Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, August 31, 2012

MA get's her own post!! TA-DA!!

I really need to get a camera! My old Kodak Advantix is not computer compatible. And Tom just never gets the pictures I want!
Does anyone have any suggestions for a computer compatible camera that even a dummy (like me) can use easily? I hate electronics!
Up north the gals go shopping at the little grocery store down the road each week. It's a pretty modern store, built only about 7 years ago. The original grocery store that we went to when I was little is long gone. :o(
The gals pick out a bakery item each week. Even though I bake brownies and cakes, they like the bakery that's shipped in better! LOL!
I'm sorry the pictures are so dark. We keep the ladies out of the afternoon sun. The hats are for the sun and bugs.
I know what these rolls taste like and they are not as good as MA tells me they are! LOL!!
I love it when she's happy. In fact we've spoiled her so bad, that when she can't have her way she is not happy!
After we got home from vacation, on her 2nd day at the Senior center they had to give her her PRN. It is a calming medication for when she loses control.
But............she only wanted to use the vending machine! They told her to wait....... that's our fault, we don't make her wait. :o(
She can really yell loud in the Senoirs mainstreamed dining room!
I know, look at this face. Who could believe that she could cause any trouble, ever! She's perfect! She's beautiful! She's just like me. Sometimes now in our 50s we just get cranky!
The last few years she has insisted on being in the kid's yearly group photo. Years ago she'd tell us~ "I'm not a kid!" and she'd watch us take their picture. Now she's the first one at the table! So we shoot her until everybody gets to the table.
                           That laugh makes my day a million times!!
                             Waiting for Tom to get the flash to work!
O.K. smile!! Look at the camera!! wooo-hoo! look over here everybody!!
She really likes "the babies" as she calls them! They have DS too. She knows that is wonderful!
                           A good joke always brings a chuckle!
                                            We LOVE you MA.
You are a precious gift from God!
Can you believe 25 years with us!! (of your life daily and living with us)It has passed too quickly!
I thank God for every single minute! Even the minutes when we argued. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!
Thank You for putting up with me! ((((HUGS))))

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Being tired is not a disease

A while back I mentioned that "my body let me know" that I was tired and needed the 3 week break we took in Northern Minnesota.
Three weeks to rest up like Faith here, comparing Bible passages before bed in her bunk, in the 5th wheel.
I so enjoyed the freedom of being DONE with the adoption of our 3 precious love bugs. DONE with a Dossier. DONE with our fund raising. (but NOT done with helping others!)
(Lysa on the couch bed in the 5th wheel)
I was not sick. I was just tired.
Two adoptions in two years. I needed the 3 weeks to rest. I needed to relax and enjoy the scenery in Northern Minnesota. I loved waking up each day, knowing the hard part for OUR 3 boys was over!

Now the FUN is about to start! The JOY of having OUR 3 boys come home.                                I AM RESTED! I AM READY!
 One worn out little pumpkin. Fresh air makes a guy tired!
 Another little pumpkin who "fights" sleep, fresh air or not! LOL!
The boys sleep so well together in the playpen.
It looks crowded at this angle but it's not.
The playpen is in the living area of the 5th wheel.
They would sleep like this even if they slept alone.
They sleep in silly positions!
Sometimes they sleep sitting side by side! I turn the light on at 6 am and don't even need to sit them up to wake them.They are already sitting up! They lay on each other as they sleep too, like one is a pillow for the other. They really are growing close, they LOVE each other! :o) Their relationship as brothers is blossoming.
                             This is SP in the bunk house sleeping!

