Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, September 14, 2012

Help! :o) diapers? photos?

My Picassa web album for blog*ger was full. :o( I deleted a few pictures on some past blog posts. But it only made a little bit more space. :o(
Picassa offers more space for $2.49 a month. Has anybody done this? Or is there any thing else free? Suggestions?

I've got 5 boys now- ages 9,7,7,5,5 in diapers. Four in size 5. I'm thinking Noah and Jacob will have a growth spurt quickly moving to size 6. Is it better to use size 6 Pam*pers or to use Pullu*ps for these ages? One thing I worry about with pullu*ps is leakage. These guys have "blow outs".
Any suggestions?
And is anything cheap? :o) Where can you find the cheapest diapers? Tom thinks Wa*lmart. But I get 5% off when I use my Tar*get card and they ship free!
                                          Thank You!!

Here is that FUN LOVING guy!! Mr Noah!! Oh he is a doll! He LOVES everything!! Who could not fall in LOVE with this boy?
This is the face Jacob makes when he pouts.
Tom and Gabe could not get Jacob to use the toilet in the hotel, he was afraid of falling into it. I think they used something else in his orphanage. Something we've seen on utube.
 Noah again making his silly faces. He LOVES to entertain!! He makes little mouse squeaky noises as he does this!
 Sill-silly-silly boy! Tomorrow at 8 p.m. (if all flights make it on time) I will squish the stuffins out of this guy!
 Mr. Handsome himself. Our LOVE Moses! Moses has terrible ?teeth? Either broken or ground to nubs. He'll need a pediatric dentist. His breath, like his 2 brothers doesn't smell so good.
 Jacob expressing his continued unhappiness. So hard to see him sad. But glad he can at least feel safe enough to let us know he's not happy.
 Moses, pre- Dad's barbering. By the way that was the first hair cut Dad ever gave to any of his kids! LOL!
Last year, when Tom and Gabriel picked up Julius & Pauly, it was a very different experience. J& P were loud. They were noisy most of the night. They cried a lot. They were constant motion. Always making noise. When we Skyped we could not even hear each other. They rocked and climbed everything. Pauly made jerky movements, when you held him he'd knock heads with you. Both boys shut down when anyone spoke to them. Tom was exhausted!

When the boys got home, Tom and Gabe plopped them in my arms and left me! LOL!! They needed a break! The boys had not slept for 36 hours!

These 3 boys, Noah-Moses and Jacob; have been so much fun for Tom and Gabriel. Tom feels like he knows them so much better already. Tom had experience from last year, but he wasn't prepared for how easy they would be! They sleep good. They only make "talking" noises. They like to play. They are very quiet. Moses and Noah have a great sense of humor! Even though Jacob does not trust yet, he's well behaved. He's quiet. He sleeps. He accepts more food each day. Tom even went shopping this trip! LOL! With J & P he feared leaving the hotel!

Only 20 more hours!! YEAH!! HAPPY DANCE!! LOL!!


  1. Until this summer, my 8 year old and 6 year old were still in diapers. We used Pampers Underjams. AWESOME diapers. Pull-up style meant for overnight. They hold as much as a regular diaper. They are almost as soft as real fabric--not papery like other brands. And they are LOW CUT so they don't go up to their armpits--they can be hidden under pants for sleepovers or school, etc. for privacy reasons. *AWESOME* diapers.

  2. Oh, and I always got their Underjams on Amazon....like $23? for a box of 46-50 with free shipping. SOME Targets carry them, too, but I couldn't get them online and the nearest Target to us is 75 miles away, so that wasn't always a feasible option. I just had them on auto delivery from Amazon, and bought extras when I happened to be at a Target. LOL!

  3. Hello. Sorry I can't help you with your questions. I just go back from China after a couple of weeks and checked in on your blog. Just wanted to wish you all the best with the beautiful union of you and your 3 boys. I am so pleased that they are finally on the way to your loving home. Praying for God's blessings, grace and wisdom to be upon you, your husband and household. With much love, Christina, Tim, Levi & Jireh xxxx

  4. They are amazing!!! Love them all and I definately understand why you are having a hard time waiting for them to get home!!!! Can't wait to see those first photos home!!! Tom and Gabe...what an amazing team!!!!

