Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

God's blessings abound

Oh my! The last 12 months have been a whirl wind of paperwork-paperwork-paperwork. Two Dossiers, 3 trip + to Bulgaria.
Followed by Fund raising!!!!! to the max!

Last Friday my body let me know that it was time to stop and get some rest. I need to now sit back, gain strength in the Lord and prepare for the JOY of my three sons coming HOME!

On Friday, we had mailed 12 carefully, double boxed fragile items from us (sold on ebay) to their new owners who blessed our boys by purchasing them!

The UPS charge was $255.00, the ebay charge $140.00, the paypal charge $25.00. A total of $420.00. My profit after that was $310.00, about 40%. Sometimes making 40% seems not worth it.................until I look into these faces~

And these faces~
Is there a mountain too high? A river too wide? A Country too far away? A financial obligation too big? To turn away from these blessings from God?
No. They ARE worth it!

We have been selling on ebay in-between our summer time up north.
Easier said than done! :o)

This August we were going to be here (up north) 2 weeks. And in September we wanted to come up the entire month. We had anticipated the 3 boys coming home in October. Things changed, Praise God! Now we are going to stay here 3 weeks in August. And we will not come back in September, except to visit and close up.

We will stay home the rest of the year and LOVE 3 precious boys into our HOME and FAMILY!

This trip up north has been exciting because of the huge emotional changes we see in Julius and Pauly.
First thing we saw this trip, was that they knew where they were going.
They sat in their car seats, knowing what was happening!
We left at their nap time and Pauly actually slept about 1/2 hour of the 2 hour drive!
He never sleeps easily if he's not in "his bed". He did open his eyes often to check out where he was, but then went back to sleep! Julius and I were the only two out of 11 people who stayed awake the whole trip!

When we got into the 5th wheel up here, I let Julius walk around by himself. He knows where his toys are, he knows where he likes to sit. (on the couch) This is now "his camping". He looks around and of course touches a few things he knows he shouldn't. I tell him "no", he already anticipates this, he's watching me! For the most part, he only throws toys, not my things anymore! LOL!
Pauly plops himself on the floor as if to say~ great... more camping. Pauly likes to de-stress by laying on his back, hands tucked behind his head in the playpen. Not to get him out of our way, but for us to get out of his way! LOL!! He de-stresses about an hour or so and then he's ready to try again. :o)

Julius had not napped. So he was tired. He decided to spit and spit. We are working on getting rid of behaviors un-becoming to gentlemen. So this was a good time to sit down with him and convince him to stop. We spent about 5 minutes working on it, I was not winning. So I took him in my arms and held him like my baby. He likes this for brief periods, but he's an active guy.
When he  lays back like this he is unable to produce a good spit. So I was in a way tricking him. And of course loving him too! Softly I repeated the consonant sounds we are working on learning. I should say "I" am working on because he's not convinced yet that he needs to learn them. :o)
And then he fell asleep! This was the first time he had ever slept on any of us! It was so sweet. So precious. A GIFT from Julius to me.
He did open his eyes to check out where he was at first and then he slept 20 minutes in my arms. I woke him knowing he was going to be in a much better mood and he was!!

In the last few weeks we've noticed Julius falls asleep quickly when he's tired. No more running on empty! He also now lays on his back with his hands behind his head to sleep. We see now that  this was too "vulnerable" of a position for him to lay in before. He has always needed to be alert to care for his needs all those years he had no family. He has only now allowed himself to be more vulnerable with us! He also sleeps later in the morning, following our cues to wake up rather than jumping up at first light of day!

One night here Tom was changing Pauly's diaper. Pauly had been in bed already, over an hour. Displeasure often produces .............messy diapers. Since Pauly does not fall asleep up here easily, he was more than happy to be changed. And having Dad come get you when you should be sleeping is a joyous occasion!
Pauly proceeded to laugh and vocalize and smile and engage Tom with great JOY! All from his little precious heart. It was exactly as an infant coo's and engages a parent. It was so sweet. It was a GIFT from Pauly to Tom. I was thrilled I got to hear it too. He did this 10 minutes! Of course when Dad has to put him back to bed, he grumbled. We call him Mr. Grumbles. :o) He always lets you know instantly if something is unacceptable. However, every so often his JOY leaks out with great force! He really is a LOVE!

They still hate going outside! Hopefully next year?

Storms had passed through here last Friday, so our days are filled with clean up of trees and branches. Praise God the 5th wheel and the bunkhouse and garage were not hit. I had van troubles driving up. The van needs $900.00 of work done at a repair shop an hour away from here, the transmission is bad.

And yet we cannot help but feel overwelmed by JOY!
Only one thought runs through our minds!
Our boys are coming home!! OUR BOYS ARE COMING HOME!


  1. Oh, Elizabeth. I'm so sorry that you didn't make more with the ebay auction. I wanted that and hoped for that for you. (())

    I bought four of the items - and you wrapped them so carefully. They are each one so beautiful. Bless your heart, thank you for sharing them and for working so hard to try to make extra for the boys. I pray for extra special blessings for each one of you - you are such a good example and encouragement of what God can do through us if we are willing.



    1. Thank you Holly!! You have been a huge supporter of our boys!! Thank You for your kind words! Don't forget to leave feedback on the 4 items! ;o)

  2. So good to read this update....sounds like the boys are really making some great movements forward!!! Hope you have a relaxing time up north (relaxing? do you ever get to relax?? :) ) Well..anyway..some peace away from normal "life" to refresh before the new ones join you!!!!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! :o) I think our definition of relaxing is a little odd! We are most relaxed when we are all together somewhere fun! LOL! Not when we leave people behind~ like our group home gals~ I miss them too much!

  3. Those precious moments with your guys ~ I know how much they mean to you!! It is wonderful to see our children start to feel, in their bones, that we are theirs forever. Praise the Lord that Pauly and Julius feel this and are attaching on deeper levels every day! Love and hugs from down south~


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