Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Three little words that scare me!

Any day now??!!

Then we get asked by friends- "Are you ready?" LOL!

There's a plane to catch- or beg to get a seat on in a moments notice!! And bags to pack!!

We've got brand new bottles on the counter to sterilize. (The boy's bottles are too big.) We have a laundry basket full of baby clothes in pink in the laundry room, a snow suit in her crib, a Minnie Mouse towel in the bathroom! :o). We have size one diapers in her 3 sister's room, we had bought them for Mosie, who needed a size 2 and now..........wears a size 3!!! (YEAH!!) All these things are scattered all over the house far from Dad's suitcase!

Our John Walsh prints have not cleared yet for our homestudy. I'm trying not to worry. Usually by this time they request SPs to be re-done, but this trip we begged the officer to please send a note saying this is the best he can do. He didn't want to, but after he did them he said o.k.
Otherwise every adoption we pay $45.00 for prints that should cost $15.00, because they have her repeat them 3x.

We are so anxious to hear how birthmom and baby are. No news last week. We think about them all day long.
Please join us in prayer for this beautiful birthmom, who is giving Belle, a baby with DS the gift of life! It touches our hearts that she is giving her life, just like she gave all her precious children. Every child God gives us deserves life!

The girls~ Faith 11, Lysa 10, and Kitty 9 are so ready for their sister. :o) They have the first 6 months of her life planned already! :o)

I think the little boys are ready! Julius and Pauly have accepted their new brothers with open arms! They are going to love Belle!

The 3 new boys are so happy!
Several times I have heard families say the older the International adopted child, the faster you see positive changes. We really see this with our 3 new boys.

Our first 2 boys were 4 yrs old and they were a lot like babies when they came. Demanding. Needing a lot of attention and care. Now they are very much pre-schoolers- independent and active. Julius is even learning pretend play! And Pauly is watching! ;o)

The 3 new boys have only been home about 2 months, but they fit in like they have been here at least 6 months already. I'm not having to kid proof their areas. I can go to the bathroom without worrying they'll run! LOL! They wait without complaining! They don't have the sense of urgency that J & P had last year. They don't "get into" things. They are curious, but polite. They also understand more English faster!? Or they read body language very well!
Maybe we were more prepared for them too??
They are going to be amazing big brothers for Belle!

We think Belle is going to fit in here, with us, very very well too. Don't babies just fit into arms so easily. I'm up most nights with MA, so she'll be our little company! MA is going to never go back to bed now! She'll want to play with Belle all night!

While I catch up on sleep in the day, Dad will have her. Yes- he really likes that!! We have her little crib set up in our room, her bouncy seat in the living room, but I don't think any one is ever going to put her down! There are enough arms to hold her though out the whole day!

As she grows, developmentally she will have a learning edge over the boys. They lost skills from orphanage living. We think this will make her an asset to them! She will teach them and they will teach her!

Samson is also so excited, he has no idea what a real baby is! He thinks J & P were/are babies! LOL!

Any day now! Hmmm, shouldn't I be doing something!!


  1. I can't wait to hear that y'all have gotten the call . . . and then I realize she's not even due yet. I'm a little anxious, too! Life is going to get even better with this new little treasure. She is going to be such a special gift to everyone. Praying for her birthmother and thanking God for her!
    In a squealy voice, "I can't wait!!!"
    Love you bunches!

  2. Liz, I am so excited for you! Just wondering if any of the boys are wearing 3T. I have 2 coats Matthew has outgrown. Would be happy to send them if you could use them. You can email me at findingbabyhansen@gmail.com

  3. So excited
    For you! Your family is always in my prayers.

  4. How exciting -- a new baby! I can't wait to see her.


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