! But Dad won! And Dad and Mosie are sleeping in the living room. Mosie elevated in the infant car seat, dad on "his" couch. :o) Upstairs I'm cooking cinnamon apple oatmeal in a crock pot on a kitchen table in our big bedroom and watching over the rest of the kids. Normally I watch MA at night, but Tom is down there with Mosie doing both tonight. Thanks Tom! My mom always said we work well together. A gift from God! 
All 5 boys and us are a package deal now! One for all and all for one! We can barely stand to be apart! In fact it's our downfall! We leave the house only to run home quickly to be re-united! Love-love-love our boys!! Our cup overflows!
Mosie is the first of the 3 new boys to have surgery! Success!! Now 1 more surgery for Moses, two for Noah, and we found out Tuesday Jakie will need to have his testicles (both) brought completely down. I was thinking he would not need this. They are no where near as high as Noah and Julius'. But they are still too high. Darn. But we know God will get him through this with nurse Daddy!
And this guy who turns 18 on Feb. 2nd helped me hold the fort down while Dad was gone! Thanks Gabe!! :o) He's a little tired here! It was a long day! Tomorrow I have news about what Gabriel's been up to! Besides helping mom and dad and loving his brothers!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My song :o)

A dear friend introduced me to another Chris Tomlin song (Whom Shall I Fear) that we love. But this song is one that I find myself singing throughout my day!
"I Lay Me Down" by Chris Tomlin found here~

Sorry about the ads. Don't know how to link it without them. :o)

Sending cyber (((HUGS))) and praying God's Incredible Blessings for all of you as we lay ourselves down as living sacrifices for Him!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

A post on drinking for Sam's mom~ Grace!! ;o)

Grace I couldn't find your e-mail address! So I thought I'd write a tutorial here on "drinking" LOL!! Except I don't have time to photograph each step! :o) And make it look pretty and fun!

So I'll just write it with pictures of cute boys in-between!

I'll start off saying- drinking involves the mouth! What are 2 things a person can control- eating and pottying. No one can make us eat or potty. So saying that~ trust and LOVE are huge issues if you want to encourage drinking! (which sounds exactly like what you are doing!)

To start off I like to hold their faces in my hands and gently do other things first. Like wipe their eyes, wash their faces with a warm wash cloth, rub a little lotion on their neck (they like the smell) all the while talking to them in my happy mommy voice. Smiling, and giving eye contact as much as they'll accept. Then I open their mouths gently, touch their teeth- gently wash their mouths. Often they put their hands up to stop me. But if I put their hands down and say no sweetly, they relax.

Everything at the orphanage had been done to them. Not done for them! This is the momma stuff I mentioned before, I want them to learn~ mommas do things for you. They learn this is our routine, soon they expect me to do this stuff. They allow it! They give me permission!

Lots of sensory teaching is involved.
Julius does not like to drink! He "drinks" through a small medication syringe, the old fashioned kind with the squeezie bulb on the end. (think mini turkey baster!) He also drinks from the syringe with the push plunger. He can drink off of a small baby spoon too. Each day we fix him small cups of milk or juice and he practices drinking. He's a tongue thruster. He'd like to drink with his little tongue like a kitten! :o) 
I also take a straw and put it into the liquid, hold my finger over the end holding the liquid in and encourage him to suck on the straw that way because he can't yet suck liquid into the straw.
When we feed him meals we always add bread soaked in broth, milk or juice. (I make broth in a crock pot so it is full of vitamins) This adds liquid to his diet since he can't drink enough on his own. He doesn't hold a cup yet.
Pauly drinks from a straw like nobodies business! He loves food and drinks! However he cannot take liquid from a spoon! It all runs out his mouth?? He can drink pretty well from a cup, but still dribbles. :o) He doesn't hold a cup yet.

Jacob does not like to drink out of anything! He has ataxia from his arachnoidal cysts in his brain, which affects his ability to swallow. When he drinks his throat muscles tighten. It sounds painful. He drinks from a syringe because he can't keep the liquid in his mouth yet from a cup. We also add milk,broth and juice soaked bread to get more liquid in him. He does not like bottles. He can't "hold" things like spoons and cups yet, his hands shake.
Noah drinks out of a bottle. He loves his bottle. He does hold it himself! He would drink every meal all day long out of his bottle if we let him! He is a bottle guy. However- we use a medication syringes, straws, spoon, cup, to teach him new ways to drink! It is going slow. He has a hard time keeping the liquid in his mouth and swallowing. He does not like to be held drinking
his bottle.We can see that he'd love to keep his bottle forever, but after his surgery heals in February, we will only use it if we have to!! Like if he was sick and refused other drinking methods. 
Mosie drinks from a medication syringe only. He refuses a cup touching his lips! He hits and bats at straws that come near him. He hates bottles. He is our pickiest drinker and yet because he loves us all so much, he lets us try the spoon and the cup with him. Then he looks at us like "See, told ya it wouldn't work!" LOL!! Oh my what a guy! He needs to drink water with his thyroid medicine. That was how we began trying to figure out how to get him to drink. Before that we soaked bread in milk, juice, or broth. But thyroid meds need water! So now he's a champion medicine syringe drinker! 
Brushing teeth is another good way to play around with their mouths and desensitize them from rejecting things being put in their mouths. We do this by laying them on their backs, turning them upside down to us. So their head is upside down. Then we brush, (no toothpaste) floss etc. They don't really care for it. But being upside down they are much more cooperative. Our dentist taught us this. It's part of our after eating routine, so they expect it! 
I guess you can see it takes a lot of time and experimenting! When we soak bread with liquid, we never mash the bread. We pick it into bite size chunks. Then pour milk, juice, or broth on it. We judge by how wet their diapers are if we need to give more! And they soak their diapers! :o)
And there you are! Drinking 101 by the Archer boys! :o)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stop to smile at the little boys!

