Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Visitors and random shots by Tom!

We had company last Thursday. Our grandson, our only grandson came to visit! (we have 7 granddaughters!!) Having people over has always frightened Pauly. He and Julius have feared being "given/taken" away again! ever since they came home last August.
We are so thrilled to tell you that they really do understand they are with us now! Pauly feels safer and prefers to sit on the edge of the people, watching the commotion and interactions. Others don't notice, but he sees everything!
Julius keeps his eyes on us when we have company. Here he is making sure Dad (Daht) is watching him. He had a terrible summer cold last Thursday (gone now). Here he can't breathe through his little button nose. His saliva was chapping his little pink cheeks. Poor baby.
This is Julius' little effort to smile at Daht, while sniffling. Oh how I LOVE this boy! Oh how he LOVES us!
Now big sister has him! She too came to see her only Nephew! Julius loves his big sisters. Even though he pulls and licks their pretty hair! LOL!
My baby Pauly, sitting so patient, waiting for someone to pick him up. He's a lazy little guy, he won't walk to anyone! And so he sits and waits. Until I give in!!
Julius on the other hand will consider getting into trouble for some attention!! LOL!
This sweet boy. Only home 1 year. I feel like I've LOVED him forever.
He has some fluid issues with his ears and hearing. Tubes in the ears will be next.
You have to love that tongue! It comes out when he's mad, stressed, or worried. It works over time keeping the extra saliva (drool) in! You can always tell what mood he's in by watching that tongue! LOL!

I've mentioned before that they share a bed at night. But during nap time they sleep separate. Pauly doesn't sleep as well or easily as Julius. I thought this would help Julius nap better having them separated.

So today Julius decided to do something he does when he wants to "show" us how wrong we are! LOL! Lately during nap he climbs out of the playpen he's napping in and gets a toy to have with him. So when we wake him, we find him in the playpen with a toy most days! But today he decided he's too big for playpen sleeping! He got out of the playpen and got into the bottom bunk of Samson's bed! He then took the comforter I'm mending that was there, and he went to sleep! Is he amazing or what!! LOL!! From orphanage to home, only 11 months. Big boy!

Can you tell Julius likes to have a say in his life! And his new found independence is so exciting to him! (and us!!)

What wonderful blessings my boys are!!
Praising God for little boys!
                                 (((HUGS))) from us to you!

Losing my mind (in a good way) here!! Travel dates!

Coming HOME dates!!!!

Too much celebration! Too much on our minds!
Tom and Gabriel need to be in Bulgaria September 1. Unfortunately this is a super busy time to fly to or from Bulgaria! Many Bulgarians vacation during this time! We know the Lord will make a way!! :o)

They fly HOME September 8!!

               PRAISE GOD!!
Please keep us in your prayers!!

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

We DID it!! YES!! With God's Great Blessing!! We DID it!

Months ago, precious Dr Elizabeth put an idea in my head. The idea that we could raise enough money to be~


I'm ashamed to say that I could not see it happening. Times are hard and I know people want to help, but they have families too. And yet YOU ALL came through! Lifted us up in prayer, gave what you could, and 3 boys are coming HOME, thanks to YOU!

Dr Elizabeth believed. Patti at a Perfect Lily, believed. Julia at Micah6:8 believed, Amy at Hidden Treasures believed. My list could go on and on. YOU ALL believed for me.

How do we thank You?
We are so humbled, so very very humbled, by your generosity.

 God Bless you! We LOVE you ALL more than words can say!
And it's not about money, it's about YOUR LOVE for our boys!
Tom, Elizabeth
still at home kids~
Gabriel (17) Samson (17) Faith (11) Lysa (10) Kitty (9) Isaiah (8) Julius (5) Pauly (4)

P.S. we will still sell on ebay to raise medical funds for surgeries!! :o)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank You so much for your prayers, your LOVE, and your hard earned donations for our precious adorable loveable boys! Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!
        We take none of it for granted! We Thank God for you ALL!
                We LOVE that you are on this journey with us!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh how he LOVES his brothers!

Isaiah is so happy to have his brothers. He absolutely adores them. He's constantly thinking of things to give them or do for them. He LOVES being a big brother! He's been the baby of the family for 7 years, and a big brother for 1 year. He never tires of being the big brother!

