Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, September 20, 2012

and Moses :o)

I should have asked Tom to take a picture of Moses' hand with Isaiah.
Isaiah is 1 year older than Moses. So you could maybe see the shocking difference.

Here is Gabriel's sweet hand holding Moses'. So tiny. His hand is slightly filling in. Before his fingers were thinner! Just almost 2 weeks of hydration and he's already having slight positive changes.
Pauly (in the red) says "Are we going to do this every night Dad?? Booooring!" LOL!!
Moses is 2 years older than both boys.
When I first saw how much smaller Moses' head was than Pauly and Julius', I was shocked. I cried. There are no words. Only tears. I often hold Moses and Jacob and just cry silently.
This tiny little love bug is so full of personality!
First thing in the morning he's laying on his back, wiggling with excitement; as if to say "Come get me! Come get me!"
We pick him up and he SQUEEELS!! with great JOY!!
He is such a LOVE!

He looks like he doesn't understand things. Like he's just a sweet precious baby. But he learns quickly. He gets stuff! He surprises you! He tries to manipulate electronic toys with those tiny fingers! He watches everything that's going on! He wants to be part of everything!
Our little Mosie sleeps fantastic! eats good and drinks from a bottle. The sad part is his reflux. It causes food to back up into his nasal cavity and come out his nose, most often at night. That means changing his bedding every morning. Poor baby. We have tried several things like elevating his bed, his mattress, he won't sleep unless he lays flat. It's amazing how long the boys can stay awake if they are not happy!! LOL! We are going to try some reflux meds. next.  

We have Moses lay down in the afternoon, if only to help him burn less calories!
He's very active in his little way, and we are trying to help him gain weight. We'd like him to burn as few calories as possible!
Adding extra food or foods high in fat don't work right now. Fatty foods are bad for his reflux. And his tummy can only hold so much.

It is amazing how HAPPY and JOYFUL he is to be with us. His only bad habit~ spitting! Oh my! Only my Pauly doesn't spit, but then Pauly drools!! LOL!!

How did we live our days without Mosie? Praise God we found him!! As Tom says~ They saved us! :o) 


  1. Loving all these detailed updates, Elizabeth! LOVE seeing Moses safe at home with you!!!

  2. What a wonderful way to be greeted when Moses wakes up! He is so glad to be home where he belongs! What a smart little guy. I have a feeling he's going to blossom into such an amazing little boy quicker than anything!
    I'm loving all these pictures of the boys in their jammies. So cute!

  3. Aaaww..he is already looking so much better!

    Can you sit him up in one of those little exer saucer things where he can play with his hands while letting his food digest more? When you try the reflex meds...play with the timing before eating if necessary. I guess you know we had to mess the GI med timing for Nathan a lot.


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