Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby brothers

When we are up north we live in very close quarters. Julius and Pauly don't have alot of room to sleep or play inside like at home. That's because we try to spend 99% of our time outside. But the boys don't like outside yet!

Until yesterday! The older kids took them for their daily wagon ride and showed them the tether ball! Tether ball was my favorite game in gradeschool. So I bought one! Years later Tom finally installed it for me! Samson loves to play it for hours because he's the "winner" :o) Yesterday they pulled the wagon up to the tether ball and Julius' eyes lit up! He likes that ball on a string! Today Pauly decided he likes it too! As they sit in the wagon the ball is at arms length. They hit it, throw it and try to play it! It's so cute. Tom took some pictures we'll down load when we get home! The boys like sports!

One of the cutest things that happens when we are always so close to each other in the 5th wheel, is the affection that continues to grow between the boys. Julius will rub his cheek on Pauly's cheek. They pat each other and hold hands! Julius carefully takes toys from Pauly now. Pauly carefully takes them back! LOL! They are becoming so close emotionally. Closer than we could have imagined. They don't mind being separated, but they really enjoy being with each other. They play with different siblings at different times. But when they crawl into bed together at night, they snuggle up and sleep.

It's such a blessing seeing their ability to learn to love each other as brothers! So different from when Pauly attacked Julius in the hotel room, after Tom and Gabe picked them up last year. Julius was just as mean, slapping Pauly back. When they first came home to us, they avoided each other at all cost. And now to see they adore each other, as much as we adore them! Pauly showed us affection first. Julius is more reserved. Even though Julius learns quicker, he learns alot from Pauly's ability to love and forgive easily. If Julius has a time out from toys, Pauly cries for him!

Remember the consonants I'm trying to teach Julius? I really want him to make the "M" sound to say ma-ma. He says "D" for Daht (Dad). But no "mmmm"!! Well today he decided he calls me "Voo-Voo"!! (sounds like boo-boo) Aaack! LOL!! I say ma-ma, he says "voo-voo"!! Silly boy!

Everyday I stare at the photo of Tom, Noah, Moses and Jacob. They are so beautiful. I am excited to see how they will learn to love each other as brothers too and us as their family. Are we supposed to have this much fun?? :o) We are beyond blessed!


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