Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home again, cleaned up, ready for bed

 I asked Tom to take a picture of the boys all cleaned up after weeks of camping. Clean and snuggly and so cute! But when Tom took them, Julius had 2 of his fave toys in his hands, a plastic toy plate and a plastic toy cooking pot.

Tom took the toys away to take the pictures!!!

That is a BIG no-no!! We only take the toys away from Julius if he is naughty! If he is being a good boy, he holds them anytime he wants- even in bed! ;o)

So in the picture above he is starting to protest- "Where's my toys!" And Pauly is having sympathy sadness for him!
 Julius realizes the toys are not coming back, and he doesn't understand why! So he cries loudly! Pauly lets out a "groan" in sympathy with him.
 Pauly looks at Tom as if to say "Really Dad? You really did that!?" And Julius continues to cry, after all he did not deserve this!
Poor Julius, I came in and asked him to sit nice. Look at his brave face. He was rewarded with his toys immediatly! Pauly wasn't so sure they should stop being upset over this yet! They are so close emotionally now, they cry if one is disciplined, even if the other is not. They sympathy cry for each other all the time. It's so cute, and sad too. You never want to see these adorable faces unhappy!

Sometimes in bed they sleep like little bear cubs, one on top of the other! I thank God for these precious boys! What joy they bring into our lives!

We can't wait for the next three to come home!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So much for the great outdoors!

And now Julius!
He's going down a little slide here. The next 4 older kids (8,9,10 and 11) were so excited to bring out all of their favorite toys from when they were little, for the boys! Wagons, slide, Wiggles car. Fun~ fun~fun!!
Unless you don't like being outside! ;o)
 Yes, he's wearing a sleeper with a shirt over it. The stress of going up north increased the diaper digging to new levels we did not think possible. He's super fast! So fast that you can turn your back- then turn around again and he's already in his diaper.
He waits for us to become distracted!!
This shows how very smart he is. He is a very quick learner. But he needs to use his intelligence to learn~ not get into trouble!! :o)
 Here he's yelling at Dad. And he is LOUD! But Dad isn't listening, so a few minutes later he cried and wailed loudly and mom heard! So he got to go back inside. Where he was happy to get into everything. He's so curious!
The tongue comes out when he's stressed. The more stress the bigger the tongue. And then the drool starts. Poor baby, if he would sign or "talk" we could catch his stress before it happened.
This hat has been worn by every baby from 1990 on. So that's 9 babies. The kids could not bear to set it aside and let Julius wear his big boy hat. They loved this hat when they wore it. They wanted to see it on one more little person's head! Julius doesn't mind!
The mosquitoes were terrible, but the boys don't know what they are. So they get bit without even noticing! We keep lots of bug repellent on them. Julius was loved by the mosquitoes, he had 2 bites on his face. Later I noticed I had 2 bites on my face too!
Even a ride in the wagon doesn't help Julius stay outside.
We have 2 wagons, one to lay babies in and this one is a two seater.
Would you believe that 3 years ago we gave away all of our playpens and strollers from up here because we weren't going to have anymore kids!! LOL!! ugh!
That seems to be my history, toss what I think we don't need and then find out we DO need it! Like giving away all baby boy clothes in 2003 and then having a baby at 47 in 2004.
I need to stop this! LOL!! And yes, I did give away all baby boy clothes from Isaiah..........again........... ugh!

                                 ((((HUGS)))) everybody!! :o)

Monday, June 25, 2012

This boy does not love the outdoors!

 A car to drive is not the best outdoor toy choice for Pauly!! He hates driving in the van. He tries to escape his car seat. And after 2 hours of driving to the north woods, he "groans" wanting to go home.
Still his brother and sisters gave him the car that they fight over to drive! It was an honor to get the prized car that everyone wants to drive! They thought surely he would realize this would be great!
                   mmmmmm.................not so impressed with the car!
    Now he's thinking this is about as constraining as the dreaded car seat!!
                       "C'mon Dad, can't you see I am unhappy here?"
Sister Lysa wheels by in the wagon to console him. He just can't get anyone to pull him out of this contraption! Don't you love his hat! I found those last year for both boys- but the kids think Julius should first wear their old red hat! The kids wear hats to protect their heads from the lovely bugs!
Pauly likes to tilt his head when he's just about had it with us. Kind of like saying "I give up!" Or- "This is what I think of you right now!" And he tunes us out.
Oh- boy! "I just give up!"