This is MA in the bunk house sleeping!! LOL!!
99% of my readers are amazing people who understand my life, even if they don't live like we do. They know tired is normal in a busy life. And it is a GOOD tired. A tired where you know you have completed a full days work of LOVING little boys and girls, and 2 precious women.
But that 1% of my readers seems to have a flair for causing trouble. They "read" tired as: "look she can't handle her responsibilities". And they use my words against me like wild fire. (Why do people listen to them?)
Thanks, but that's so far from the truth it's not even funny.
I have lived this busy life, doing this for over 29 years. Twenty nine years ago we adopted our first child.
To the 1% who do not care about the children we are adopting. (Yes, if you cared you would not try to hurt their chances of joining a loving family.) Please, find something else to do. Search your hearts, read your Bible, pray, anything. But leave us and the other families alone.
Look at the log in your own eye before you point to the speck in your brother's. 
It is 7:12 a.m. in MN and we are already off to a wonderful day PRAISING our Lord!!
God Bless you ALL!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last year~this year

 Last year September 2011
This year August 2012

Can you believe the difference in size of the boys?

Being up north causes stress for the boys, one piece jammies are a must for diaper diggers. We have 2 of each in each pattern! LOL! So it often looks like the same jammie but it's not! We go to the laundromat daily up north.

A fund raiser with great prizes :o)


PLEASE!! Consider donating here to help these girls come home!!
They have a great fund raiser with great prizes!!

Thank You! (((HUGS)))

Monday, August 27, 2012

My "sports" guys!

The night before we had taken only Julius out for a wagon ride. Both boys had/have a cold and Pauly did not want to go out. The kids showed Julius the tether ball and he LOVED it!
 Here Julius gives it a swing. They are not stable on their feet to stand and play it. Julius is easily knocked over standing and Pauly refuses to stand!! Pauly is interested in playing though! He was even hit in the head once and was fine about it!
           Julius gives another swing! Pauly gives sound affects! LOL!
                   Now they are distracted by the cheering of their fans!
                                               Good job Julius!!
                  Now they are interrupted as the ref talks to the crowd!
                                           YAY! He got it!!
                                                    Get it!! Ju-Ju!
                             Wow! where'd the ball go?? Good swing!
                              Someone says "enough pictures Dad!"
And yes, she smiles like this every day, all day long! The JOY of the Lord is in her heart! We LOVE you Kitty-poo!

Last Friday night, football was on the TV. We only get one TV channel up north~ C*BS. I was not happy about football being on. I said "this isn't even a real game!" And Isaiah told me "Well they have to practice!" LOL!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oldest Man With Down Syndrome Lives To 83

By Michelle Diament            March 16,2012

A Minnesota man recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest man with Down Syndrome has died at 83.

Bert Holbrook was identified as the world's oldest man with Down Syndromein Nov. 2008. The Waseca MN resident died on Wed. of natural causes, a caregiver told the Mpls. Star Tribune. Those who knew Holbrook attributed his long life to good genes. They told the Star Tribune that Holbrook, who outlived his parents and his sister, was a "charismatic" man with a constant smile on his face.

Many with Down Syndrome have heart problems and other health conditions. Until recently it was rare for those with the chromosomal disorder to reach old age.

While Holbrook was the oldest man with Down Syndrome, at least one woman has him beat. Joyce Greenman of England holds the Guinness record for being the world's oldest woman living with the developmental disability.

I'm hoping my MA lives to at least 83 also :o)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OOPS~ 2 weeks??????????????

I NEVER tire of looking at this picture. I stare at it everyday!
Jacob~ what a doll! Is he CUTE or what?! Moses, oh my goodness, HE is CUTER than CUTE! What a PRECIOUS LOVE!! Noah, so incredibly sweet, my heart breaks that he's 9 years old and never had the LOVE of a momma and a Daddy. He is such a good boy, who could pass him up?? And Tom~ well I've LOVED him since I was 13 and he was an old man of 16. He still makes me smile and laugh un-controllably 42 years later! See why I LOVE boys! ;o)

I so wonder what Julius and Pauly are going to think of these 3 brothers!

ONLY 2 WEEKS! And Mr Tom leaves to BRING them HOME!! I can't believe it!!

