Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home again, cleaned up, ready for bed

 I asked Tom to take a picture of the boys all cleaned up after weeks of camping. Clean and snuggly and so cute! But when Tom took them, Julius had 2 of his fave toys in his hands, a plastic toy plate and a plastic toy cooking pot.

Tom took the toys away to take the pictures!!!

That is a BIG no-no!! We only take the toys away from Julius if he is naughty! If he is being a good boy, he holds them anytime he wants- even in bed! ;o)

So in the picture above he is starting to protest- "Where's my toys!" And Pauly is having sympathy sadness for him!
 Julius realizes the toys are not coming back, and he doesn't understand why! So he cries loudly! Pauly lets out a "groan" in sympathy with him.
 Pauly looks at Tom as if to say "Really Dad? You really did that!?" And Julius continues to cry, after all he did not deserve this!
Poor Julius, I came in and asked him to sit nice. Look at his brave face. He was rewarded with his toys immediatly! Pauly wasn't so sure they should stop being upset over this yet! They are so close emotionally now, they cry if one is disciplined, even if the other is not. They sympathy cry for each other all the time. It's so cute, and sad too. You never want to see these adorable faces unhappy!

Sometimes in bed they sleep like little bear cubs, one on top of the other! I thank God for these precious boys! What joy they bring into our lives!

We can't wait for the next three to come home!


  1. What cuties. My boys are 10 and 9 now, and I love it that they still enjoy sharing a room and bunk beds. They are so close ~ what a gift to have a brother to love. Hope you all had a wonderful trip!

  2. That is so cute...I'm laughing at Paul not being "over" this yet :) Nathan is kind of like that also. He doesn't fuss much; but when he does, you are gonna hear about it for a long while. That's really neat how closely they have bonded together- I guess you can see, mine have not :) I find it so interesting...the impact on their past environments vs their God-given personality. Some grad student should really do a research paper on this topic and puplish it....it would be really helpful for all us parents to have a matrix. Like this kind of personality in that kind of orphanage yields this kind of response and here is a recommended way of handling it! It would alleviate some of our trail and error!!! LOL!! Are you done for the summer living up north? I got the impression you stayed up there most of the summer.

  3. Oh-ho, Poor boys. What a blessing that they have emotions of all kinds, esp. sympathy/empathy! Oh what strong spirits God blessed these little men with. And that they are so willing to try and please you as well (sitting nicely after the mix-up).
    Pauly cracks me up. I'm embarrassed to admit this but I probably lean more to the side of needing time to "get over" it, as well. My 8 yr old humbled me the other day after a tough morning with her. "You're still mad about that?!" I gave myself a good talking to. :)
    I love reading your posts about all of your family. What a wonderful blessing. You. Are. RICH, my sister!

  4. It is truly wonderful that they have sympathy for one another, Elizabeth! They are so cute!

    Any updates on your process for your three LuvBugs? :)


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