Julius, in the back ground did not last much longer. Julius was getting wagon rides until he decided to cry loudly to get mom's attention so he could go inside! So much for my little outdoor nature explorers! We have to take it slow, as we introduce them to all of these "fun" things we can't do at home in our tiny yard! Hopefully they'll learn to love it as much as their big brothers and sisters do!

A catalog and internet website worth shopping

 We shopped some great sales and found some cute new clothes for these 2 lovie boys before they came home.

It was something that kept my mind off of the endless waiting! We knew they would be small for their ages. We knew they were probably diaper diggers. And sure enough one is!!

We bought them about 10 one piece winter sleepers, that are ragged from washings after only one year.

And then we found these one piece jammies at Hanna Andersson. http://www.hannaandersson.com/home.asp
They are one piece also, but lightweight and perfect for warm days!
And no I don't get anything from Hanna Andersson for saying this! LOL!!
These cotton jammies wear and wash incredibly well. They still look good even after weekly washings, a year later. Which is good because they were not on sale and they aren't cheap! but if they are made well I don't mind the price.

So imagine my surprise when this spring I bought them 3 more of these jammies, and not long later, one of the zippers broke!

I hate to say I procrastinated in contacting them. Because after I finally sat down Friday evening and told them in an e-mail, they e-mailed me back within an hour! And they continued to correspond kindly and super quickly with me. By late Friday night they told me my new one piece replacement jammie would be shipped the next day- Saturday and that a shipping label would be enclosed for returning the defective zipper outfit!

Saturday morning I got a Fed Ex e-mail confirmation that it had been sent!

So I actually bought a few more for the next 3 boys because I'm so impressed with their customer service!

Just wanted to pass this along because I have bought things on sale from them for my girls and been happy with the quality. It's rare to find returns so easy, and great quality!

Now, do you think they'll let the boys model for them??

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We have new ebay items :o)

 We have been traveling, so we needed to take a break from ebay.
 Sadly our last auction sold nothing.
We have new items listed for 10 days and then we'll take another break to enjoy summer!

Please click on our ebay link on the right side to see our items! :o)

Thank You!!
(((((BIG HUGS)))
p.s. feel free to post our ebay link anywhere you can think of!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PLEASE tell everyone!

A while back we had this boy's picture posted on our blog.

We thought he was our Noah (Steward). But he was not. Then we asked our attorney if she could find this boy and tell us who he was and maybe we could possibly add him to our three boys. Our attorney did not find him, and after much prayer, Tom felt he could not handle 4 boys without me traveling.

We never stopped praying for this boy.

Now I see him here- http://theblessingofverity.com/2012/06/urgent-the-boy-with-the-million-dollar-smile/


But he is 15 years old and needs a family with a homestudy NOW!!

PLEASE get the word out!!

If you would like to add more JOY~ HOPE~ and LOVE to your family!
Here he is!!

PLEASE HELP him find a home!!

Please PRAY for this sweet sweet boy.

Thank You! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're not too old!

We love kids!!
And just because our oldest two children are 36 years young! LOL! And our oldest granddaughter is 15!
We're still raising our family, we're still working.
We're not too old!


I  still homeschool.
I work my work schedule around it.
I can do everything I did as a young mom, even better!
Because the Lord gives us wisdom as we age! 

We are active and take care of ourselves so that we can meet their needs!
Tom is very fit for his age!
I'm still working on it- *wink*!

Of course it's a challenge, but one we welcome with open arms. 
Parenting is always a challenge!
Challenges are good- they stretch and grow us.
We rely on God for our strength and He answers our prayers!  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We've been very very busy!

It's summer time and that means we've been very busy!Places to go and people to see,

Julius is taking this very well but Pauly is a home body. So he's not too happy.

MA hates transitioning from her Senior Day program to summer outings and so we had to get a prescription medication to help her adjust.
But then I had a new idea I decided to tell her on Friday in advance and see if she could work through it on her own by Monday.
And she did! Yeah! She's a happy traveler!!
If I had told her our plans on Monday she would have begged the Senior Center staff to let her stay home. Then I get a phone call` "Does MA have to go?"  .........UGH!

Would you please join us in prayer for a little guy named Jesse, I posted his Caring Bridge link here before. I'd put it here now but I'm on a new laptop and it doesn't want to cooperate with my blog. Jesse had surgery and now he has terrible tummy problems, not all surgery related. He has to have been in alot of pain from this. His family has to drive 1 hour each way to be with him, now over 26 days in the hospital.

