Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where does the time go?

We are halfway through our vacation and we are already looking at each other saying "I don't want to go home!" and "there isn't enough time up here to do everything we want to do!"

Next week up here is Samson's birthday. Usually if a birthday falls when we are up here, we celebrate, but don't open gifts till we get home. Gifts up here can get destroyed, very dirty and lost! Also its a headache transporting things back and forth. But for Samson we make an exception. We have his gifts and we will celebrate everything on the day of his birthday. Otherwise he won't get it and think he's having several birthdays!

He turns 17 next week. He's not a fan of alot of gifts so we bought him- 2 super hero coloring books, a truck with sound effects, and a small stuffed Viking football player. Just enough to carry in his back pack every where he goes outside! Samson is pretty much his adult height already, due to his heart condition. He is 5' tall and 100 pounds. Compared to his brother Gabriel, the same age, he is short. Gabriel is 5' 10" and 150 pounds. However Samson, not Gabriel, has a full beard! ;o)

We have had great weather this time, compared to the HOT we had up here last month. We had a nice rain after dinner tonight and storms missed us, but we heard them. It will be in the 70's for the rest of the week! I love it! The kids can't wait to walk in the mud in the morning!

I read constantly up here and have finished 3 books already! I read non-fiction wilderness adventures, mostly about Canada, Alaska, the Arctic and Minnesota. At home I never get time to read a whole book. The bad part is I stay up way too late reading, and if I can't sleep at 4 a.m. I read more! Then I need a nap by 8 a.m.!!

This vacation MA has been very easy to get along with. Some years up here, she'd rather be home and so after coming with us she'll refuse to eat outside or go for a walk. This year she's willing to do anything! I'm sad we won't be here in September when she loves collecting leaves. SP is happy up here as lomg as we feed her ice cream, pizza, brownies, cakes and pop!

We are already packed for Tom and Gabe's trip. Usually Tom packs very light. But with 3 boys it looks like they'll need 2 suitcases just for the boys instead of 1! Also Tom is taking a stroller~ a beautiful stroller donated to us from Stephanie! Thank you Steph!! :o) They really need a butler to come along to carry their bags!

We haven't had much luck with an agency willing to help us commit to a daughter at this time. We are now being told to wait. Our Home study agency is still helping us fill out our re-application and re-new our home study now, they are fine with us moving foreward and they've known us over 33 years!! But the agencies with the girls are asking us to wait any where from 1 month to 3,4 months or longer/ Or whenever they feel we are ready. We are a little frustrated. It takes 1 year minimum to bring a child home. That to us is a long wait, we weren't wanting to add several more months to that year.

I'm writing up little IEPs for Julius and Pauly. I haven't done one in a long time~ since Samson was 10!! It's alot of fun, but a little discouraging too. Where do you start when there is so much to teach them. They aren't enrolled in homeschool yet, but this will help me with ideas for Noah, Moses and Jacob who ARE enrolled in homeschool this year!! I'm using alot of Melissa and Doug items!
My boys are just too much fun!
Tomorrow the older kids are making Owl lap books. We bring their school work, PACES with us! We school year round with the kids who don't have special needs.


  1. Your vacation sounds so inviting! I don't blame y'all for not wanting it to be over yet. Are Julius and Paul not enrolled in homeschool yet due to their age? In TX, we do not have to register with anyone in order to school our children, so I was just wondering. It is a huge blessing that we have the freedom to teach our children without the oversight of a school district or the state!
    Happy Birthday Samson! I know you'll have a wonderful time!
    Tell your little girlies that I have finished 1 special blanket and might mail them one at a time. I'm going to let y'all decide who gets what as I finish & mail the other two. :)
    It's still in the triple digits here, but that's to be expected.

  2. I wish you all were here too! Yes, sadly MN makes you register, verify shots and commit to a year end nationwide test of your choice as soon as the kids are 7 years old. Noah is 9, Moses and Jacob are 7. At 16 you don't need to tell the state anything. So Samson and Gabriel are in Homeschool but do not do testing any more! Phew! Love the freedom of that!
    I'm trying to develop a baseline for Julius & Pauly.

  3. Dear Elizabeth--I read here and don't comment that much, but your taste in books struck a chord with me! I am currently reading Ruffles on my Longjohns and Wildfire in the Wilderness, and we were just in northwestern BC for a holiday where I got these at a second-hand store--SCORED!!! Have you read them!

    Today I found this free Amazon book http://www.amazon.com/Princes-North-1909-ebook/dp/B005947CE4 and thought of you. It will only be free for today and maybe tomorrow. (It's fiction but well researched and I think detailed in history.) Also you don't have to have a Kindle to read it because you can read it on a computer or phone too (not that you'll be doing that on holiday, but you could download it and read it when you get home. Hope you like it!

    1. Hi! Natalia! Thank you for that link. They could not detect my Kindle? (I don't have one) and I am computer dumb, couldn't find a way to down load.

      I always think of my Canadian cyber friends (Hi! Lori!) as I read! :o) I was just thinking of you last night!! It's so good to hear from you!

      This summer I am very much into reading about Mina Hubbard and her husband. I read her story of her Hubbard expedition in interior Labrador, now I'm reading one about her by another author. Also read about Ada Blackjack and the Steffanson Wrangel Island expedition. Plus a good read about the French Canadian area above New York state. And also one about the Minnesota/Canada border patrol.

      This summer I've read much more than usual since I'm done fund raising! :o)

  4. You would need an Amazon account, then it just downloads to your cloud reader, not your Kindle. But there's also Kindle for PC which is a free download that installs on your computer and reads Kindle books too. The cloud reader just keeps your books on the internet. Maybe another member of the family is familiar with Amazon?

    Those sound like interesting books. I've had Three Against the Wilderness for years and years and never read more that a few pages. Now I'm suddenly interested. Funny how that works. :)

    1. Thanks! I'll try that! I'll ask my daughter who is 22 and more "techie" than me! :o)
      Just yesterday my 8 yr old son Isaiah said "Mom I may need some of these books if I buy a lake property when I'm big!" LOL! I told him they're all his and they're great reads even without lake property. However when he has them, he may find the wilderness women boring. :o)
      (((HUGS))) Natalia!

    2. LOL, He has the right idea about getting property. I hope he wouldn't find the women boring! I'm curious about what you mean. I hope you get the Amazon thing sorted. I'll keep my eye out for more of those books for you. :)

    3. Isaiah may just like to read about men mostly because he's a boy. He does like a military "edge" to his stories!
      The Mina Hubbard story (North of the Unknown) I'm reading now is written by a man and he addresses why he would write about a woman, at the end of the book. (I peeked) I hadn't even given it a thought! LOL!
      But I think men/boys might prefer to read about the wilderness dangers of men's expeditions rather than women's!
      Even though Isaiah finds my childhood wilderness experiences much more exciting than his Dad's few wilderness trips.
      We'll see! Hopefully Isaiah's wife will read with him. My husband does not read much. :o( I pray Isaiah will read with me!

  5. So glad you are getting some moments to read!!! How fun! Sounds like a good time up there! Making your IEP's...wow. I didn't know you had to do that. Nathan's last year said things like "make a 3 block tower", "move a car appropriately", "copy handsigns with promptings to 3 songs" (that part had to be updated- he can do 6 songs WITHOUT prompting). I don't think it was until this summer....13 months home..that we started to see anything related to typical pre-school academic learning from him. Their IEP's will be very different this year- but keep in mind that's 17-18 months home when they are set. You are right...it takes a long, long time when there is so much to learn when one lived in an orphanage most of one's life!

    Happy Birthday Samson!! Blessings, Jennifer


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