I've told you how Tom wants a precious daughter. But he LOVES his 5 boys so much, he has suggested he would go back for one more boy if we cannot find a daughter. I'm not giving up hope on a girl! :o)

I am so rested and energized from our time up here in northern MN, away from the city and responsibilities for 3 weeks.
I'm so ready to WELCOME my boys HOME!

I'm ready to start Dossier and Home Study #3! LOL!

The kids and I are so excited we can't stand it. We have the boy's beds ready and their clothes ready, and boxes of diapers, pureed food and bowls! Now the girls want to decorate for their new sister~ fixing the trundle bed for her in their room!

I know! I ask it every time! Lord are we supposed to be having this much FUN?! We are always beyond blessed!
they'll be in my arms in 3 weeks!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Please Pray!

The agency we contacted said that they decide "waiting" for a next adoption, case by case. Meaning they may decide that we don't have to wait!

The file of the little princess we want to adopt has not been fully translated. As soon as it is we get to read it! But I think we are in competition with other families who get to read it too???

If we say yes...................well why wouldn't we say YES!! Then they'll decide if we can commit now or we have to wait.

Please pray we get the file soon! Please pray we are allowed to commit and chosen to adopt this angel!

Thank You!! ((((((HUGS)))))))

Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby brothers

When we are up north we live in very close quarters. Julius and Pauly don't have alot of room to sleep or play inside like at home. That's because we try to spend 99% of our time outside. But the boys don't like outside yet!

Until yesterday! The older kids took them for their daily wagon ride and showed them the tether ball! Tether ball was my favorite game in gradeschool. So I bought one! Years later Tom finally installed it for me! Samson loves to play it for hours because he's the "winner" :o) Yesterday they pulled the wagon up to the tether ball and Julius' eyes lit up! He likes that ball on a string! Today Pauly decided he likes it too! As they sit in the wagon the ball is at arms length. They hit it, throw it and try to play it! It's so cute. Tom took some pictures we'll down load when we get home! The boys like sports!

One of the cutest things that happens when we are always so close to each other in the 5th wheel, is the affection that continues to grow between the boys. Julius will rub his cheek on Pauly's cheek. They pat each other and hold hands! Julius carefully takes toys from Pauly now. Pauly carefully takes them back! LOL! They are becoming so close emotionally. Closer than we could have imagined. They don't mind being separated, but they really enjoy being with each other. They play with different siblings at different times. But when they crawl into bed together at night, they snuggle up and sleep.

It's such a blessing seeing their ability to learn to love each other as brothers! So different from when Pauly attacked Julius in the hotel room, after Tom and Gabe picked them up last year. Julius was just as mean, slapping Pauly back. When they first came home to us, they avoided each other at all cost. And now to see they adore each other, as much as we adore them! Pauly showed us affection first. Julius is more reserved. Even though Julius learns quicker, he learns alot from Pauly's ability to love and forgive easily. If Julius has a time out from toys, Pauly cries for him!

Remember the consonants I'm trying to teach Julius? I really want him to make the "M" sound to say ma-ma. He says "D" for Daht (Dad). But no "mmmm"!! Well today he decided he calls me "Voo-Voo"!! (sounds like boo-boo) Aaack! LOL!! I say ma-ma, he says "voo-voo"!! Silly boy!

Everyday I stare at the photo of Tom, Noah, Moses and Jacob. They are so beautiful. I am excited to see how they will learn to love each other as brothers too and us as their family. Are we supposed to have this much fun?? :o) We are beyond blessed!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where does the time go?

We are halfway through our vacation and we are already looking at each other saying "I don't want to go home!" and "there isn't enough time up here to do everything we want to do!"

Next week up here is Samson's birthday. Usually if a birthday falls when we are up here, we celebrate, but don't open gifts till we get home. Gifts up here can get destroyed, very dirty and lost! Also its a headache transporting things back and forth. But for Samson we make an exception. We have his gifts and we will celebrate everything on the day of his birthday. Otherwise he won't get it and think he's having several birthdays!