Also a family we know is going through extreme hardship. We can't say. But it's heart wrenching. My heart aches and breaks for them. I know they are incredibly stressed. I know if you pray, God knows who they are.

Thank you so much for your prayers! ((((HUGS))))

When I get my old computer fixed I can put up some pictures of our visits!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thanking God for precious bloggy Sisters in Christ :o)

She gets it, she cares. Her heart is as big as Texas! She has the cutest kids ever! Her name is Kat and I'm thrilled to call her my Sister. She has a blog worth reading!

Do you notice how our little Noah- is ALWAYS reaching for someone! He's holding the swing tightly for sure, but he craves wanting to touch someone. We can't wait to feel those little hands tightly grip us, hold on to us and we will not move until he wants to let go. His nature is to LOVE!
If you haven't already, please consider donating to help bring him home!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Answered prayers!

The Embassy review passed this morning and went very well! Our prayers were answered! Our attorney will be busy all next week setting things up for the next step. Please pray with us for things to move smoothly and quickly!!

                                            THANK YOU!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthdays in June

 Julius turned 5 years old June1. He's still a little guy physically. He wears size 3T. But he has grown so much mentally in 10 months! He can do so much more now! He even ate his birthday cake with his brother Pauly. We fed it to them- but this year they trust us and eat all foods offered to them. 10 months ago they hated sweets!! Soon Julius will start feeding himself! (his sibs love this monkey shortall outfit on him! As soon as it's out of the wash they put it on him! LOL! Different shirts but same shortall!)

Julius' first birthday with us was a bittersweet day. Grandma sent him his first ever birthday card, followed by Hope.
First I mourned the years he has not been here. Especially the year of his birth, the day of his birth. I wanted to be there. When he was not taken home by his birth family. I wanted to say "I'll take him! I want him!"

I do know what it's like not to be wanted. My earthly father thought I was not his birth child. He did not want me. It's a painful way to grow up. I forgave him years ago. But I still carry the wounds.

I know what it's like to find out that God WANTS to be my Father! My real Father, my perfect Father. The joy and relief is overwhelming! Even though I was only about 9 when I found out! From that day on I knew I was really loved! I still feel the JOY!

I also know what it's like to have an un-expected pregnancy. When I was 46 and found out I was pregnant, with a 2 y old,a 1 yr old and newborn (adopted) at home with our (adopted) teens. I questioned God. And then turning 47 when he was born. It was hard. It was physically hard! Mentally hard! But as hard as it was, emotionally I could not leave him.
I'm not judging Julius' precious birthmom here. Just stating these things can happen to any of us.
 Noah (right) turned 9 years old June 3rd, in his Country. I cried because I miss him. I wish he was here right now. I want to tell him he is wanted! He is LOVED!
I spend so much time preparing for him and his 2 new brothers, I usually don't have many emotional days. I just keep very busy.
If you could see the look on Tom's face when he describes to people how "perfect" these 3 boys are to him, you'd cry too! :o) They are SO LOVED right now! Especially by God!
This little pumpkin, Kitty turns 9 in June too.
She's 2 weeks younger than Noah, and more that twice as big. She has been loved  and cherished by everyone- her birthmom who placed her here-us-her siblings. She is filled with joy in the Lord!
I didn't have a very good recent picture, but this is Hope, our 4th June birthday kiddo. She turns 19! She was never rejected either, her birthmom loved her-we love her-her siblings love her! She brings great joy and happiness wherever she goes! (she took this photo on her cell)

I love the thought of our boys growing into Christian men. Sharing God's love with others! What a blessing from God!!


6 a.m. Central time (our time) on Thursday is the Embassy Interview for our boys in Bu*lg*aria!!!
                     PLEASE PRAY IT GOES IN OUR FAVOR!
                                               Thank You!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thank You!

This is me :o) The best I can do until dear Tom loads some pictures on for me! Darn~ I wish I had time to learn how to do it myself!

I love purple dress! And the bling on the hat- cool! I need to get my weight down. But boy since menopause hit full force~ I gain weight while cooking. :o(

The reason for this post is a BIG
from me!
For the precious people who continue to donate to our boys. We just LOVE you ALL to pieces!! Thank You seems so small. We are now forever connected by 3 little boys. Three little boys from P*le*ven. A place that needs our help.

So many of you humble us by your generosity. We know your donations come deep from your pockets as the economy is hard right now.
God Bless you!