Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The definition of fun? = Noah!

Visiting the boys in the orphanage last April, was not really fair to the boys. They behaved a lot different there. Especially Noah. Every photo we saw of Noah; or when Tom interacted with him there, he was reaching out for someone, something, anyone! With his eyes shut. And he never smiled or interacted with sounds or contact. Just one arm reaching.
Who'da thunk this boy is so much FUN!! Not just a little FUN!! A lot of FUN!! Tom and Gabriel are really enjoying him! They have fallen in LOVE with this 9 year old love bug!
Noah has a great sense of humor. He's also quiet when he babbles- not loud (screeching) like he was at the orphanage. He's a really happy guy!!
Did he remember Tom? Did he know that this man LOVED him enough to travel thousands of miles twice to call him his son?
I'd like to think so! :o)
He's not as high in IQ as Jacob.
But then Jacob's higher IQ has actually made him a little less resistant to the damage of not having a family for so long. Tom thinks Jacob is scarred the most from his previous life.
And as I've said preached  the best way for people with disabilities to get along well in their adult life is not reading, math, speech or even independent living skills. It's behavior! Good attitudes carry any adult person (disability or not) a long way. (my very humble opinion)

Two of our group home gals (one now in Heaven) were very difficult to place in our Community.
One is quite bright but her behaviors make her Social Workers and her family wonder how we do it.
The other was the last woman (there was also 1 very difficult man to place too!) of 60 adults in a large Group Home to be placed in the Community.
She had Down Syndrome- you know the disability where everyone thinks you are happy and cheerful and fun to live with! Someone forgot to tell her!
Her parents had no hope that she could adjust in leaving a large staffed Group Home to a smaller setting with a family.
We took her and loved her dearly for 16 years. But yes, she was excitement every day. It was never easy.

Years ago in northern MN an older woman dying from cancer, killed her adult sister with DS before she died. She said no one would have taken care of her sister after she died. She was so wrong. 

Tom and I learned, our kids need good Social Skills most of all, and then independent living skills!
But then doesn't that just make sense that we are to live a life as Christ in we all we do! Loving each other! The greatest of these is LOVE!
So this precious boy has a head start! He is LOVE for sure! He has won over Tom and Gabriel's hearts quickly. Tom said he wished had known in April what Noah was really like! Now we know why his Baba cried.
His Baba had started with him a few years back. We're not sure how long. When she saw Noah he had sores all over his body and he was very sick and weak. She bought and fed him fruit puree with her own money and came there extra days, without pay to see him She saved his life! God Bless her.
He not only has Down Syndrome, he has Fetal Alcohol Effect. He's the kind of child most people would turn away from. God Bless her for LOVING him.

And now God has blessed us with him.
Praise God!


  1. Elizabeth- just received the BEAUTIFUL prayer shawl you made me- I am so very blessed !!! It is an honor to know you and to have had a chance to take part in the miracle unfolding for your boys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift and for your kind words. I will always be praying for you :) oxoxoxo

  2. He's so cute in these pictures! Glad to hear he is adjusting so well.

  3. Catching up on the computer and SO EXCITED to read these updates and see the boys! Are you planning an update of Moses, too? I'll trade you for some cute pics of Verity, lol! Praying for Tom and Gabriel and your three love bugs, and for you with the rest of the family back home, Elizabeth! Love you!

    1. More Pics! More Pics! More Pics of the Archer boys and Verity! No fair swinging a deal just between you two ladies. Haha!
      Elizabeth, this post about Noah is such a happy one! I noticed how Tom has loved on the boys and even has Noah's hair combed for his photo shoot. :) I am not just going to pray for your family, but now I'm reminded that I need to be praying for the precious baba who is surely missing her little one. Thanking God for sending her to Noah, and hoping she will be blessed and a blessing to another orphan.
      Love you! I'm sure you're beyond excited and anxious for these sweet sons and your hubby to get home.

    2. This week has been crazy busy, and suddenly I remember... Ah!! I haven't checked Elizabeth's blog yet!!! Thank you so much for the pictures and updates of the boys. I met Noah's baba, and she is indeed a wonderful lady who clearly loved him. Her face glowed with pride when she showed the things she had taught him. And yes from the little bit I was blessed to see Noah, he certainly seemed one prince of a son. :) You are going to have a lot of fun when your three boys get home.

      Thank you for the advice about the importance of attitudes and social skills. I think the wisdom you expressed applies to all children we are raising - with disabilities or not - but it's easy to forget what really matters.


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