It's kind of like stop and smell the roses! 
 Stop and smile at the little boys!
It will do your heart good!
And he will love you for it!
This boy, Noah, has been overlooked by the world as.................
being  un-attractive, unable to communicate, needy, odd, anti-social and most likely- profoundly retarded.
That hurts, and makes me sad! 
Really?? My boy? My Noah? 
They couldn't be more wrong!  
All of the pictures we have of Noah from the last year in his Country, his eyes are closed, his arms reaching, grasping, pulling to touch someone, hold someone, begging to be held. But never looking at people. Now he looks at everyone. I mean really looks!! LOL!! Sometimes you can hear him thinking- "Who are you!!"
Except for the picture of him with Susanna 8/2011. There he looks at her, inspects her, wonders about her and enjoys her holding him. He knows- she loved him. And he loved her.
We thank God he had a Baba.
She taught him to love being held and touched. She loved him. She misses him. We know he misses her too. How? because he is not profoundly retarded.
He is substantially delayed. And that is not his fault. That is the fault of his care givers.
He knew them too. In fact leaving the medical area of his first physical here in the US- the white lab coats and familiar concerned looks of the medical providers frightened him. He remembered the white lab coats the staff wore, he remembered the "care" they gave him.  
He has the sweetest little voice that makes such happy sounds. If he could talk, others would respond to his sweet voice with kindness.
He doesn't make trouble. He is so easy going and agreeable. If something new is tried with him he's always agreeable.
We started giving him chunkier foods at dinner. He now eats snacks like cheerios and cereals on his own. Grabbing them by little fists full. As with any new skill- only one ends up in his mouth! 
Before dinner was pureed. Now we started feeding him tiny chunks of potato, chicken. He looked so surprised! And then he liked it! He drooled some into his bowl, wondering how to hold it in his mouth, chew it AND get more in at the same time.
And then I want to cry, because these are baby steps he should have learned 8 years ago when he was one year old.
As I feed him I talk to him like he's my baby, because mommas are nurturers, they breast feed, bottle feed, first foods feed, always with love and compassion only as a momma can.
And Noah never had this.
Yet he trusts so easily. He's eager to "hear" me as he eats. Even though life taught him not to trust. He loves everybody. Even when few loved him. My heart breaks when he's often overlooked in public by others, I feel so sad for those who miss out on a smile from him. They lose out. I want to tell them-He'll brighten your day- just take time to smile or say "hello!" 
p.s. Sorry we've had really sick kids forever here it seems. Our 8, 9, and 10 yr olds in tears from the long illnesses. Thank goodness the 5 boys seem to be immune to most of the viruses. 
Also we've been so busy with 3 boys x 4 different specialists each boy! We have seen almost every specialist now. Jakie has 1 this week, Mosie gets his thyroid re-checked Monday and our first out patient surgery is Thursday for Moses- tonsils-adenoids.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank You!!

This Thank You is long over due. And I apologize. For some of you precious readers I am still working to Thank You by mail. That is long over due also. I know you know I'm busy. :o) But I never want to be so busy that I don't have time to Thank You!!

2012 was a hard year for us. The outcome was fantastic. But satan kept us on the edge of our seats. We must not fear. But it was incredibly hard not to lose hope. Especially when we lost the baby to another family because she
did not have DS. Oh how we cried for the baby we thought was ours.

Yet we refuse to allow these trials describe our year!

And that is why 2012 was the most encouraging, hopeful, amazing year for us! We got to know many of you personally, and you came along side of us to help us fully fund our last 3 boys adoption.
Thank You God Bless you!

But you did not stop there. You continued to pray for our boys and us. And you continued to send the boys things they needed, as well as gifts for our other children. You sent expensive formula for Mosie, and diapers for all of them! You donated to help us with medical bills.