When our grandson Kenneth (22 months old) came to visit, Isaiah was very helpful with him too! Isaiah thinks it's wonderful to be an Uncle!
While he was watching Kenneth, he heard him talk! He said he was shocked that he could talk; and he wondered why Kenneth's adoptive Daddy didn't say "Oh my goodness it's a miracle! Kenneth can talk!" LOL!! It was so cute how Isaiah told it to me!

You see Isaiah's brothers are 5 years old, and they don't talk. But Isaiah thinks that's perfectly normal for 5 year olds. I guess it's not really "normal" but it is teaching Isaiah that people's abilities can vary greatly.

So when Isaiah sees Samson, he doesn't wonder why his 17 year old brother needs his help bathing.
And when Isaiah sees MA, he doesn't think he should talk "down" to her or treat her with less respect than me. He doesn't think there is anything she can't do!

Isaiah never notices how FAE (fetal alcohol effect) affects his sister.
She's his big sister!
Isaiah never thinks Julius is any less capable than any of the other 5 year olds he's seen. He's amazed by everything Julius can do!

After all he just LOVES them all un-conditionally just as they are. Because to us and Isaiah, we/they ARE "normal"!! :o)

The other day I was thinking about my grandson and his brother. How wanted they are by all of us- Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, adoptive parents Lyle and Beth. We all want and LOVE them. Their birthmom wanted them. They've never not been wanted.

But my boys, my little precious boys from Bulgaria. Boys that God wanted. They were not wanted by the world. They were not wanted for many years until we found them. It made me cry. Who could not want my boys? They are so wanted and appreciated by us. We praise God for creating, little boys for us to want to LOVE!

Please, could you want some little boys in Bulgaria like ours too?

Friday, July 27, 2012

We need prayers for these two loves

PLEASE PRAY for Amelia~
Isn't she beautiful? She is 12 years old and weighs only 12 (*shock*) pounds. She is coming home to America now! from Eastern Europe~ Pleven. Here is what Susanna, Katie's mom said about her~

 "She is just so emotionally fragile.  She has the ability to drink out  of those horrid bottles, but is traumatized and refusing everything just like  Katie did.  Even with the extra pound she gained this past spring due to  Tokuda, she still has so few physical reserves, and that’s partly what makes  this stressful and scary for Jenny.  (Not to mention that her three other  new children are back at the hotel without her.  What a nightmare of a week  she is having.  :( )  The orphanage diet has slightly improved, but it is still far from what it should be.  Too little too late.  Primarily,  now that Amelia’s cut loose from everything that was familiar to her, she’s  bottoming out because her emotional reserves are nil.  Part of our praying  should be that she opens up to Jenny emotionally and begins to find comfort from  her, and attach to her, so she can heal.  The lack of that bond and human  contact is partly what caused her condition, and if her receptors have been so  badly damaged that they aren’t working any more, well, let’s just pray that God  continues to work His miracles in her.  NOBODY is past the ability to learn  to receive love, but it can be a very long process.  Amelia is suffering  the effects of 8 years with no baba, and then 3 1/2 years of a NOT-good  baba.  It is possible to roughly connect the condition of the children in  Pleven with the factors that caused the condition they’re in.  How old/how  long in Pleven, their original dx or lack thereof, “cute” or “not-so-cute,” on  the top floor or no, baba or no, good baba or bad, what percentage of the  child’s life they had a baba—and from all this you could come up with a fairly  accurate picture of the child’s condition without ever having met them.   :(  "

I could not have said that better myself, so she graciously allowed me to use her words!
There is a fund for Amelia's medical care being started her~
Also PLEASE remember Jesse in your prayers. You can read about him here~  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jessegreen
He is so sweet. He's 13 years old and since his last surgery, life has been very hard for him. He's just not getting back to "normal". He needs our prayers!
Thank You! (((HUGS))) everyone!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How do you repay those who do so much but ask nothing in return?

                We aren't bringing these three precious boys home alone!
          Not only do "we" bring them home, but by the grace of God!..........

                                           YOU! :o) are helping!

Today Patti posted this...........for our boys! ~http://babynumber10.blogspot.com/2012/07/three-for-three-giveaway.html
Thank You Patti! We are humbled by your gift.

And the behind the scenes (a very humble) woman who has more on her plate than most, and yet still finds time to LOVE these three boys! Dr. Elizabeth wrote here~

Plus all of you who have given from your precious hearts, dug so deep in your pockets, bought our ebay, made the boys things, mailed them clothes, visited us, and prayed.

