Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thank You so much! To someone who loves our Gabriel too!

I don't want to say who it was. They might not want it known! But a very nice family sent our Gabriel a gift!
Someone took to heart Gabriel's special qualities and rewarded him with a gift!
Gabriel was thrilled. And very surprised!
He was a little modest about why they would be so kind to him. I told him it was encouragement. Encouragement to keep on being the caring helpful young man that he is!
From this mom's heart I say THANK YOU so much for loving our Gabriel!! (Gabriel is writing a Thank You note too)
Thank You for encouraging our precious blessing Gabriel! You have given him a gift even greater than the book, you cared about him! And now he knows that people do notice good character!

This is a beautiful book. Gabriel is our nature guy! He even was bird watching in Bulgaria! He made his dad take a picture of a crow with a Magpie!! He is so excited to start a nature journal with the cool ideas in this book!

God Bless you guys! You know who you are!! Thank You!
p.s. Gabe is sick, so in the picture he's not feeling well, but very happy!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today was another day of boogies, coughing, kleenex and neb treatments. The 3 new blessings are now sick. But they never complain. They are so starved for attention. They still smile!
We thank God! It looks like the 3 love bugs will get over this yucky cold on their own.
We also thank God that Julius and Pauly fight off infections on their own now. Last year when they came home they were sick quite a bit, we needed anti-biotics as back up. No more!!

Samson, Julius & Pauly are not thrilled that these new boys are here to stay. LOL! But that's o.k., before they know it they won't remember them not being here!! Change is hard for everybody!

Faith, Kitty, Lysa and Isaiah, have had their very normal moments of wondering what they think about all of the work with 3 boys too. That is just so normal, because it is hard. It has nothing to do with their HUGE LOVE for the boys. We are asking them to stretch and share more. They were all ready to do it, but doing it is a challenge! So normal. They are adjusting to the challenges, just as Tom and I are. We are making our new routine. Pulling the 3 boys into the fold for life! Love triumphs hardship. Our LOVE for these boys. We LOVE them whether they ever love us or not.

Julius is a very naughty little boy when he doesn't feel good. I don't blame him. I'm ornery when I'm sick too. But this little monkey has been on a spitting spree, escaping, running, throwing everything he can find down a flight of stairs. So, he's not only complaining about having to share his time with 3 new brothers, he's also letting us know without any words that he does not feel good. So he's keeping me on my toes! Julius is becoming a mamma's boy! I am certainly enjoying this! He signs "all done" consistently, but doesn't want to learn our next sign- eat! What is the sign for stubborn? LOL!

Each morning we have 2 boys~ Mosie and Jacob together to play. These two do not walk or stand. Sometimes Jacob will stand shakily in the playpen, supporting himself in a bent over type position. Jacob is not aware of his surroundings, he does not try to interact or play unless we initiate. Mosie is just too tiny. He wears a size 2 diaper, and it's roomy. :o(
He needs to be protected from falling toys/children. These two are fragile!

Julius, Pauly and Noah play in Samson's room. There is a kitchen set, super large legos, riding toys. These 3 walk, jump, roll into each other on the floor and ...........escape! LOL! From this set up the coolest thing has happened! Pauly was not a walker. All summer we worked on walking with him. He'd have nothing of it. But since Noah is learning to walk along the kitchen set, etc, and Julius is now running!!! Pauly decided today that he is a walker too!! YEAH!! Pauly likes to copy and imitate. That's his style. But if pushed he shuts down. Julius hates to copy imitate! Julius thinks he's smarter than us! LOL! We don't know Noah's style yet!

Have I told you how much I love my boys names?? LOL! They just roll off my tongue! Sometimes you (or is it just me?) wonder if you picked the right name to fit a child. I shouldn't have wondered, God was helping me! Their names are perfect!

Speaking of God, it is amazing how strong the pull was when we prayed for our boys and prayed about which boys to pick. All 5 boys are perfect for our family.
I've mentioned many times that when I had Isaiah at 47, I thought I was having a baby with DS. I even wanted my own baby with DS! LOL! So we were very drawn to the kids on the RR site. So many beautiful children with DS.
Knowing fewer boys were picked, we knew we had to pick boys with DS. But how many? After talking to Tom and praying more, wanting to pick boys in the same orphanage to make travel easier. We saw there were quite a few boys in P*le*ven. We did not know what that meant. In fact we'd picked our 3 boys a few months before Susanna picked Katie. But first we had to get J & P home.

