Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How little boys start their days

6:00 a.m. I hold my breath creeping along the bedrooms. I don't want little boys to hear me! LOL! The bedrooms are inter-connected, we have a tiny hallway that is "open" to the stairs.

Mosie wakes up instantly. You can tell he's awake by his fast "puppy breathing"! He does that sitting up-letting me know he is ready to go!

We teach the boys to "sh" out of respect to the other sleepers. :o) The three new boys understood this right away. Julius and Pauly took about 6 months to realize "yelling" causes sleepy people to respond less happy! :o)

Then Noah starts moving around, he's looking for the lights to come on. Jacob is usually already sitting up chewing on his knee. For the most part Noah and Jacob wait quietly. Sometimes Jacob is restless and tries to lean over the bed rail reaching for a waste basket!!

Julius and Pauly whisper and smile as they watch. They have been here 16 months now! They know how this works! :o) I can no longer remember a time J&P were not here!

After my 4 helpers put on their robes, stretch and wipe the sleep from their eyes, I start dressing/changing one boy at a time.

I've already prepared everyone's oatmeal. Chocolate with a big marshmallow for the big kids, banana for little boys.

My helpers remove sleep sacks first and bring me one boy still in his sleeper, at a time.

Mosie is always first. Oh how he laughs and smiles and tolerates his precious little face washed! Dressing him is a challenge because he wants to wrap himself in your arms. What does he care about clean diapers, fresh clothes, when he only lives for our LOVE? After I've prepared him for the day, a helper carries him to Dad to feed him. He's filling out in his legs and tummy ever so nicely. He doesn't feel like air any more! He also understands a lot of what we tell him now!

Jacob is next. Jacob has little control over his emotions. If he's in a difficult mood he just wants food. Face washing is either loved or hated. If he's happy he'll talk and accept tickles. If he's not happy he cries. He does not seem to have a lot of control over his moods. This is the Ataxia. Molly taught me not to take this personally. (Thank you Molly :o) You can't predict his moods and it doesn't matter if he's slept well or not. It seems as though he "needs" to cry. Because after his frustrations his mood will improve. He's growing heavier quickly, and much stronger!! I try to make dressing and diaper change fast for him, so a helper can "walk" him to Dad quickly to eat.

Then comes Noah. Noah is a really fun guy! He's bubbly and full of sillies! He's helping me dress him. He likes his routine here. He chatters with me. He gives really nice hugs! Next a helper "walks" him to Dad to eat. He's growing heavier, but not as heavy as Jacob. He understands so much of what we tell him it's amazing!!

Those three are fed by Dad. It goes so quickly you'd be amazed. They eat wonderfully. They love all foods. Everything goes smoothly and quickly and they are now ready for our day!

Samson gets himself up. If he doesn't feel well or he's tired he decides how quickly he'll do his routine. While we are busy he is off independently serving himself, picking up things, putting his dishes away, dressing. Samson has the independence we hope that his 5 little brothers will have some day too! As Samson does his thing he pats little boy's heads. And he jokes with us. He can help the boys if they drop things. He can get them a toy. He is our gopher if we need a towel or tissue. He will "tell" on the boys if they get into something or he might tell them "no-no"..................maybe a few too many times! He just loves the boys! He no longer calls them "babies" and knows all of their names!

While my helpers are eating, Julius and Pauly jump out of their bed (climbing over the bed rail) and run to me! It's a flurry of pants on heads, diapers, wipies, shirts strewn across my bed as I dress them! LOL!! They can pull shirts over their heads, hold legs straight for pants. Both boys can undress- more than I'd like! LOL! I'd call them my twins but they are so different physically and ability wise. (kind of like Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarz. in the movie Twins, which I've actually never seen- LOL!) Even with all of their differences they are definitely "a pair". One big difference is- Julius can do/learn new small motor skills each day, but Pauly is still a guy using his adorable chubby little fist for everything! And Julius is veeeeery verbal, while Pauly'd rather watch!

Julius and Pauly practice their new eating skills as I feed them. They love their banana oatmeal so they cooperate so nicely! If they don't like what they are eating it is more challenging. (Julius is not a fan of egg salad!) I mention that because eggs are an easy fast source of protein for all of our kids. I used to like peanut butter for protein when we were in a pinch. But after all of the salmonella reports (here in MN two nursing home residents died from contaminated p.b.!) I use it less and less.

As we eat we sing Praise songs- often Toby Mac, Petra, Blind Boys of Alabama, Twyla Paris, Best Loved Hymns- very eclectic!  

When we are done eating we collect the three boys from Dad. And go to 4 areas up stairs to play, read our bibles, Give God the Glory! and start our homeschool. (dad cleans up- thanks dad!)

Homeschool for all 5 boys is role modeling play. Very effective and they love it. They don't even notice they are learning! After their surgeries, PT and OT will be added.

Before you know it it is 11:00 a.m. ~ time for lunch :o)

Tomorrow I'll share our afternoon schedule. :o)


  1. I love this, Elizabeth. I have often wondered how you get it all done, and it's so fun to have a glimpse into your day-to-day life and how you all work and live and love together.

  2. Loved the glimpse into your morning with the kids:)


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