Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our LOVEs, our boys

So last night I asked Tom to take a few pictures of the boysies before bed. I'm thinking random shots. He's thinking- poses! LOL! He has taken random shots of the other kids! Why does he keep "posing" the boys? And then after taking the pictures, Tom tells me "It was really hard to get them to sit nice!" LOL!! Well duh! They don't listen to "Dat" very well ;o) (wink)
And they hate being posed!! LOL!!
 Yes, "Dat" is what Julius calls Tom. He refuses to sign Dad or even say "Da-da". They are most stubborn and strong willed! But then that's how you survive in orphanages when you don't have a Dat. (Dat sounds like- d-ah-t) But Dat isn't Julius' first word!
His first word is- "uh-uh" , the sound that means NO! He says it one million times a day! LOL! However he uses it more sparingly with me, but he tells me uh-uh alot! To Tom and the kids it's long strings of- "uh-uh! uh-uh! UH-UH!!" He does like to be in charge!!
This is so normal for a boy who is developmentally in the toddler stages. Doesn't every American child say "no" first! :o)
They don't like air conditioning. So they wear socks and sweaters until they get under their blankies in bed. It's been so hot here (in the 90s) the entire month of July. They got plenty of mosquito bites up north and Kitty taught Julius how to scratch his!! :o(
 Of course Julius takes his socks off! And Pauly wet on his sweater. When you open Pauly's diaper to change him- he likes to spray! Silly boys!
They are so bonded to us now it is such joy to be with them. They were so good on our last drive up north, and the drive home Friday. They still stay awake the entire 2 hour drive as their sibs sleep. But they don't moan and groan or cry out trying to escape their car seats anymore.
We listen to hymns and bible verses sung on CD. We sing along loudly. We are hoping they start singing! But so far they just listen. Once in a while Julius yells something as if to say "turn that off and talk to me!"

Have I said that I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE these boys with all my heart?
We are just waiting for the minute Tom can bring the next three home!
We love how the personalities of all 5 boys are so amazingly different!
We just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE all five of our little Bulgarian Princes!

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