The three boys we picked had health descriptions that sounded as though they would be quite low functioning. Needing long term care. We felt this was workable because Julius and Pauly's profiles were not as dire. Two higher independent functioning boys and then three needing us for all of their cares with little independence. Perfect!

After Susanna first saw Katie, we knew why our 3 boys were as they were. Tom was on a mission to save them. And save he did! :o) With all of your help, support, donations and prayers. These three boys are LOVED for life! By all of us and you! Thank You!

Now as I sit and smile at my 5 blessings, I'm so surprised at how strong God's Hand was in everything. His leading, His guidance. It was such a strong pull from God that we do this. A strong pull that we pick boys, a strong pull that they have DS.

Of course that didn't make any of it easy. Tom and Gabriel's flights to pick the boys up were cancelled twice, and Tom could better list the many many troubles they had getting the boys and bringing them home. But in the process, God refined us and blessed us, because we listened. He never forsakes us! He is a Good God! Praise God!


As Lysa said yesterday~ "Mom I keep praying for my 3 brothers to be safe, but I keep forgetting they're home now!"  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

and Jacob :o)

This picture, is the best of 28 that Tom took! LOL!
This was taken after Jacob ate his dinner. We tried pre-dinner pictures (below) and He cried.
Here he is somewhat content. Tummy filled.
If Jacob sees food he scoots to you and holds your arm with his right hand.
This is meek attempt to beg.
It breaks my heart. He can't let go until you are done feeding him and you take his hand off your arm.
He leans on people, in a meek way to receive affection. But if you pick him up and hold/hug him he cries. He cries to get away.
If a Julius pushes him, he acts almost as if he expects it. :o( He doesn't question it even though it's wrong.
This picture was taken before dinner. Jacob is trying to learn his new schedule. He doesn't like any changes or surprises. They are physically painful for him. 
As he cries, Pauly is concerned. Pauly will cry if Julius cries. Here Pauly really doesn't seem to "get" why Jacob is crying, but he's concerned.
Julius turns away. He's irritated.
Pauly is still thinking about what's going on. Julius is wondering "what's up with this guy? Is he going to stop? I don't get it."
 Hmmm.........Julius's typical response to anything uncomfortable or boring?
A good spit-fest! "Maybe Dad's so busy taking pictures he can't stop me!"
Pauly's tuning out.
I love this picture. Julius is not happy his spit fest was stopped, and Pauly says "Just sit back and relax, Dad's got 20 more pictures to go."
Sadly Jacob still wants to get away from everybody. :o(

The bad news. The 5 boys are sick. Lotsa boogies. Red nose alert! The good news, so far as bad as this virus can get, the horrible part only lasts 24 hours per child. ;o)

I carry Jacob with me like a baby. He doesn't walk. We are still waiting for him to accept us, accept our love, accept his new home. He does not have any motivators yet. He feels objects and keeps his eyes closed, to shut out everything he doesn't want to see. Little things bother him, like his brothers playing too closely to him. He has poor eye/hand coordination and hand coordination. He needs help with toys, putting them in his hands. He can't take an item out of a small bucket. If he likes something, we keep it near him. He's always surprised it's still there, and moves it just to "handle" it.

As I said in Moses' post, I often hold Jacob and Moses and cry. Gifts from God deserve so much better. I pray we can make a difference in Jacob's life, other than "caring" for him.
We LOVE him so much.

Friday, September 21, 2012

We hit a wall :o(

(Guest post by Noah.)

Dear precious friends,
                             Mom, Dad, Gabriel, Faith, Lysa, Kitty AND Isaiah are all very sick. Late last night I thought they were having a party!? They were up so late and pretty noisy, they even woke me up! They were doing neb treatments and steam treatments. Pouring Kool*a*ide, passing out the strongest menthol cough drops. And putting Vicks on everyone's neck and chest.

                             Dad could not help much. He had to go to bed. But Gabriel who is Mom's best helper stayed up until 1 a.m. to help her, even though he was sick too. Mom was up until 3:30 a.m. with Isaiah and Kitty. Today everyone was so tired. Mom had a meeting for work after lunch. She was amazed she made it!

