Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, September 22, 2012

and Jacob :o)

This picture, is the best of 28 that Tom took! LOL!
This was taken after Jacob ate his dinner. We tried pre-dinner pictures (below) and He cried.
Here he is somewhat content. Tummy filled.
If Jacob sees food he scoots to you and holds your arm with his right hand.
This is meek attempt to beg.
It breaks my heart. He can't let go until you are done feeding him and you take his hand off your arm.
He leans on people, in a meek way to receive affection. But if you pick him up and hold/hug him he cries. He cries to get away.
If a Julius pushes him, he acts almost as if he expects it. :o( He doesn't question it even though it's wrong.
This picture was taken before dinner. Jacob is trying to learn his new schedule. He doesn't like any changes or surprises. They are physically painful for him. 
As he cries, Pauly is concerned. Pauly will cry if Julius cries. Here Pauly really doesn't seem to "get" why Jacob is crying, but he's concerned.
Julius turns away. He's irritated.
Pauly is still thinking about what's going on. Julius is wondering "what's up with this guy? Is he going to stop? I don't get it."
 Hmmm.........Julius's typical response to anything uncomfortable or boring?
A good spit-fest! "Maybe Dad's so busy taking pictures he can't stop me!"
Pauly's tuning out.
I love this picture. Julius is not happy his spit fest was stopped, and Pauly says "Just sit back and relax, Dad's got 20 more pictures to go."
Sadly Jacob still wants to get away from everybody. :o(

The bad news. The 5 boys are sick. Lotsa boogies. Red nose alert! The good news, so far as bad as this virus can get, the horrible part only lasts 24 hours per child. ;o)

I carry Jacob with me like a baby. He doesn't walk. We are still waiting for him to accept us, accept our love, accept his new home. He does not have any motivators yet. He feels objects and keeps his eyes closed, to shut out everything he doesn't want to see. Little things bother him, like his brothers playing too closely to him. He has poor eye/hand coordination and hand coordination. He needs help with toys, putting them in his hands. He can't take an item out of a small bucket. If he likes something, we keep it near him. He's always surprised it's still there, and moves it just to "handle" it.

As I said in Moses' post, I often hold Jacob and Moses and cry. Gifts from God deserve so much better. I pray we can make a difference in Jacob's life, other than "caring" for him.
We LOVE him so much.


  1. Okay, I admit. I shamelessly check your blog numerous times a day to see what's new (ahem, pictures of the sweeties, of course!). Not that I'm trying to rush you but you'd never know I'm stalking, right? lol
    I love all the pictures in this photo story! And Jacob is such a beautiful new addition! Pbbbttthhh (in honor of Julius)...ALL your children are beautiful! I love reading how sneaky some of your boys are and little Pauly just sittin' back all relaxed while dad does his thing! hilarious.
    Praying the boys get over their virus/cold and everyone gets to feeling better. Praying for God's love and mercy to reach these precious little boys who have been lost and mistreated for so long, love shown through your tender and constant care. Oh,how glad I am that they are now safe.
    (((Hugs))) dear Elizabeth!

  2. I'm SO sorry you all are dealing with this nasty virus, Elizabeth! Thank you so much for the beautiful photos of your beautiful boys! Love you!

  3. Yes, you will and already have made a difference in their lives!

  4. No words for all these hearts that need healing. Just sending hugs and prayers tonight. Blessings, Jennifer

  5. So sorry to hear everyone's been sick--but so glad to see all your boys home together!! It's such fun to see their personalities and read your descriptions.


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