Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Down Syndrome and Autism

This boy, my Pauly. So cute. So sweet. Often quiet, often full of giggles, smiles and laughter. Pudgy, chubby, little soft rolly poly huggable teddy bear. He gives kisses with carefully pursed lips. He wants to please, he doesn't like being told no. And he cries if Julius is reprimanded.

And then there's this Pauly. The face of Autism. Pauly who can't tolerate quick changes in routines. Pauly who is right now so over stimulated by Dad taking pictures, he can't deal with it. Kitty is smiling here because Pauly is not mad. He's communicating. She responds to him with love. He's safe to express his anguish. He's accepted just as he is. Some days it's hard to be Pauly. We are here for him. We cocoon him in our arms to help him feel safe.

I read that they think Autism in DS is or could often be caused by a serious illness or trauma. We think Pauly's stemmed from his heart surgery. The scar on his chest is huge and shaped like a small mountain. Not flat and symmetrical like Samson's.

Who held Pauly after his heart surgery? Who managed his pain? Who gave him the will to survive? All of us adoptive moms feel the same heart break over not having been there. Pauly was alone. He only had himself. He developed odd inward coping mechanisms.

Or is it "just" Institutional Autism?
Maybe the reason/cause doesn't matter.

I ordered the Autism/DS book from Woodbine House Publishing. I'm excited to get it next month. I'm hoping for more insight.

Pauly has lost some of his strong "Autistic" behaviors in the last year. We replaced the Autistic "routines" of gestures and hand signals, stiffened body; with us and toys. But when the world gets too big for Pauly, he lets us know, a melt down is coming. And he needs us. We thank God that we are here now for him. We are honored and privileged to provide him some comfort for all 4 of the important years he was alone.

Many days I cannot remember Pauly not being with us. He feels like MY son. I feel like I know him, inside and out. The three new boys joining the family confirmed this bond between Pauly and I and helped strengthen it. The new boys were/are new. I'm getting to know them. But my heart already knows my Pauly. I love him more each day!

We like to pretend "fight" over him! I say "Hey! That's my Pauly!" and then the the kids say "No! He's MY Pauly!" Then we say "Give him to me!"- "No, give him to me!!" He loves the attention!

Everyday at nap time I tuck Pauly in to one end of the bottom bunk bed, and Julius into the other end. Then I clean up toys. Julius, always the stinker, gets up, throws Pauly's pillow out of bed, removes Pauly's socks and throws them on the floor.

And Pauly laughs!! Pauly I LOVE you!


  1. First off. God bless you and all those special children. Amazing! I found you through a blog that I follow called. Keep on spinning. There hasn't been any updates in a long time. Was concerned about Elizabeth's health. Do you know of anything?

    1. Hello! Thank You for stopping by! Why don't you try leaving our preciuos Dr Elizabeth a comment on her blog? Maybe she'll answer you! :o)

      I do know she is very busy with her beautiful family. Especially since one has graduated high school and moved on to the next exciting phase of her life!


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