                             Please pray that Moses, Jacob and I do not get this virus. It seems terrible. Sore throat, fever, Croupy coughing, stuffy noses..........even crying. We just have to stay healthy!

                             Please pray my brothers and sisters and Mom and Dad feel better soon. We miss all the fun we were having when everyone wasn't sick.
                                                        Love and (((HUGS)))

Thursday, September 20, 2012

and Moses :o)

I should have asked Tom to take a picture of Moses' hand with Isaiah.
Isaiah is 1 year older than Moses. So you could maybe see the shocking difference.

Here is Gabriel's sweet hand holding Moses'. So tiny. His hand is slightly filling in. Before his fingers were thinner! Just almost 2 weeks of hydration and he's already having slight positive changes.
Pauly (in the red) says "Are we going to do this every night Dad?? Booooring!" LOL!!
Moses is 2 years older than both boys.
When I first saw how much smaller Moses' head was than Pauly and Julius', I was shocked. I cried. There are no words. Only tears. I often hold Moses and Jacob and just cry silently.
This tiny little love bug is so full of personality!
First thing in the morning he's laying on his back, wiggling with excitement; as if to say "Come get me! Come get me!"
We pick him up and he SQUEEELS!! with great JOY!!
He is such a LOVE!

He looks like he doesn't understand things. Like he's just a sweet precious baby. But he learns quickly. He gets stuff! He surprises you! He tries to manipulate electronic toys with those tiny fingers! He watches everything that's going on! He wants to be part of everything!
Our little Mosie sleeps fantastic! eats good and drinks from a bottle. The sad part is his reflux. It causes food to back up into his nasal cavity and come out his nose, most often at night. That means changing his bedding every morning. Poor baby. We have tried several things like elevating his bed, his mattress, he won't sleep unless he lays flat. It's amazing how long the boys can stay awake if they are not happy!! LOL! We are going to try some reflux meds. next.  

We have Moses lay down in the afternoon, if only to help him burn less calories!
He's very active in his little way, and we are trying to help him gain weight. We'd like him to burn as few calories as possible!
Adding extra food or foods high in fat don't work right now. Fatty foods are bad for his reflux. And his tummy can only hold so much.

It is amazing how HAPPY and JOYFUL he is to be with us. His only bad habit~ spitting! Oh my! Only my Pauly doesn't spit, but then Pauly drools!! LOL!!

How did we live our days without Mosie? Praise God we found him!! As Tom says~ They saved us! :o) 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The only time we can take pictures is after dinner. They boys are fed, dressed in their jammies and we have a little "free" time! :o)

YES!! We made it through another day of adjusting and getting to know each other!

Noah LOVES it here. He LOVES everybody! He eats good, drinks from a bottle. He sleeps pretty well. He does like to get up at 4 a.m. to kick the crib! (It's a few feet from my bed! ugh!) I think he likes the soft wood compared to the steel bars. And some nights he's not tired and has a laughing fest for a few hours. We're teaching him "shhh"!! He plays nice with everybody. He's really good boy. He fits in very well. :o) No biting- (o.k.-yes, spitting), no un-controllable urges to re-decorate our house!(aka throwing everything off tables-knocking lamps over- and unplugging everything.) I kind of think because of his age- 9, he's a bit more settled? He's not nearly as feisty as Julius!

Pauly thinks Noah is a little too active for him. Julius thinks maybe Noah should....go....home...now?? LOL!! Both boys are learning to accept Noah, sloooowly! :o)

We never thought Julius and Pauly would LOVE each other. Now that we see how close they are, we know that next year, Noah will be much LOVED by them too!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

So much to say~ so little time!

This was tonight. We were getting the boys ready for bed.

I'm shocked we haven't been able to show how small Moses (7) is in pictures. He weighs only 18 pounds. He feels like air. I thought he wore size 18-24 months. He wears size 12 months.

Jacob(7) and Noah(9) are small too- size 3T. They are quite thin and not as filled out as Julius and Pauly.

Tomorrow I'll try to get more pictures on. We are very busy learning how to blend the boys into our family, with as little stress as possible on them and us! :o)

We are so blessed!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Almost Home!!