God Bless You! We LOVE you more than words can express. Because we don't do this alone, we can't do this alone! We do this as the body of Christ!
God has truly blessed our boys beyond measure!
(((HUGS))) and prayers from us to you!
The Archers :o)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our LOVEs, our boys

So last night I asked Tom to take a few pictures of the boysies before bed. I'm thinking random shots. He's thinking- poses! LOL! He has taken random shots of the other kids! Why does he keep "posing" the boys? And then after taking the pictures, Tom tells me "It was really hard to get them to sit nice!" LOL!! Well duh! They don't listen to "Dat" very well ;o) (wink)
And they hate being posed!! LOL!!
 Yes, "Dat" is what Julius calls Tom. He refuses to sign Dad or even say "Da-da". They are most stubborn and strong willed! But then that's how you survive in orphanages when you don't have a Dat. (Dat sounds like- d-ah-t) But Dat isn't Julius' first word!
His first word is- "uh-uh" , the sound that means NO! He says it one million times a day! LOL! However he uses it more sparingly with me, but he tells me uh-uh alot! To Tom and the kids it's long strings of- "uh-uh! uh-uh! UH-UH!!" He does like to be in charge!!
This is so normal for a boy who is developmentally in the toddler stages. Doesn't every American child say "no" first! :o)
They don't like air conditioning. So they wear socks and sweaters until they get under their blankies in bed. It's been so hot here (in the 90s) the entire month of July. They got plenty of mosquito bites up north and Kitty taught Julius how to scratch his!! :o(
 Of course Julius takes his socks off! And Pauly wet on his sweater. When you open Pauly's diaper to change him- he likes to spray! Silly boys!
They are so bonded to us now it is such joy to be with them. They were so good on our last drive up north, and the drive home Friday. They still stay awake the entire 2 hour drive as their sibs sleep. But they don't moan and groan or cry out trying to escape their car seats anymore.
We listen to hymns and bible verses sung on CD. We sing along loudly. We are hoping they start singing! But so far they just listen. Once in a while Julius yells something as if to say "turn that off and talk to me!"

Have I said that I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE these boys with all my heart?
We are just waiting for the minute Tom can bring the next three home!
We love how the personalities of all 5 boys are so amazingly different!
We just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE all five of our little Bulgarian Princes!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ebay listings are up :o)

                                              We have Fenton.
                        This is from the limited edition historic pieces.
                                           Signed and numbered.
                          We have Polish pottery! This is a fruit bowl.
                                   A polish pottery tea set and more!
Please click on our ebay link on the right side to view our 17 items. :o)

Also early August 1-7th, the Hidden Treasures auction starts for Mario. For more information go here-http://treasuresinhiddenplaces.blogspot.com/

And last but not least, check out Shelly's blog http://www.carringtonscourage.blogspot.com/  has new posts, and FOUR children have found families through there!

                                    (((HUGS))) to ALL
                                       We LOVE you!
                                        God Bless! :o)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thank You!

Before I go to bed, I open my prayer book with the many many names I've wrtten down. I read them and pray. I pray for God to Bless them and hold them. To give them strength. To watch over their families.

Their names are written down because we've never met in person. I don't know what many of them look like. I don't even know where everyone lives. But God crossed our paths, for a reason, and I'm so glad He did!

Just recently I "met" a new Sister in Christ on-line, who wanted to help, even though she doesn't have much. But she gave our boys so much! Several Sisters in Christ have repeatedly donated to our boys. People have given our boys donations, clothes, love and prayers.

Our hearts are so humbled. Their example is so humbling. It encourages us to remember, even when our boys get home, there will be other children needing help. We too will continue to help as we can. We hope we can be as good of an example as those who selflessly helped us.

For those who have prayed for us, Thank You! Your prayers have been felt!
If there is anything we can pray for you, please leave a comment or e-mail me privately. We would love to pray for you.
((((HUGS))) We Thank God for ALL of you! :o)

What to expect when little boys from orphanages come home

When Julius & Pauly came home, we were very surprised. They did not think for themselves independently yet. They were 4 years old. We expected them to be curious, sneaky, opinionated and active. Maybe even strong willed. Pauly had no will, and Julius only knew how to push people away. They couldn't follow us, and they always ran away from us!