He turns 17 next week. He's not a fan of alot of gifts so we bought him- 2 super hero coloring books, a truck with sound effects, and a small stuffed Viking football player. Just enough to carry in his back pack every where he goes outside! Samson is pretty much his adult height already, due to his heart condition. He is 5' tall and 100 pounds. Compared to his brother Gabriel, the same age, he is short. Gabriel is 5' 10" and 150 pounds. However Samson, not Gabriel, has a full beard! ;o)

We have had great weather this time, compared to the HOT we had up here last month. We had a nice rain after dinner tonight and storms missed us, but we heard them. It will be in the 70's for the rest of the week! I love it! The kids can't wait to walk in the mud in the morning!

I read constantly up here and have finished 3 books already! I read non-fiction wilderness adventures, mostly about Canada, Alaska, the Arctic and Minnesota. At home I never get time to read a whole book. The bad part is I stay up way too late reading, and if I can't sleep at 4 a.m. I read more! Then I need a nap by 8 a.m.!!

This vacation MA has been very easy to get along with. Some years up here, she'd rather be home and so after coming with us she'll refuse to eat outside or go for a walk. This year she's willing to do anything! I'm sad we won't be here in September when she loves collecting leaves. SP is happy up here as lomg as we feed her ice cream, pizza, brownies, cakes and pop!

We are already packed for Tom and Gabe's trip. Usually Tom packs very light. But with 3 boys it looks like they'll need 2 suitcases just for the boys instead of 1! Also Tom is taking a stroller~ a beautiful stroller donated to us from Stephanie! Thank you Steph!! :o) They really need a butler to come along to carry their bags!

We haven't had much luck with an agency willing to help us commit to a daughter at this time. We are now being told to wait. Our Home study agency is still helping us fill out our re-application and re-new our home study now, they are fine with us moving foreward and they've known us over 33 years!! But the agencies with the girls are asking us to wait any where from 1 month to 3,4 months or longer/ Or whenever they feel we are ready. We are a little frustrated. It takes 1 year minimum to bring a child home. That to us is a long wait, we weren't wanting to add several more months to that year.

I'm writing up little IEPs for Julius and Pauly. I haven't done one in a long time~ since Samson was 10!! It's alot of fun, but a little discouraging too. Where do you start when there is so much to teach them. They aren't enrolled in homeschool yet, but this will help me with ideas for Noah, Moses and Jacob who ARE enrolled in homeschool this year!! I'm using alot of Melissa and Doug items!
My boys are just too much fun!
Tomorrow the older kids are making Owl lap books. We bring their school work, PACES with us! We school year round with the kids who don't have special needs.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

God's blessings abound

Oh my! The last 12 months have been a whirl wind of paperwork-paperwork-paperwork. Two Dossiers, 3 trip + to Bulgaria.
Followed by Fund raising!!!!! to the max!

Last Friday my body let me know that it was time to stop and get some rest. I need to now sit back, gain strength in the Lord and prepare for the JOY of my three sons coming HOME!

On Friday, we had mailed 12 carefully, double boxed fragile items from us (sold on ebay) to their new owners who blessed our boys by purchasing them!

The UPS charge was $255.00, the ebay charge $140.00, the paypal charge $25.00. A total of $420.00. My profit after that was $310.00, about 40%. Sometimes making 40% seems not worth it.................until I look into these faces~

And these faces~
Is there a mountain too high? A river too wide? A Country too far away? A financial obligation too big? To turn away from these blessings from God?
No. They ARE worth it!

We have been selling on ebay in-between our summer time up north.
Easier said than done! :o)

This August we were going to be here (up north) 2 weeks. And in September we wanted to come up the entire month. We had anticipated the 3 boys coming home in October. Things changed, Praise God! Now we are going to stay here 3 weeks in August. And we will not come back in September, except to visit and close up.