It is 2:14 here. Tom, Gabriel and the boys just took off from Newark to Mpls/StPaul.(MN)

A dear Sister in Christ told me about this website! http://flightaware.com/
So we watched them fly over the ocean and now are watching them take off!

Tom said Immigration was super slow and busy.

Poor Jacob. He has now earned our worst traveler award. Pauly had won the award last year. Jacob now wins by a landslide. Moses and Noah are taking their travels all in stride. They are easily consoled. They are so starved for love, they appreciate just being with Dad and big brother.
But Jacob is terrified of people. Tom and Gabe may be familiar, but he still doesn't completely trust them. Jacob is terrified of adult people. Especially in buildings and now airplanes. Poor baby.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Help! :o) diapers? photos?

My Picassa web album for blog*ger was full. :o( I deleted a few pictures on some past blog posts. But it only made a little bit more space. :o(
Picassa offers more space for $2.49 a month. Has anybody done this? Or is there any thing else free? Suggestions?

I've got 5 boys now- ages 9,7,7,5,5 in diapers. Four in size 5. I'm thinking Noah and Jacob will have a growth spurt quickly moving to size 6. Is it better to use size 6 Pam*pers or to use Pullu*ps for these ages? One thing I worry about with pullu*ps is leakage. These guys have "blow outs".
Any suggestions?
And is anything cheap? :o) Where can you find the cheapest diapers? Tom thinks Wa*lmart. But I get 5% off when I use my Tar*get card and they ship free!
                                          Thank You!!

Here is that FUN LOVING guy!! Mr Noah!! Oh he is a doll! He LOVES everything!! Who could not fall in LOVE with this boy?
This is the face Jacob makes when he pouts.
Tom and Gabe could not get Jacob to use the toilet in the hotel, he was afraid of falling into it. I think they used something else in his orphanage. Something we've seen on utube.
 Noah again making his silly faces. He LOVES to entertain!! He makes little mouse squeaky noises as he does this!
 Sill-silly-silly boy! Tomorrow at 8 p.m. (if all flights make it on time) I will squish the stuffins out of this guy!
 Mr. Handsome himself. Our LOVE Moses! Moses has terrible ?teeth? Either broken or ground to nubs. He'll need a pediatric dentist. His breath, like his 2 brothers doesn't smell so good.
 Jacob expressing his continued unhappiness. So hard to see him sad. But glad he can at least feel safe enough to let us know he's not happy.
 Moses, pre- Dad's barbering. By the way that was the first hair cut Dad ever gave to any of his kids! LOL!
Last year, when Tom and Gabriel picked up Julius & Pauly, it was a very different experience. J& P were loud. They were noisy most of the night. They cried a lot. They were constant motion. Always making noise. When we Skyped we could not even hear each other. They rocked and climbed everything. Pauly made jerky movements, when you held him he'd knock heads with you. Both boys shut down when anyone spoke to them. Tom was exhausted!

When the boys got home, Tom and Gabe plopped them in my arms and left me! LOL!! They needed a break! The boys had not slept for 36 hours!

These 3 boys, Noah-Moses and Jacob; have been so much fun for Tom and Gabriel. Tom feels like he knows them so much better already. Tom had experience from last year, but he wasn't prepared for how easy they would be! They sleep good. They only make "talking" noises. They like to play. They are very quiet. Moses and Noah have a great sense of humor! Even though Jacob does not trust yet, he's well behaved. He's quiet. He sleeps. He accepts more food each day. Tom even went shopping this trip! LOL! With J & P he feared leaving the hotel!

Only 20 more hours!! YEAH!! HAPPY DANCE!! LOL!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I think this picture says it all :o)

I'm sorry the photo quality is so bad. This is from Skype.
(Help me Tom! :o) pictures please!)

Jacob is on the far right. He is leaning his head on Gabriel. He is accepting Tom and Gabriel more each day.

(see those tiny size 6 shoes on Moses' feet? Gabe has the size 10 pair, I had put the photo of the shoes here- http://theroaddownhome.blogspot.com/2012/05/we-wont-give-up-until-they-are-home.html

This picture was taken Thurs. morning before the clinic. He also leaned on Tom in April. It takes him a long time to warm up. He really is afraid. He has been wounded. Each time I think about it I cry for him. We need to be patient and wait for him to choose to respond to us.