This wasn't all bad. It made the emotional connection from us to them grow strong quickly. They were so vulnerable. They needed to be protected, from each other (they did not like each other then), from dangers, from strangers, from themselves.(self abuse)

They depended on us as infants would. Except that they could help us by sitting, and hanging on as we carried them. They grieved so heavily for all they knew before us. They didn't really like anything.

Initially feeding them was hard. They liked cold food, only certain consistencies (soft-no lumps). They did not chew. Now they only eat what we put in their mouths. They do not like to touch food or put it in their mouths. This has been harder. They "play" with food and throw it! They used to refuse food from our hands, but Julius has always been curious. So he will sit with his head next to mine, side by side. I put my food in my mouth, then I put some in his mouth. Then he eats food from my hand. Pauly still doesn't think this is a good idea! But it's coming! And I think it's been coming pretty fast after all they've been through!

When Julius came he would attach himself to an odd toy- like a drawing board (he didn't draw), and a stringy plane toy that Lufthansa gave him. We could use those to communicate to him. We always made sure they were near him. (he actually clung to them) We moved them aside from him if he hit. He learned quickly how good it was to be rewarded. :o)
Julius loves lots of toys now and can manipulate many electronic toys. But being a normal pre-schooler, he's fascinated with empty plastic containers the most! (and dog water bowls!) He's learning on-off, open- close, in- out. He also sorts colors but doesn't know their names. Yesterday he even watched 5 minutes of wheel of fortune! I think the clapping got him! He loves to laugh and clap. Neither boy likes TV or DVDs. 

Pauly did not know what toys were for. And he bit us. So we taught him to chew on toys instead. He teethed for about 6 months on every toy. And from there he showed us that he liked any toy that made sounds/music. Soon he learned from hand over hand teaching, how to manipulate the electronics on them. It's fun to watch him now. He'll figure out if the toy needs a "rolling" movement of his hand or a press the button. Yesterday he lifted a Buzz Lightyear plastic lunch bag/box to his ear to see if it had sound!! So cute!  

Both boys were terrified the first 6 months about where they were going next! New people made them fearful. They couldn't "read" adults at all. (Pauly goes to strangers now, but slaps his face repeatedly in frustration when he doesn't know how to walk away from them) Any children they are with, even their siblings were fair game for hitting, slapping, spitting, biting. They are still learning to have respect for their "older" siblings. They don't get that older sibs are to be listened to. That older sibs role model good behavior. (most times- wink!) Dad is also fair game for dis-respect, until mom steps in and uses her tone of voice to let them know they need to be nice and listen. :o)

When they first came they treated me as the mean orphanage lady! They wanted to moan, cry, slap their faces, hit us, spit, bite. But the mean orphanage lady said no! Pauly "got it" first. He really saw I loved him dearly, he responded sweetly. Julius was learning independence was too much fun- who needs this mean lady who says no! Now Pauly will test my "no", which is perfectly normal. :o) And Julius will immediately stop if I say no, then wait till I turn my back and continue on! LOL!! They are becoming so incredibly normal! LOL!

Pauly loves kisses and hugs and tickles, only from us. Visiting siblings don't get any. Pauly will go to anyone who holds out their hands. But again, he regrets that after he sees they are not someone from his family.

Julius is still more reserved. Kisses for mom, none for dad, a few for big brother Isaiah and hugs for all siblings who live at home! Julius likes to use smiles, laughs, and silly faces to show he's happy. He used to make faces- by pulling his eye lids, rolling his eyes into his head, etc. But he's learned that we don't respond to these faces happily. We respond with concern. Reminding him, don't hurt your eyes, look at dad!

Both boys adore their dad. And their dad adores them! I am reminded daily by Tom that "he" was the one who met them, returned for 5 days and flew thousands of hours bringing them home. Tom says they are "imprinted" on him. OY!! LOL!! My personal take is that they have been "male" deprived for 4 years. They have lived surrounded by women and children. They "get it". They want to be like Dad. They like guy stuff! :o) It makes me cry with Joy.

The physical stuff when they got home~ diaper blow outs, constipation, drooling, tonsils, adenoids, boy bottoms (that's what we call the personal area- it's either a boy bottom or a girl bottom! LOL!) umbilical cord issue for Pauly, surgeries, ENTs, Urologists, specialists. etc. Was all small stuff that had added up over 4 years. We jumped in and tried to fix it all within the first six months. Bad choice- it was too much. Let me warn you, this was silly of us. There was no rush, except Julius' bottom and Pauly's heart check. Nothing else was/is life threatening, just things that need correcting. So this time, with the next three, we'll make a list and prioritize things better!

