Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving God the Glory!

I put this picture on the right side bar. It says GIVE GOD THE GLORY!!
I am challenging myself to write daily posts glorifying God until the New Year. Roughly 45 days. :o)

It's a personal mission that was laid on my heart last night as God held me. When I pray I imagine God holding me. :o) It feels wonderful!
Clouds hold a special place in my heart. When I was 18 I felt the Lord used clouds to speak to my heart. It has stayed with me ever since.

So today I Praise God for making all of us unique! 
Like my Noah.
We can share diagnosis' like DS or FAS. But we are still individually created by God's Hand! Praise God!
Can you imagine? None of us are the same!!
Noah laughs with a laugh that is contagious. His voice has the sweetest "little boy" tone to it. We LOVE to hear him "talk"!
My Jacob, so unique Drs can only guess about him.
But our family has a secret! We already know! We know God holds Jakie in His Hands. He is already caring for Jakie's every need! He will not forsake our precious little boy! Praise God!
Jakie finds joy in little things, that joy draws our attention to him. His smiles light up a room!
My Moses. A tiny boy with a BIG name!
He will move mountains, thanks to God! God has already used him to touch the hearts of so many. He truly is chosen by God. Just as God chooses us all. We have never seen him cry, and some days he laughs so much our cheeks hurt from laughing with him!!
My Julius. Named after the Roman Centurion in Acts 27 who cared for the prophet Paul. He truly is his "brothers keeper". He watches over Pauly and cares for him so gently. God gave this boy a heart of LOVE for others. Sometimes he lightly kisses Mosie's head. As if to say, he LOVES his brothers. God gave these boys to each other, to us, to the world! Praise God!
My Pauly who struggles to communicate. Who LOVES with his entire being. Autism adds to his struggles. But he does not miss out on anything because of it. When he breaks through and lets people know what he thinks. It is shear joy to watch him express himself. The world may not know, but God gives us the gift of understanding with Pauly. Others don't have time for children like Pauly, who have social difficulties. We feel sad for them, they are missing out. 
MA who was once our community's star citizen with DS. Working, living, independently. How quickly the world forgets us when we don't do the things they find amazing. All of us here find MA amazing every day. Even as she struggles with alzheimers. No matter how hard her day is she still finds time to help me feel better if I'm feeling down! God blessed our family with her!
Our Samson. Yup another big name! After all he already had a BIG personality when we brought him home from TX 14 years ago. He had never been able to hear, and did not know what his old name was! He is now the big brother to 5 little boys as unique as he is and he is loving every minute of it!

So today we are Giving God the Glory. Truly, He created us, He put us together. And we rejoice in His goodness! Blessings abound! Thank You God! For not only creating each of us so uniquely, but giving us to each other! For making us a family.

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  1. What a wonderful list of blessings you've shared today, dear sister! Thank you for the glimpse of your precious ones and all the gifts they have to share with this world. You are indeed blessed with each and every one, and I was blessed to share your joy in this post today! Hugs to you!


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