Gabe is looking out the window watching the birds in Sofia. We are nature lovers and bird watching is something we enjoy alot!

As I mentioned before, there are so many mysteries about Jacob. While in the hotel he was holding his urine and BMs. Poor Tom didn't mention this to me. He was worrying about Jacob not eating. He also thought why would he mess diapers if he wasn't eating or drinking.
So yesterday Jacob started to cry. They thought his tummy hurt. And then he messed his diaper. Gabe went to change him and he had a "blowout" as the diaper was opened- onto Gabe, the carpet, and the bed. (poor Gabe, poor Jacob) They cleaned it up and a while later he wet his diaper.

So I'm thinking maybe he was on a potty schedule. we've all seen the pictures on Yout*ube. Little boys on potty bowls. Poor baby, no wonder he's upset. None of "us" makes sense to him. He can't even tell us what "he" wants, or what he knows. I've never felt so happy and sad at the same time.

Gabriel and Tom are LOVING Jacob unconditionally. He  is  responding!

Another adoptive mom in BG saw and met Tom at the clinic. She shared a few baby food items she had brought over to help Jacob. (Thank You Nancy! (((HUGS)))

Thank You and God Bless you ALL for your prayers!!
We LOVE you!!

And the last but not least :o) Mr Moses!

(sorry if you saw my typo in the title of this post! LOL!! I just fixed it now. :o) Hafta love typos!)
Mr Wiggle bug! Constant motion! Always interested! So eager to be LOVED!
He even reacts with smiles to my voice on Skype!! And he looks at the tiny notebook computer screen!
He is just a doll!

But then I remember he's 7 !/2 years old. And I feel incredibly sad, because he is so tiny. He's not a baby. He just looks like one and for now, only knows how to act like one.
Both Moses and Noah LOVE and crave their food! Noah even chews! I sent bottles just in case. Moses grabbed his bottle and drank it in lightening speed by himself! Noah and Jacob weren't interested.
I NEVER tire of staring longingly at these 3 boys!
My heart aches to hold them in my arms. I know when they come through the door, Tom and I will be in a puddle of tears holding them, holding Gabe and each other! The journey home will be complete!
These were taken the 2nd day. Moses is thrilled to have a Daddy!
He's so incredibly sweet! We can't believe he's ours! We can't believe all three of them are ours! Praise God! We are incredibly BLESSED!
On Wed. Dad could not stop himself! LOL! He gave Moses a hair cut! He looks adorable!! Look at all of the expression in his eyes!! He loved getting his hair cut! He had rubbed off all of the hair on the back of his head laying on his back.
Gabriel thought that that was how the orphanage cut it!? LOL!
Tom hated how his hair looked last April. This trip he wanted to bring scissors. I didn't send scissors, thinking the airline would take them. :o)
So Tom "shaved" his little precious head.
I LOVE it! He looks alot like his brother Pauly, but with brown eyes!
He says~"Look everybody! My hair is even all around my head now! LOL!" And Dad, well Dad's heart just bursts with JOY too! Moses' LOVE is infectious!

Dad has not sent me any photos yet. :o( Hopefully tonight? :o) Please?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A slight interuption ;o)

We interrupt the adoption of three of the cutest Archer boys in Bulg*gar*ia. To talk about my little pumpkin boy Julius :o)

Isn't he an angel?

Julius had been an independent little guy for 4 years in the orphanage. And he is very bright. He catches on to things quickly. He doesn't think he needs help doing anything. And he hates being told what to do. He doesn't like to be told "no". He likes to tell you "ah-ah" (no)!

For over a year I have been working with him on learning body parts, teaching him simple signs- eat, more, all done, and to say Ma-Ma.
When he doesn't want to do this he avoids my eye contact and sticks his tongue way out. Stinker!
Or he doesn't respond. He doesn't even want to clap hands with me if he does something good!

Until today!

Today he did a little clapping and tried to sign "all done". He tends to think the sign "all done" looks like "come" so he'll take my hands when I show him. He was so open to copying me today that I also showed him how to shake hands~ what boy doesn't love shaking hands! ;o)
And now he shakes hands. Wow! It was a huge step!

I just had to share! He brings so much JOY into our lives! :o)
He's so smart, I can't wait to see what he learns next!

