Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today was another day of boogies, coughing, kleenex and neb treatments. The 3 new blessings are now sick. But they never complain. They are so starved for attention. They still smile!
We thank God! It looks like the 3 love bugs will get over this yucky cold on their own.
We also thank God that Julius and Pauly fight off infections on their own now. Last year when they came home they were sick quite a bit, we needed anti-biotics as back up. No more!!

Samson, Julius & Pauly are not thrilled that these new boys are here to stay. LOL! But that's o.k., before they know it they won't remember them not being here!! Change is hard for everybody!

Faith, Kitty, Lysa and Isaiah, have had their very normal moments of wondering what they think about all of the work with 3 boys too. That is just so normal, because it is hard. It has nothing to do with their HUGE LOVE for the boys. We are asking them to stretch and share more. They were all ready to do it, but doing it is a challenge! So normal. They are adjusting to the challenges, just as Tom and I are. We are making our new routine. Pulling the 3 boys into the fold for life! Love triumphs hardship. Our LOVE for these boys. We LOVE them whether they ever love us or not.

Julius is a very naughty little boy when he doesn't feel good. I don't blame him. I'm ornery when I'm sick too. But this little monkey has been on a spitting spree, escaping, running, throwing everything he can find down a flight of stairs. So, he's not only complaining about having to share his time with 3 new brothers, he's also letting us know without any words that he does not feel good. So he's keeping me on my toes! Julius is becoming a mamma's boy! I am certainly enjoying this! He signs "all done" consistently, but doesn't want to learn our next sign- eat! What is the sign for stubborn? LOL!

Each morning we have 2 boys~ Mosie and Jacob together to play. These two do not walk or stand. Sometimes Jacob will stand shakily in the playpen, supporting himself in a bent over type position. Jacob is not aware of his surroundings, he does not try to interact or play unless we initiate. Mosie is just too tiny. He wears a size 2 diaper, and it's roomy. :o(
He needs to be protected from falling toys/children. These two are fragile!

Julius, Pauly and Noah play in Samson's room. There is a kitchen set, super large legos, riding toys. These 3 walk, jump, roll into each other on the floor and ...........escape! LOL! From this set up the coolest thing has happened! Pauly was not a walker. All summer we worked on walking with him. He'd have nothing of it. But since Noah is learning to walk along the kitchen set, etc, and Julius is now running!!! Pauly decided today that he is a walker too!! YEAH!! Pauly likes to copy and imitate. That's his style. But if pushed he shuts down. Julius hates to copy imitate! Julius thinks he's smarter than us! LOL! We don't know Noah's style yet!

Have I told you how much I love my boys names?? LOL! They just roll off my tongue! Sometimes you (or is it just me?) wonder if you picked the right name to fit a child. I shouldn't have wondered, God was helping me! Their names are perfect!

Speaking of God, it is amazing how strong the pull was when we prayed for our boys and prayed about which boys to pick. All 5 boys are perfect for our family.
I've mentioned many times that when I had Isaiah at 47, I thought I was having a baby with DS. I even wanted my own baby with DS! LOL! So we were very drawn to the kids on the RR site. So many beautiful children with DS.
Knowing fewer boys were picked, we knew we had to pick boys with DS. But how many? After talking to Tom and praying more, wanting to pick boys in the same orphanage to make travel easier. We saw there were quite a few boys in P*le*ven. We did not know what that meant. In fact we'd picked our 3 boys a few months before Susanna picked Katie. But first we had to get J & P home.

The three boys we picked had health descriptions that sounded as though they would be quite low functioning. Needing long term care. We felt this was workable because Julius and Pauly's profiles were not as dire. Two higher independent functioning boys and then three needing us for all of their cares with little independence. Perfect!

After Susanna first saw Katie, we knew why our 3 boys were as they were. Tom was on a mission to save them. And save he did! :o) With all of your help, support, donations and prayers. These three boys are LOVED for life! By all of us and you! Thank You!

Now as I sit and smile at my 5 blessings, I'm so surprised at how strong God's Hand was in everything. His leading, His guidance. It was such a strong pull from God that we do this. A strong pull that we pick boys, a strong pull that they have DS.

Of course that didn't make any of it easy. Tom and Gabriel's flights to pick the boys up were cancelled twice, and Tom could better list the many many troubles they had getting the boys and bringing them home. But in the process, God refined us and blessed us, because we listened. He never forsakes us! He is a Good God! Praise God!


As Lysa said yesterday~ "Mom I keep praying for my 3 brothers to be safe, but I keep forgetting they're home now!"  


  1. It's still an amazing realization that they are home now after all the hurry up & wait. Yay for new brothers playing together and spurring each other on to learn new things. Yay for normal reactions within the family at learning to adjust to new routines, chores, expectations, and personalities (that's even true when a new baby is born into a family!). Praising God that these sweet and fragile little boys now have the love, safety, and encouragement to be children of God, made in His image. Praying they get over their colds quickly.
    God bless you all! And yes, these five sweet boys are loved by so many!

  2. Loved reading this. So special all the way through. So many miracles. Blessings, Jennifer

  3. So proud of you, Elizabeth. May you and your family be blessed in so many, many ways.

    Holly J.


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