Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brothers who share a bed :o)

Please don't mind the dirty hand prints on the wall. Noah and Jacob have found wiping drooly hands on the wall very entertaining. (yuck!) I think the texture is so different from the cribs they knew. They also chew and scratch on the mesh fabric on the bed rail. Sensory!!

After Jacob is put into bed he also "feels" the piece of plywood (on the right) on the end of his bottom bunk that keeps him from falling out! You can hear little hands and fingernails- scratchy-scratchy!

Then he carefully puts his arm around that end of the bed and"feels" the tippy top of a waste basket that sits there. (very convenient for the top bunk guy- Isaiah, to drop his dirty kleenex into!) Jacob tries to pull it into bed with him, but he can't. So by morning it is toppled over.

Then he rests his head in various positions over the bed rail on the side. It looks so uncomfortable! He tastes it, he chews it. Again he works his way to the wall. 
Squeek-squeek , the sound of little hands rubbing on the wall.

My one rule at bed time is Shh! The noises Jacob makes are all very quiet and don't bother the already sleeping brothers.

Jacob used to "yell". Brothers were not happy. (It took hundreds of trips saying shh, during the night to help him learn. He is about 15' from our bed. I guess it is good exercise for me! :o)

Now if only Noah would learn Sh? soon? Oy!)

Most nights Jacob will slowly, slowly, slowly topple over onto his blankie, made lovingly for him by our Dear Sister Sonya!
And then he is sound asleep.

But tonight, Noah (who sleeps on the other side of the long pillow to the left of Jacob) decided he was going to hang as far over his side of the bed rail as humanly possible! Aaack!

I move Noah over to lay down and told him Shh!
I could see Jacob still sitting, yet so tired, fighting to stay up. I gently laid him down. And off he went to dreamy land.
I don't know why sleepy  boys fight so hard to stay awake!
Once sleeping he looks like my angel. He lets me caress his head and rub his back. Such a sweet boy, such a gentle spirit. But how? How can you come from a place so terrible, and have a heart so pure?

As I kept watch, Noah continued his antics and Jacob slept through it all.

Julius was observing us from (his) the bottom bunk across from Noah and Jacob. Julius would have loved a good before bed tussle with Noah.(unfortunately Julius' tussles end up making precious Noah cry :o(

Jacob always sleeps so peacefully.

Jacob wasn't even bothered by Noah's newest interest!! Noah was checking out "if the bed was softer on Jakie's side"! LOL!!
Jacob even slept through Noah trying to reach waaaaaay over the bed rail to get that darn waste basket Jakie tipped over.

And the funny thing is that if Jakie goes on Noah's side of the bed, Noah wakes up. And Noah tells me "loudly"!! Noah does not like visitors on his side of the bed one bit! LOL!

After moving Noah off of poor sleeping Jacob the 3rd time tonight, and reminding him- shh! ;o)
He finally stayed on his side of the bed. He then lays on his back, and bounces with his feet on the wall. (He used to have a sore on his forehead from doing this at the orphanage sideways in his crib.) He holds his head way back- backwards, laying in his back. In his bed here, he is not long enough to touch feet on the wall and head on the soft mesh bed rail. But he loves to bounce!

Finally Noah bounces off to sleep chewing/sucking his new blankie. (also lovingly made by Dear Sister Sonya). These blankies are incredibly durable!! And very washable! Unlike the sleeves of his jammies we have had to pin up so he can't chew holes in them!

On a good night Noah and Jacob sleep all night. On a rough night one of them wakes me up around 3 a.m.
It is a work in progress!
Considering they've only been home 3 months...........I think they are doing FANTASTIC!!
Sleeping like little angels!


  1. Always enjoy pictures of your sweet boy..... I think that they are doing wonderful too....so glad to see all of the progress they are making.

  2. I second what Chelsea says. They've learned so much already from the love your family showers on them. I often think of your boys and their sleeping arrangements fairly often. Our youngest climbs out of his crib every night and either lays on a recliner in the room I'm in or climbs into bed with us. I sometimes think maybe he'd sleep better if he shared the bed with his older brother. And then I think, one day, just like all my other babies, he will quit climbing into my bed and I'll miss his snuggly little self. Hmmm...maybe I'm a little softy, huh? lol
    The blankets were such a small thing to do for your sons. Wish it could be more.
    Love you!


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