The definition of fun? = Noah!

Visiting the boys in the orphanage last April, was not really fair to the boys. They behaved a lot different there. Especially Noah. Every photo we saw of Noah; or when Tom interacted with him there, he was reaching out for someone, something, anyone! With his eyes shut. And he never smiled or interacted with sounds or contact. Just one arm reaching.
Who'da thunk this boy is so much FUN!! Not just a little FUN!! A lot of FUN!! Tom and Gabriel are really enjoying him! They have fallen in LOVE with this 9 year old love bug!
Noah has a great sense of humor. He's also quiet when he babbles- not loud (screeching) like he was at the orphanage. He's a really happy guy!!
Did he remember Tom? Did he know that this man LOVED him enough to travel thousands of miles twice to call him his son?
I'd like to think so! :o)
He's not as high in IQ as Jacob.
But then Jacob's higher IQ has actually made him a little less resistant to the damage of not having a family for so long. Tom thinks Jacob is scarred the most from his previous life.
And as I've said preached  the best way for people with disabilities to get along well in their adult life is not reading, math, speech or even independent living skills. It's behavior! Good attitudes carry any adult person (disability or not) a long way. (my very humble opinion)

Two of our group home gals (one now in Heaven) were very difficult to place in our Community.
One is quite bright but her behaviors make her Social Workers and her family wonder how we do it.
The other was the last woman (there was also 1 very difficult man to place too!) of 60 adults in a large Group Home to be placed in the Community.
She had Down Syndrome- you know the disability where everyone thinks you are happy and cheerful and fun to live with! Someone forgot to tell her!
Her parents had no hope that she could adjust in leaving a large staffed Group Home to a smaller setting with a family.
We took her and loved her dearly for 16 years. But yes, she was excitement every day. It was never easy.

Years ago in northern MN an older woman dying from cancer, killed her adult sister with DS before she died. She said no one would have taken care of her sister after she died. She was so wrong. 

Tom and I learned, our kids need good Social Skills most of all, and then independent living skills!
But then doesn't that just make sense that we are to live a life as Christ in we all we do! Loving each other! The greatest of these is LOVE!
So this precious boy has a head start! He is LOVE for sure! He has won over Tom and Gabriel's hearts quickly. Tom said he wished had known in April what Noah was really like! Now we know why his Baba cried.
His Baba had started with him a few years back. We're not sure how long. When she saw Noah he had sores all over his body and he was very sick and weak. She bought and fed him fruit puree with her own money and came there extra days, without pay to see him She saved his life! God Bless her.
He not only has Down Syndrome, he has Fetal Alcohol Effect. He's the kind of child most people would turn away from. God Bless her for LOVING him.

And now God has blessed us with him.
Praise God!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Prayers for Jacob please!

Jacob is kind of a mystery. His file had no real health issues. But it stated he was weak and frail and could hardly sit up! If you look at our FSP page you see a very different boy.

And then our Dear Sister in Christ saw him last August. And he was the size of Noah 9 years old. And he was terrified of our Sister, so they took 2 photos of him trying to escape her and the staff quickly took him away.

No one knew where he was or saw him again until the fall. Another Dear Sister in Christ saw him. She said he could stand!

Then again in March, 2 more precious Sisters in Christ saw him. And he looked well. But always the look of fear in his eyes. It broke my heart.

When Jacob left with Tom, his Baba was not there to help us in any way with insight. Moses' Baba did not see him off either. Tom was told Moses caused trouble there. (Are you kidding me??) And Noah's file had listed some negative behaviors. But Noah's Baba who saved his life was there to see him off and she cried. She is precious. She really LOVES him. His behaviors are only self abuse, he is gentle as can be and now happy!

Jacob is a beautiful little boy and we think they may have liked him. Maybe he was treated a little better, by someone, most likely someone he loved.
But now he is terrified of everyone he sees. He is grieving heavily. And even though he is a gentle boy. He is frightened terribly about his new circumstances.
So he does not want to eat. :o(
 Here he does not like Tom holding him towards the computer.
And so he cries. He hears my voice and he does like hearing the sound of a woman. But he knows no English. :o( I tell him I LOVE him and Tom tells him he LOVES him too.
Like a baby, we woo him to LOVE us in return. Tom is trying to win his trust. He misses everything about his home of 7 years.
 And then I want to cry.
My youngest birth baby is 8. What if this had been my Isaiah. Oh my heart breaks for everything this precious boy has had to go through.
If only he could understand. This is for the best. This is for his future. We LOVE him more than words can express. His little heart is aching in dis-repair. He was never socialized or taught. He's like a much younger child grieving. We grieve with him.

