Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Being tired is not a disease

A while back I mentioned that "my body let me know" that I was tired and needed the 3 week break we took in Northern Minnesota.
Three weeks to rest up like Faith here, comparing Bible passages before bed in her bunk, in the 5th wheel.
I so enjoyed the freedom of being DONE with the adoption of our 3 precious love bugs. DONE with a Dossier. DONE with our fund raising. (but NOT done with helping others!)
(Lysa on the couch bed in the 5th wheel)
I was not sick. I was just tired.
Two adoptions in two years. I needed the 3 weeks to rest. I needed to relax and enjoy the scenery in Northern Minnesota. I loved waking up each day, knowing the hard part for OUR 3 boys was over!

Now the FUN is about to start! The JOY of having OUR 3 boys come home.                                I AM RESTED! I AM READY!
 One worn out little pumpkin. Fresh air makes a guy tired!
 Another little pumpkin who "fights" sleep, fresh air or not! LOL!
The boys sleep so well together in the playpen.
It looks crowded at this angle but it's not.
The playpen is in the living area of the 5th wheel.
They would sleep like this even if they slept alone.
They sleep in silly positions!
Sometimes they sleep sitting side by side! I turn the light on at 6 am and don't even need to sit them up to wake them.They are already sitting up! They lay on each other as they sleep too, like one is a pillow for the other. They really are growing close, they LOVE each other! :o) Their relationship as brothers is blossoming.
                             This is SP in the bunk house sleeping!

This is MA in the bunk house sleeping!! LOL!!
99% of my readers are amazing people who understand my life, even if they don't live like we do. They know tired is normal in a busy life. And it is a GOOD tired. A tired where you know you have completed a full days work of LOVING little boys and girls, and 2 precious women.
But that 1% of my readers seems to have a flair for causing trouble. They "read" tired as: "look she can't handle her responsibilities". And they use my words against me like wild fire. (Why do people listen to them?)
Thanks, but that's so far from the truth it's not even funny.
I have lived this busy life, doing this for over 29 years. Twenty nine years ago we adopted our first child.
To the 1% who do not care about the children we are adopting. (Yes, if you cared you would not try to hurt their chances of joining a loving family.) Please, find something else to do. Search your hearts, read your Bible, pray, anything. But leave us and the other families alone.
Look at the log in your own eye before you point to the speck in your brother's. 
It is 7:12 a.m. in MN and we are already off to a wonderful day PRAISING our Lord!!
God Bless you ALL!


  1. I love reading your blog, Eliz. I am normally a lurker, but I am overjoyed that you all are adopting those three boys. I so enjoy hearing all the tidbits of your life together. One of the things I enjoy most, if you will forgive me for speaking bluntly, is that your family is not beautiful the way the world sees it. I read a lot of adoption blogs (hope to be there myself one day--and isn't it interesting how God keeps directing me to the special needs kids blogs! hmmmmm ; ) You don't pretend to be perfect. You love people so fully that it has changed your whole world, the things that matter to you, etc. Seeing a family like yours in pics over and over helps me retrain the eyes in my head to match the eyes in my heart. So thank you for being you, and for sharing pics of your BEAUTIFUL family, in all the ways you live your family life out. I can't wait to read about the next phase when you bring the next three little ones home. : )

    1. Elizabeth may be getting flack from about 1% but they are the losers. I have come to love the Archer family and feel close to them although we've never met and live far apart. I have a kinship with them, first through Christ, and then just falling in love with all her kids. She has a way of weaving her writing until all we can see is the beauty in the faces of each one, including MA and SP.
      Elizabeth, I'm so glad you had a more relaxing vacation this time around! Now just a week to go before the final leg to get the boys!

  2. I'm tired...blissfully, wonderfully, exhausted from playing with and loving my blessings every day. I do not know of ONE involved parent that is 100% rested all the time (it doesn't matter how many or few children they are blessed with).

    The toxic-ness the world spews can be so ugly, even more so in the excuse of fake "love and concern" (really to cause division and hurt others). Hugs dear sister! I can't wait to see a picture with all your new blessings together (those that are home that is...minus little sister...smile).

  3. Bah humbug on kill-joy people. Just because they think they couldn't handle it, they think no one else can. I think you're fantastic!

  4. May God continue to bless you and your family!

  5. I love reading your blog every day and can't wait til your 3 get home. You think you are tired now just wait till you add 3 more. People should just mind their own business. They have no idea what your life and family is like. I admire you for what you are able to do. Loved seeing the boys in the play pen..they are bonding like twins and that is great. God bless you and your familly and all the work you do.

  6. I think you are incredible. And your idea of a rest is still exhausting to me. I believe that the boys, girls and women in your life are blessed greatly. Ignore the 1% because after all they are just that - a measly 1%. Hugs and continue your good works.

  7. Sometimes being tired is a fulfilled feeling as well. Yes, you're tired, but you've accomplished so much to feel so good about. It's a good kind of tired. Can't wait to see the other three (and a little girl?) come home. I know they will be wonderful blessings. God Bless Your family for all you do to help "the least of these" as God commanded us to do.

  8. Its true Eliz, God has molded you into a Proverbs woman; "her arms are strong for her tasks". Looking forward to seeing how the next three blessings fit into the family picture!

  9. Oh, goodness. Taking care of lots of people is tiring. Sheesh. (Nine kiddos here, plus two elderly parents.) I'm always tired. But that is okay and to be expected! That doesn't mean we don't want to be doing the jobs God has given us nor doesn't it mean that we shouldn't be doing them or even taking on more! God lets us know when we are "full!"

    You are blessed and you are a blessing, Elizabeth. Please don't even listen to the troublemakers.

    Just keep on keeping on as God leads you!


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