Sorry I don't have any pictures on here. I'm using my traveling laptop. Tom has yet to figure out how to load them. Maybe next year Tom? LOL!! Oh I'm just giving him a hard time! I wouldn't have a computer without his help- it would be in the lake! LOL!! He's my guy!

I just wanted to share our Joy!  of LOVING these precious boys. We are counting the minutes until Noah, Moses and Jacob come HOME!!!

Thanks for listening! (((((((HUGS))))))))))))) love and prayers to you ALL!!
God Bless!!      

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Please Welcome!

                                                          Our newest precious son~ Noah Faithful Archer

and his new brother~
 our newest son~ Jacob Angelov Archer

                                                             and his new brother~
 our newest son~ Moses Chosen Archer

       YES!!! They are all 3 Archer boys today!!!
                                                           We are PRAISING God!!

I just had to include a photo of how tiny Moses is at 7 years old.

My favorite picture! Tom, so excited and happy to be with his boys! He even brings his Bulgarian language CDs with us on vacation, to practice for his favorite Country! The Country we LOVE for allowing us the privelage to raise these boys to young men!

Thank You and God Bless you for your prayers and love and support!!
We love you all! ((((HUGS))))
We are still raising funds for airfare and travel. Please consider helping the boys come home if you haven't already, or if you can. :o)

We will be listing more e-bay items Saturday!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Only one more day!!

Monday night we'll all (well almost all :o) be up till 1:00 a.m. central time to pray for our court.

Three! adorable, silly, sweet, loveable, precious boys will become Archers! YEAH!

We will be knee deep in diapers and loving it. The hard part is always the medicals. It takes so many appointments~ pediatrician, heart Dr, dentist, urologist, ENT, blood work, X-rays.......o.k. I'm getting tired already! :o) And it's a GOOD tired. Hebrews 12 has one of my favorite verses about growing weary. (there are so many good verses on encouraging us not to grow weary) We are still only half way through these appointments with Julius & Pauly!

Hebrews 12-
 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.3 For consider Him who endured such hostility from sinners against Himself, lest you become weary and discouraged in your souls. 4 You have not yet resisted to bloodshed, striving against sin............................... (NKJV)

It is the sinful selfishness in me that says~ you could be resting now. When will "I" get to do what "I" want. The thoughts that "ensnare" me. When others shake their heads at me, thinking "what is she doing at her age?" I resort to these thoughts thinking- you know they are right- what do I think I am doing at my age? I get questioned every day. I turn away and "run with endurance". As God gives me strength. I see the finish line now, (because I'm older) I know I can do this~"looking unto Jesus!!"
Isaiah 40:31
But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

Oh the JOY! of following Christ. The JOY of worshipping Him. The JOY serving Him, by serving others. We are so filled with JOY!
                                 We pray you are having a wonderfully blessed Sunday!

Friday, July 13, 2012

PRAY!!! please!!


This morning we were having computer problems with our laptop. (Broadband Verizon) ugh....
Tom saved the day~ computer wise~ as he always does for me (big smile here!) when I'm ready to throw the lap top in the lake! LOL!! I was then able to open my e-mails. After reading them I closed the e-mail window, but from the corner of my eye I saw that some were un-read ???...........ugh.

So I re-opened the e-mail window to see what that was about.

Instantly there was a NEW e-mail from our wonderful EE attorney who has blessed our lives many times. But none more so than this time!! Her e-mail subject line said "A Miracle!".

As I read the e-mail I screamed for Tom, who now thought something terrible had happened! Poor guy, I need to change my urgent happy scream as not to scare him!


Next Tuesday, July 17th at 9 a.m. (our time Central- 1:00 a.m.) in EE, will be court. We will be on our knees, praying that we will become the new parents of 3 special blessings~ Noah Faithfu, Moses Chosen and Jacob Angelov!!
                       THANK YOU GOD!!

All last night I prayed about how to up-date what's new here on the blog.
We're up north and all I could think about was work stress, adoption paper work, adult children stress, homeschool stress (new district forms). The weather is so hot we can rarely go outside. The mosquitoes are even out in the sun!! And thick!! I could go on and on but I'm sure you get my point. At times like this I humble myself before Him greatly, asking Him to seek me. To forgive me for my many many human failings. To give me a thankful spirit.

