Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Visitors and random shots by Tom!

We had company last Thursday. Our grandson, our only grandson came to visit! (we have 7 granddaughters!!) Having people over has always frightened Pauly. He and Julius have feared being "given/taken" away again! ever since they came home last August.
We are so thrilled to tell you that they really do understand they are with us now! Pauly feels safer and prefers to sit on the edge of the people, watching the commotion and interactions. Others don't notice, but he sees everything!
Julius keeps his eyes on us when we have company. Here he is making sure Dad (Daht) is watching him. He had a terrible summer cold last Thursday (gone now). Here he can't breathe through his little button nose. His saliva was chapping his little pink cheeks. Poor baby.
This is Julius' little effort to smile at Daht, while sniffling. Oh how I LOVE this boy! Oh how he LOVES us!
Now big sister has him! She too came to see her only Nephew! Julius loves his big sisters. Even though he pulls and licks their pretty hair! LOL!
My baby Pauly, sitting so patient, waiting for someone to pick him up. He's a lazy little guy, he won't walk to anyone! And so he sits and waits. Until I give in!!
Julius on the other hand will consider getting into trouble for some attention!! LOL!
This sweet boy. Only home 1 year. I feel like I've LOVED him forever.
He has some fluid issues with his ears and hearing. Tubes in the ears will be next.
You have to love that tongue! It comes out when he's mad, stressed, or worried. It works over time keeping the extra saliva (drool) in! You can always tell what mood he's in by watching that tongue! LOL!

I've mentioned before that they share a bed at night. But during nap time they sleep separate. Pauly doesn't sleep as well or easily as Julius. I thought this would help Julius nap better having them separated.

So today Julius decided to do something he does when he wants to "show" us how wrong we are! LOL! Lately during nap he climbs out of the playpen he's napping in and gets a toy to have with him. So when we wake him, we find him in the playpen with a toy most days! But today he decided he's too big for playpen sleeping! He got out of the playpen and got into the bottom bunk of Samson's bed! He then took the comforter I'm mending that was there, and he went to sleep! Is he amazing or what!! LOL!! From orphanage to home, only 11 months. Big boy!

Can you tell Julius likes to have a say in his life! And his new found independence is so exciting to him! (and us!!)

What wonderful blessings my boys are!!
Praising God for little boys!
                                 (((HUGS))) from us to you!

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  1. Elizabeth,
    You express so much joy in your family. :) Thank you for sharing that here.
    P.S. Wishing I had my beautiful shawl with me here in Washington. . . the mornings can be quite cool! But I had no idea that I would need it as it was 100 and so humid as I packed for this visit!


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