Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, October 25, 2012

11:32 p.m.

Here in MN it's not quite Friday yet! :o) So I haven't missed this day- yet!!

All I can think about is our little Princessa Belle. Who we call Belle for short. I keep pinching myself.
Tom only had time to pick up a marriage license for our paperwork today.
Tomorrow we notarize papers and send them off with our fee payment. Then we send more Home Study forms to our MN agency with their program fee! :o(

We lost a day of completing this because of our LOVE~
Jacob had his MRI today. (I need a newer photo with his hair cut. He's so handsome and his hair grows back fast!!)

It was scheduled for 10:45 a.m. but was not done till much later. He came out at 2:15. He was stressed. He hadn't eaten. And he wanted to get away from the hospital more than anything. Poor precious boy.

Next Wed. he will go to the University of MN (70 miles away) to see a Pediatric Neurologist, so we can get some kind of idea about what has happened or what is possibly going on. He also has some stiffness in the neck area. (can't remember what it's called) The neck area we always x-ray on our kids with DS. We need to get the Drs opinion on that xray too.

In the meantime the MRI is not covered by insurance and so far it is $3,500.00 not including Radiologist report. Also insurance will not cover his U of M visit. Which is at a minimum of $1,500.

Yes, we had money set aside. Our insurance is $800 a month alone for the kids and Tom, and mine $425 a month. Now we'll have birthing expenses for Belle etc. (Is birth a pre-existing condition?? ~kidding~) I'm sure some of you may think that we are just plain dumb to do all this. I understand.

I had so hoped to sell more polish pottery last week, and my Fenton is not selling well either. The bids are incredibly low. I did sell a bowl to a woman that is such a huge support to us, (Thank You! You know who you are!) I wish we lived closer to (((HUG))) her!! She mentioned that she just wanted to donate, but I did not have a donate button so she bought the beautiful bowl. Isn't she sweet!

That got me thinking. So yes, I did put the "donate to help Jacob's medical" button up, because his needs are so great. Greater than the outpatient surgeries we were expecting for Mosie and Noah. (adenoids,tonsils, circs and un-descended testicles) And we were shocked that our insurance expects us to wait 1 year to do these out-patient surgeries (WHAT??) or they are considered pre-existing conditions. (cry) No we can't have them wait any longer.

We also found out Mosie has low thyroid and anemia. So glad I told them to take blood!!!!!!!! They were so overwhelmed by his tiny size they weren't thinking!

If you would like to help little Jakie get the specialty care he so needs after 7 years of  questionable medical care. We would be beyond blessed by your help. And I know God would Bless you right back. Because all of these kids brought to the US from these situations are precious in His sight!



  1. I just sent a little something. Not much. But something. I challenge everyone who reads this blog to just send a little bit. If we all do, it will make a difference to these boys and this family.

    1. Oh! Lisa you are so sweet! Thank you and Bless your heart! (((HUGS))) I am humbled!


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