In 2011 with Paul and Julius we literally almost "drowned" in co-pays and insurance payments. With your help in 2012 this did not happen! What a blessing! Thank You! We saw that God is so much BIGGER than anything satan can try to kill our JOY with! That He can take the evil sent our way and make it ALL into JOY! My favorite verse, a verse I have in a frame Tom bought me after our baby Joy went home with Jesus says: "You have taken away my sorrow and surrounded me with joy." Psalm 30:11. So true!

We had yet another difficult loss in 2012, we lost our children's amazing Physician's Assistant. She was not only our PA but our friend of over 20 years. She is sorely missed.
When kids from orphanages come home it's amazing how resistant they are to viruses. In their Country they die from viruses. But here they seem to thrive!! Since the three new boys came home, our kids that were born here have been fighting off virus- after virus after virus. But not the boys!
It's hard to find a good Dr who understands.
Last week we took one daughter in because her lymph nodes felt odd. The Dr said he suspected a "Mega" virus is running through the family. Whether it is a mega virus or many little viruses it really doesn't matter. It's just another way satan tries to kill our JOY. Oh how he hates for us to worship our Saviour as we lovingly adjust little "orphan's no more" into our nest family. Oh how he hates our JOY during our physical suffering.

Thank You! Thank You for being our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. For stepping out in faith and helping 5 little blessings. For standing in the gap and praying for us. For being there when you had no idea how much we needed you! I cannot even begin to tell you how BLESSED we are by your faithfulness. :o)

God Bless you ALL! We LOVE you more than words can express. We Thank God for crossing our paths with you! We keep you in our prayers with great JOY knowing that God adores and loves you intimately. You are precious in His sight! (((HUGS))) Saying Thank You seems so small for all you've done.

Friday, January 4, 2013


When I was a young mom and wife, I was newly united with my half sister. My father's daughter. She was 6 years older than I and she was a registered nurse. A Cardiac Care specialty nurse. However she never liked that type of nursing so she worked many years as a nurse in Rehab facilities. She wasn't married and she traveled a lot. She loved photography. My Dad loved photography.

I like to paint, and I couldn't take a "good" photograph if my life depended on it! My Dad was very proud of my sister. She was everything I was not.

He off handedly announced to my mom, my sisters, and my kids that day- that I would never climb the ladder of success.

I was surprised, but not hurt. Right then and there, I realized, that my Dad's definition of success was very different than mine.

And I LOVE my definition of success! LOL!!

My definition of success is following Christ with abandon! Wherever He leads, whatever He asks.
He is my success!
And just look where He led me! :o)

Jacob does not know yet that he too is a part of God's success story with me! Because God uses all things for good. God has not forgotten Jacob. God sees that Jacob is here. And God will reach him. Right now He reaches him through our family! We are called to be God's success with Jacob! Now that's what I call success! Climbing the ladder of success, climbing Jacob's ladder! (pun intended!) 
One step at a time. One little boy who so easily could have been left behind. He had given up. He had no hope. His value so small, he could be used for experimental brain surgery. They didn't worry about telling anyone or rationalizing the need for it. They didn't even tell his father,(Tom) 4 months after it was done, while his father was visiting him. Why? Didn't they think we'd care?
Was the surgery a success?
We don't think so.

Is it any wonder that Jacob prefers to be alone? He trust no one.
Is it any wonder why he cries, maybe fearing if we too will have him operated on?

Success! Jacob will never be alone again.
The ENT said no need to remove his adenoids and tonsils!! YES!
Praise God!
But they fear he may have a significant amount of  hearing loss from his brain surgery. They want to put him to sleep to check. We will wait to do this. He was just put out in Oct. for his MRI.
Praise God! The only surgery he needs right now is a circumcision.
He will continue yearly MRIs for his arachnoidal cysts. In March he will start physical therapy and see a "movement" specialist. The movement specialist is the Dr who helps you get braces, walker or a wheel chair, whatever you need to help you walk.
My Dad is not alive to see Jacob. He was always uncomfortable around our kids with special needs. He missed out on seeing the kind of success that is long lasting and never leaves. God's success in us. I feel sad he tried and worked so hard to make his own success, when God gives us all success for free! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nine years old!

This is our blessing Kitty, who will be 10 on June 17th. With her is her precious, much loved "big" brother Noah who will be 10 on June 3rd!!

Noah is 2 weeks older than Kitty! :o)

We saw on Katie's mom's blog, (The Blessing of Verity) a picture of Katie age 10 with her sister age 10. So Kitty wanted to show her brother and herself both age 9!!

Kitty loves that Noah has a June birthday like her!
And she loves that he's her big brother!
And Noah, well he just LOVES Kitty.
He loves how much she LOVES him! What a beautiful life these two are making. An incredible story unfolding. Kitty shares her heart with Noah. Noah learns that he is valuable. He is loved! That he too is a child of God. Now he has brothers and sisters who will teach him how to LOVE. A mom and dad to care for and protect him.

Could life get any better than this when you are nine years old?