To top it off as I prayed, there was nuisance bear in our yard. It was not afraid of Gabriel and Tom. The dumb dogs didn't even bark!! Tom and Gabe didn't want to bother me as I lay praying. (thanks guys! maybe you should when its a bear!) So this morning emptying night potties as everyone slept- I saw it! UGH!!! (Tom and Gabe sleep in the bunkhouse with Samson, MA and SP, I sleep in the 5th wheel with the little kids.)
So this news just made our day!! week!! month!! year!!! LOL!! YES!!!!!

               PLEASE PRAY WITH US!!!
      Much LOVE with (((HUGS))) to you all!
                Thank you!! God Bless :o)

Friday, July 6, 2012


 Mr Julius has a hair fetish. Big sister Hope has beauuuuutiful hair extensions that he can lick and pull!! Oh my!
                                         And he goes for it!!!
Julius is learning that little boys who pull hair extensions out get put down quickly!
The EE country we are adopting from shuts down from 7/15 to 9/15. :o( 
So now we waaaaaaaaaaaait longer. :o( 
And we re-do our medicals/psychs. (another $550.00) and our police clearances (a steal for 50 cents LOL!) for a 3rd time. .....ugh......plus apostille them. ($10.00 + a 150 mile round trip)
Can I say I hate waiting? And I worry pray for the health of my boys.
It's so hard.

Our ebay auction went very well this time! The month before nothing sold!
Now our chip in only needs $5,216.00. (I'm not counting our next medical/psychs in this)!!Yeah!! Yeah!!

We finally got our tax refund from Julius & Pauly's adoption!!
We paid off their surgeries and almost all of their Dr and hospital bills! Yeah!! Sadly our health insurance has increased to $1,220.00 a month for a $5,700.00 deductable. Julius needs kindergarten shots, and another surgery. We'll be running up a new tab all over again............and then the next three boys!! Yup, they'll need surgeries too.

We won't start our next auction on ebay until the 22nd. Since we can't ship until then. Hopefully Dr Elizabeth will list something for the boys? (((HUG)))

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An interesting website just starting up~

I was contacted by Amy about a new website that she and her husband are starting up, to help families raise money for adoption.

Please check it out and see what you think!

Right now we are using ebay- but this could be a better alternative. There are no fees, but they do take donations.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Angels who make a difference!

There are many angels working tirelessly to help orphans.

Today I'm going to highlight two of them!

One of them blessed our family hugely! by coming to see us on their way home from a soccer weekend for their precious son Nathaniel. Her name is Jenny and she has a blog called Zero the Zeros. She fights tirelessly to get others to donate to the children listed on Reeces Rainbow who have $0 in their adoption grant. Her blog is here- http://zerothezeros.blogspot.com/ Please consider going to her blog and donating something- anything! to one of the children! The grant money helps these children find homes!

And here we are meeting in May! Jenny, Randy and Nathaniel.
 L to R- Nathaniel, Jenny holding Pauly, me holding Julius, Faith.

 L to R- Randy, Jenny holding Pauly
L to R Nathaniel, Randy and Jenny holding Pauly

Jenny wanted to steal Julius and Pauly and I wanted to steal Nathaniel! LOL!! What a sweet precious boy Nathaniel is. So well behaved, with wonderful manners and very helpful! I wish Jenny and Randy lived closer so that we could visit more often! They are very very nice people. They gave our next three boys a box full of clothes to help us!

Thank You!! Randy, Jenny and Nathaniel for a fun visit and the clothes!

Thank You Jenny for caring/loving the orphans!

We hope to see them next year so they can meet our next three boys!!
The next family/angel is Shelly. She also has a HUGE heart for orphans and has adopted many. Some of you know her from her beautiful daughter Carrington!

I have had the blessing of being a prayer warrior with Shelly. She has touched our lives deeply. She visited two of our boys and loved on them for us, with another angel Jenny B.

Here is Shelly's new- updated blog, created to help more orphans find homes! Please go see it, it is so inspiring!

I will continue to pray with Shelly over these children! Please join us!

Thank You for taking time to read about these precious warriors who fight tirelessly to help those in most need!
                                         (((HUGS))) God Bless!