Please pray for this little boy's wounded heart. And that he trust Tom or Gabe enough to eat more than a tiny bowl of oatmeal.
tomorrow more photos!

Monday, September 10, 2012

My boys!!!

First I have to apologize to the precious people I was going to e-mail back. Charter Communications (yup now if anyone googles Charter dot net they can read this review) is our internet and e-mail provider.
My e-mail has been off and on and iffy for days and weeks now. :o(
Right now Charter Communications is saying "Log in temporarily unavailable".
I have a love/HATE relationship with them.
I just sat down to answer some emails that I had set aside for when I had a little free time.
And now Charter Communications has once again stopped that from happening.

I was so busy this morning I did not get time to take a few Skype photos of our boys!!

I have to tell you! They are WAY CUTER than in any of their previous pictures!
They are ADORABLE!!
They are wearing the "boy" clothes I packed last year for Julius and Pauly. They were a little big on J & P, but fit Noah and Jacob perfectly! I sent smaller new clothes for Moses. Moses was loving Gabriel! Smiling so sweet for no reason other than just to be held! Jacob was liking Tom. And Noah the touchy love bug was sitting so cute with Tom.

They are eating good! They are exactly as Tom said! PERFECT for our family!

We see many of the same behaviors we saw in Julius & Pauly. Except I would say J & P were more picky. Refused more things. Their orphanage had been small. These 3 boys survived by not being picky. They adapted to their environment. Knowing how well Julius & Pauly are doing now, we anticipate that these 3 love bugs will adapt to their new home very well. The intensity of the behaviors for these three is stronger because they are older. Like poking eyes, biting hands.

Only 4 more days!!! I can't believe how BLESSED we are!
Thank You God! Thank you everyone for your prayers!
I'll try to get a photo tomorrow!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Four trips in 2 years = 5 precious gifts!

This morning Tom left for trip number 4 to our favorite Country~ Bulgaria!!!
God Bless Bulgaria! The birth place of our most handsome Princes! Noah, Moses, Jacob, Julius and Pauly!

Unfortunately, Tom's flight was again.............cancelled. Today it was because of tornadoes on the East Coast! (we pray no one was hurt)

This is getting crazy! Stewardesses on strike, tornadoes.
But Tom aka our frequent flier will get there by Sunday 4 p.m. With his side kick (of 2 trips) Gabriel. :o)

We planned for Tom to be there a day early. "Just in case"! But that didn't work. So we tried to get him there on time! Nope, that didn't work either.
However! He will be there IN time Lord willing!!

Tonight I saw a Volcano on the news ...........NO!! It's in Nicaragua, so hopefully it will not affect flights or hurt any people.

I AM SO EXCITED!! Only 6.......count them~1-2-3-4-5-6 days and I will KISS my boys!! Hold my babies!

However if there are any further delays. We will survive it because they ARE on their way HOME!!

We have plead our case with a few agencies about committing to a daughter. No luck. We've seen so many girls we would consider adopting. There is still one agency that said they'd talk to us about a girl, after the boys are in our house. So we plan to talk to them after our Social Worker visits on the 20th. We've worked with our HomeStudy agency for 34 years, they did 10 adoptions for 13 of our 16 adopted children!! Thank goodness they have confidence in us!

It seems odd to us that a family who adopted 2&3 boys, a year apart would now run into this. It wasn't like we brought 5 home at once, and it would be a year from now before our daughter would come home. Plenty of time for 3 boys to adjust. This trip we are more prepared than the last. We know better how they will grieve, adjust, relapse in behaviors, grow, and learn.

Please pray for Tom, Gabriel and the boys as they travel!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Today I received an extra blessing!
Another day with my men! :o)

Yes, they were supposed to leave today.
But the stewardesses for Lufthansa went on strike, for 24 hours!
So we scrambled!
And now they leave tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.

