Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, June 25, 2012

A catalog and internet website worth shopping

 We shopped some great sales and found some cute new clothes for these 2 lovie boys before they came home.

It was something that kept my mind off of the endless waiting! We knew they would be small for their ages. We knew they were probably diaper diggers. And sure enough one is!!

We bought them about 10 one piece winter sleepers, that are ragged from washings after only one year.

And then we found these one piece jammies at Hanna Andersson. http://www.hannaandersson.com/home.asp
They are one piece also, but lightweight and perfect for warm days!
And no I don't get anything from Hanna Andersson for saying this! LOL!!
These cotton jammies wear and wash incredibly well. They still look good even after weekly washings, a year later. Which is good because they were not on sale and they aren't cheap! but if they are made well I don't mind the price.

So imagine my surprise when this spring I bought them 3 more of these jammies, and not long later, one of the zippers broke!

I hate to say I procrastinated in contacting them. Because after I finally sat down Friday evening and told them in an e-mail, they e-mailed me back within an hour! And they continued to correspond kindly and super quickly with me. By late Friday night they told me my new one piece replacement jammie would be shipped the next day- Saturday and that a shipping label would be enclosed for returning the defective zipper outfit!

Saturday morning I got a Fed Ex e-mail confirmation that it had been sent!

So I actually bought a few more for the next 3 boys because I'm so impressed with their customer service!

Just wanted to pass this along because I have bought things on sale from them for my girls and been happy with the quality. It's rare to find returns so easy, and great quality!

Now, do you think they'll let the boys model for them??


  1. I LOVE HANNAH ANDERSON! We are also big believers in the PJs. If you have a costco close they have them at costco, if you don't have one close before you buy next time tell me what size and I will check my local costco. I thin they are $15 each. I agree they are the best pj's made. I wish they had them in short pants too!

  2. We LOVE our Hannah PJs, too!! They last so well, and are so soft and comfy. We have some that lasted for 10 years through 3 kids. I'm so glad they were kind to work through the zipper issue. I agree - they are well worth the price.
    These pics make me want to squeeze your boys :) Love those woods pics, too. Hope they soon learn to love the great outdoors, but I can certainly understand why it would be overwhelming to them. Hugs to you all.

  3. Aww, the boys look so cuddly in their jammies! Glad the company was so quick to make things right with the product. And I definitely think they should consider using your boys on their website. Seriously, have you approached them about it? Would you believe I actually dropped by to tell you about a photo-sharing opportunity you might be interested in doing? IDSCforlife . org is asking for pictures of people of all ages (esp. needing teens & adults) with Down Syndrome to show the world the amazing lives these special blessings can lead. Campaign started Monday, I think.
    Little by little, I bet y'all will one day find the boys enjoy the outdoors. I hope so. They've learned so much already and God is still healing them. The other kids are just so precious and tenderhearted to love on their little guys without reservation. What a wonderful family you have, Elizabeth! Prayers continue all the time from down here in the heat of Texas for your whole family, those home and those who are waiting. Love you.


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