    Blessings, Jennifer

    PS....LUVS..still the best for us. Cheaper leaks too much; Huggies still doesn't fit right. Pampers...to expensives. Peter..size 6...Nathan..size 5.

  5. Beautiful Pictures!!

    Can't wait to see pictures with all of your boys together.

    Do you have a Sam's club card? We have always bought their Member's Mark brand. They are a lot cheaper and are good quality. I am not sure how they would work out for older children though.

    You are all in my prayers!

    Lots of Love!


  6. Hi Elizabeth, I want to help with the cost of diapers. Amazon has luvs 150 count box for 27.00 with my prime suscription. Would those work? They don't seem to have a size 6. Would that be enough? I haven't found a bigger box. I can do a box a month if that would work.

  7. Elizabeth, I am big into couponing....so here's my suggestion. Go online to each of the diaper companies. Some have sign-ups to receive coupons and e-mail offers. I have gotten coupons for up to $3.00 off per box. Then I comparison shop the sale ads and go to Wal-mart and use my coupon with the comped sale price. Usually a pretty good deal. I live in a rural area where Wal-mart is really the only day to day choice. However, when I got the chance to drive an hour away, Sam's had good deals especially on wipes. You might e-mail a company and tell them your situation with so many in diapers and see if they would give you a good deal. It never hurts to ask. Also, if the coupon thing works for you, mention it on your blog and ask people who don't use them to mail them to you. I would be glad to do that, myself as my grandboys have outgrown diapers now. Let me know if I can do that for you. Can't wait to see them home!!!!!

  8. Have you tried the target brand diapers? They're cheap and they worked great for us.

  9. I am so completely excited for you and your family!!! I now you will be super busy loving on these sweet boys, but we can not wait to see pics of them with all of you!!! :)
    Praying for a smooth settling in for everyone.

  10. Hi there, stranger! So excited to see your family all together under one roof. Congratulations and prayers to you and your sweet family.

    Just wanted to mention, that our state's Medicaid covers diapers and/or pull-ups for children with Developmental Disabilities from age 3 and up. Are your children on or going to be on Medicaid? My doctor calls the prescription in and we don't pay a thing. Let me know if you have any quesitons. Also, I encourage you to call your Minnesota Family Voices for any help and/or referrals for any heathcare issues. They are a wealth of information for families who have children with disabilities and/or special health care needs. I worked for ND's Family Voices for awhile last year.....GREAT organization nationwide. PM with any questions or I get your phone number and give you a call. Would love to help in any way..... Love, Paula

  11. I don't know how the price of diapers compares, but we are signed up for AmazonMom (it's free and anyone can sign up). This means 20% off diapers and wipes. There's no tax and they ship for free. You have to get them via "Subscribe & Save" options, but once an items ships, you can cancel the Subscribe & Save that you just signed up for. I always buy wipes at Costco.

  12. Elizabeth the great thing about Target diapers is that they often have coupons either on the package or come to you in the mail. Here the diapers are $6.49 a pack and then the coupons are usually $2.00 off. Or sometimes if Target is having a sale on say Pampers or Huggies you can use both store coupons (from Target mailers) and the manufacturer coupons at the same time. Then you can get the $5.00 gift card if you buy I think 2 packages. But my favorite diapers are Target!

  13. Elizabeth,
    I have a box of size 6 diapers and a box a pull-ups that I bought for my 3 yo only to have him decide to be potty trained a few days later. I will ship them to you! I'm am overjoyed for your family!
    -Kristie Du Sablon

  14. CVS just clearanced all their big size diapers and wipes a few months ago. Diapers for $2 a pack and large bags of refill wipes for about the same. Maybe some of the other drug stores will change their package and put everything on clearance as well. They actually work really well and have stretchy tabs so the size can be worn a little longer. I'll let you know if I see any good deals in the near future.

  15. Elizabeth,
    First, congratulations - I'm just catching up on your blog... so happy your guys are home! My suggestion for diapers is "Goodnites." I have found them to be a little stronger than Underjams (they tend to rip when I pull them up) and fit Maia better.
    Blessings to all of you! I've been thinking about seeing if there is any interest in a RR Minnesota get-together. Would love to meet your family one of these days!


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