Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And the last but not least :o) Mr Moses!

(sorry if you saw my typo in the title of this post! LOL!! I just fixed it now. :o) Hafta love typos!)
Mr Wiggle bug! Constant motion! Always interested! So eager to be LOVED!
He even reacts with smiles to my voice on Skype!! And he looks at the tiny notebook computer screen!
He is just a doll!

But then I remember he's 7 !/2 years old. And I feel incredibly sad, because he is so tiny. He's not a baby. He just looks like one and for now, only knows how to act like one.
Both Moses and Noah LOVE and crave their food! Noah even chews! I sent bottles just in case. Moses grabbed his bottle and drank it in lightening speed by himself! Noah and Jacob weren't interested.
I NEVER tire of staring longingly at these 3 boys!
My heart aches to hold them in my arms. I know when they come through the door, Tom and I will be in a puddle of tears holding them, holding Gabe and each other! The journey home will be complete!
These were taken the 2nd day. Moses is thrilled to have a Daddy!
He's so incredibly sweet! We can't believe he's ours! We can't believe all three of them are ours! Praise God! We are incredibly BLESSED!
On Wed. Dad could not stop himself! LOL! He gave Moses a hair cut! He looks adorable!! Look at all of the expression in his eyes!! He loved getting his hair cut! He had rubbed off all of the hair on the back of his head laying on his back.
Gabriel thought that that was how the orphanage cut it!? LOL!
Tom hated how his hair looked last April. This trip he wanted to bring scissors. I didn't send scissors, thinking the airline would take them. :o)
So Tom "shaved" his little precious head.
I LOVE it! He looks alot like his brother Pauly, but with brown eyes!
He says~"Look everybody! My hair is even all around my head now! LOL!" And Dad, well Dad's heart just bursts with JOY too! Moses' LOVE is infectious!

Dad has not sent me any photos yet. :o( Hopefully tonight? :o) Please?


  1. Love the pictures of your newest little guys! Praising God that they will soon be home and in your arms.

  2. Elizabeth these posts are so incredible to read! I look at both Moses and Noah and think "wow they sure have changed since we loved and played with them in March". Congratulations to your family!


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