I am enjoying the extra day with them. :o)

Understandably Bulgaria is concerned about the "tight" schedule of travel. If there is another delay, they could have to stay in Country longer.
We understand.
International adoption has lots of "what ifs".
The Lord will watch over them no matter how long they need to travel! :o)

Please pray with us that everything goes smoothly and they are home by the 15th!

                                     Thank You!! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A little girl with a heart for orphans!!

Please go here and read about Hannah!www.marianaorphanfund.blogspot.com
What a precious little girl who is making a difference in the lives of orphans!
Please donate toys or money to pay shipping to help her cause!
(((HUGS))) Hannah~ you are a blessing!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Tom!!

                                          58 years young today!!
(He's setting up the new web cam for skype. The girls LOVED it! LOL!!)

The face of love

I looked everywhere for this picture yesterday! Phew! I found it!
This is my Gabriel. He's 17. In 4 months he'll be 18. He's a young man now.

Gabriel was adopted from Chicago. He was 1 week old. He was incredibly sick with asthma. The whole week (including a holiday that closed court) we had to wait in Chicago before we could bring him home, I thought he was going to die. I LOVED him from the moment I saw him. But it was a fierce momma tiger love. He was going to live. We even took him to the ER while in Chicago, (that was quite an experience) only to get an anti-biotic- which didn't help at all.

Look at him now! 5 zillion neb treatments, many bottles of pedia-pred, 1 frightening fever seizure, not too many chest colds, normal scrapes and falls, and all the regular kid stuff. He looks great!

But this isn't why I'm writing about Gabriel. :o) I'm writing this to write about a young man who makes a difference in the lives of orphans.

Gabriel was adopted. He is thankful he was adopted. In his quiet ways he lets us know. He stands up in every way for the orphan! Financially, physically.

When we needed someone to help Tom pick up Julius and Pauly, Gabriel did not volunteer. We asked his 19 year old sister and she said she would. And then she could not. We were very disappointed. We had purchased her Passport and everything needed for her to travel. Quickly Gabriel's 20 year old brother said he would go with, to help Tom. We purchased everything for him to go including his plane ticket. He did not tell us until we called him two weeks before they would leave, that he had backed out. We had to cancel his ticket and pay a large fee, and then wait breathlessly to re-book as there was only ONE seat left on the plane!

We told Gabriel, then 16, he was going to have to go to pick up his brothers with Tom. And he did. He had other things to do. He doesn't like traveling at all. He had never flown in an airplane. And he just did it. He did it for his two new brothers. He wanted them to have a life in his family where he knew we would LOVE them!

And now he's doing it again. No questions asked. Just getting on that plane and helping Dad bring home 3 of the cutest little boys on the planet!

Why? Because he is building his foundation on Christ. He is a young man with character, developing morals and values to carry him through life.

Gabriel, we LOVE you more than words can express. We thank God that LaToya gave birth to you. We thank God that she allowed us to raise you! We thank God for sharing you with us. And now you can walk with your Father God as a man. We cry tears of joy for the promises of God in your life. You are a blessing to all who know you! Thank You!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm already missing my men!

My husband of 36 years. (here in Bulgaria walking Noah)
My other half. Is leaving in 2 days.
And I MISS him already! I hate it when we are apart.
We do everything together. We work together.
We raise our children together. I don't know how to do anything without him after 36 years.
I love how I can tell him anything and he still loves me. Who will I talk to for 8 days!
Of course through the years we've often had to be apart.
When he was in the Army Reserves, for 2 weeks a summer, and 1 weekend a month.
When he worked in Mpls. (70 miles south) he'd come home on weekends. When he was younger he did things on his own more.
But the last 10 years. He's been here with me. And I've been spoiled!
My Gabriel is leaving in 2 days.
Gabriel helps with so many things in the house.
He's the guy you call for in a pinch~ I can't count the times in a day I say "go get Gabe!"
Sure he upsets me when he's not doing his schoolwork, or wandering down the ally following a Cardinal. But then he puts up with me when I'm crabby or sad. I miss him already!

Pauly and Julius will really miss Tom. They LOVE their Daht! And I'm beginning to think they might not be too excited to see 3 new brothers coming home! It is going to be a big adjustment for them to share Daht more!

But I'm more than happy to share my men with these three precious boys!
I'm just going to really miss my men!