Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Prayers for Jacob please!

Jacob is kind of a mystery. His file had no real health issues. But it stated he was weak and frail and could hardly sit up! If you look at our FSP page you see a very different boy.

And then our Dear Sister in Christ saw him last August. And he was the size of Noah 9 years old. And he was terrified of our Sister, so they took 2 photos of him trying to escape her and the staff quickly took him away.

No one knew where he was or saw him again until the fall. Another Dear Sister in Christ saw him. She said he could stand!

Then again in March, 2 more precious Sisters in Christ saw him. And he looked well. But always the look of fear in his eyes. It broke my heart.

When Jacob left with Tom, his Baba was not there to help us in any way with insight. Moses' Baba did not see him off either. Tom was told Moses caused trouble there. (Are you kidding me??) And Noah's file had listed some negative behaviors. But Noah's Baba who saved his life was there to see him off and she cried. She is precious. She really LOVES him. His behaviors are only self abuse, he is gentle as can be and now happy!

Jacob is a beautiful little boy and we think they may have liked him. Maybe he was treated a little better, by someone, most likely someone he loved.
But now he is terrified of everyone he sees. He is grieving heavily. And even though he is a gentle boy. He is frightened terribly about his new circumstances.
So he does not want to eat. :o(
 Here he does not like Tom holding him towards the computer.
And so he cries. He hears my voice and he does like hearing the sound of a woman. But he knows no English. :o( I tell him I LOVE him and Tom tells him he LOVES him too.
Like a baby, we woo him to LOVE us in return. Tom is trying to win his trust. He misses everything about his home of 7 years.
 And then I want to cry.
My youngest birth baby is 8. What if this had been my Isaiah. Oh my heart breaks for everything this precious boy has had to go through.
If only he could understand. This is for the best. This is for his future. We LOVE him more than words can express. His little heart is aching in dis-repair. He was never socialized or taught. He's like a much younger child grieving. We grieve with him.

Please pray for this little boy's wounded heart. And that he trust Tom or Gabe enough to eat more than a tiny bowl of oatmeal.
tomorrow more photos!


  1. Oh sweet Jacob...we are praying for you! I made a post about you today. May you feel Christ's Boundless Love today and forever more.


  2. Praying he starts to eat and learns that he is safe in his daddy's arms and starts to heal from all that he has been through :(

  3. I know there were several firings at their former orphanage recently. Perhaps he lost his Baba, or whomever was taking care of him, just days ago, and is reeling from that change? Perhaps he was being medicated and now is not, and no one told you because they know they are misusing sedating medications. I know you have resources and people to reach out to who have been through similar issues... I will be praying for Tom and all your boys... if previous P. children are any indication, he'll come around in time. Hugs to you, mama.

    1. Thank You Katie. Noah's Baba knows Jacob's Baba, so she was still with him. He just acts as though he's been extremely isolated. Yes, with God we will reach this LOVE, but till then my heart just aches watching him grieve.

  4. Oh Elizabeth! My heart aches for Jacob, for all 3 boys, really. Poor, precious boy, having to go through this uprooting, unfamiliar, and lonely time. And yet, it is for his good, and will be good. It's just the journey is so hard and unexplainable to him. I know I'm not telling you anything new. When my little sister came over from India, she basically just slipped right into our lives. We NEVER stopped to consider what all she was leaving and how she was perceiving things, however good they were for her. I wish we'd known, had been educated about the transition. I am so sorry for little Jacob. I'll be praying that God gives the boys comfort and healing. He is the Great Physician and the Holy Spirit gives us comfort. Who better to speak to the little boys' hearts and minds? I'm so glad God is bringing them to your family! Praying too, for Tom and Gabe to have good health, physical energy, and emotional strength as they take care of Noah, Jacob, and Moses (the trouble maker, yeah, right) in the hotel. Please let Tom and Gabe know we're praying for them, too! My prayers continue for you and the kids at home also.
    Love and hugs.

  5. Aaaww....I know you wish you were there to help him. Nathan didn't eat for a while either and hopefully things will take a turn for the better with Jacob very soon. Prayers for Tom to keep up his endurance while there. I bet big brother is such a HUGE help with all his new brothers. Prayers all stays calm at home so you can take these final days to get ready for all that is to come. Blessings, Jennifer

  6. Bless his little heart. Change is scary even when you can understand it. I'm sure he does not understand what's happening. Praying he will adjust soon and begin eating. Keep us updated.


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