We will stay home the rest of the year and LOVE 3 precious boys into our HOME and FAMILY!

This trip up north has been exciting because of the huge emotional changes we see in Julius and Pauly.
First thing we saw this trip, was that they knew where they were going.
They sat in their car seats, knowing what was happening!
We left at their nap time and Pauly actually slept about 1/2 hour of the 2 hour drive!
He never sleeps easily if he's not in "his bed". He did open his eyes often to check out where he was, but then went back to sleep! Julius and I were the only two out of 11 people who stayed awake the whole trip!

When we got into the 5th wheel up here, I let Julius walk around by himself. He knows where his toys are, he knows where he likes to sit. (on the couch) This is now "his camping". He looks around and of course touches a few things he knows he shouldn't. I tell him "no", he already anticipates this, he's watching me! For the most part, he only throws toys, not my things anymore! LOL!
Pauly plops himself on the floor as if to say~ great... more camping. Pauly likes to de-stress by laying on his back, hands tucked behind his head in the playpen. Not to get him out of our way, but for us to get out of his way! LOL!! He de-stresses about an hour or so and then he's ready to try again. :o)

Julius had not napped. So he was tired. He decided to spit and spit. We are working on getting rid of behaviors un-becoming to gentlemen. So this was a good time to sit down with him and convince him to stop. We spent about 5 minutes working on it, I was not winning. So I took him in my arms and held him like my baby. He likes this for brief periods, but he's an active guy.
When he  lays back like this he is unable to produce a good spit. So I was in a way tricking him. And of course loving him too! Softly I repeated the consonant sounds we are working on learning. I should say "I" am working on because he's not convinced yet that he needs to learn them. :o)
And then he fell asleep! This was the first time he had ever slept on any of us! It was so sweet. So precious. A GIFT from Julius to me.
He did open his eyes to check out where he was at first and then he slept 20 minutes in my arms. I woke him knowing he was going to be in a much better mood and he was!!

In the last few weeks we've noticed Julius falls asleep quickly when he's tired. No more running on empty! He also now lays on his back with his hands behind his head to sleep. We see now that  this was too "vulnerable" of a position for him to lay in before. He has always needed to be alert to care for his needs all those years he had no family. He has only now allowed himself to be more vulnerable with us! He also sleeps later in the morning, following our cues to wake up rather than jumping up at first light of day!

One night here Tom was changing Pauly's diaper. Pauly had been in bed already, over an hour. Displeasure often produces .............messy diapers. Since Pauly does not fall asleep up here easily, he was more than happy to be changed. And having Dad come get you when you should be sleeping is a joyous occasion!
Pauly proceeded to laugh and vocalize and smile and engage Tom with great JOY! All from his little precious heart. It was exactly as an infant coo's and engages a parent. It was so sweet. It was a GIFT from Pauly to Tom. I was thrilled I got to hear it too. He did this 10 minutes! Of course when Dad has to put him back to bed, he grumbled. We call him Mr. Grumbles. :o) He always lets you know instantly if something is unacceptable. However, every so often his JOY leaks out with great force! He really is a LOVE!

They still hate going outside! Hopefully next year?

Storms had passed through here last Friday, so our days are filled with clean up of trees and branches. Praise God the 5th wheel and the bunkhouse and garage were not hit. I had van troubles driving up. The van needs $900.00 of work done at a repair shop an hour away from here, the transmission is bad.

And yet we cannot help but feel overwelmed by JOY!
Only one thought runs through our minds!
Our boys are coming home!! OUR BOYS ARE COMING HOME!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Travel date changes

There is a Holiday in our Country the week we were told we could come to get our boys.

So now Tom and Gabriel will leave September 7th and return September 15th.

Only one week later.

We have so much to do, another week will pass by quickly!

Hold tight little boys! We are coming!