Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A love named Noah

This love bug is Noah. He turns 9 years old in a few weeks. Right now he is the size of his new brother Jacob who is 7 and his brothers Julius & Pauly who are ages 5 and 4 1/2. But even Julius & Pauly wear a larger shoe size- (a 7 1/2) than Noah. He wears a 5 1/2 size shoe.
We picked Noah last when we were choosing our 3 boys. This was because we saw Moses and Jacob were listed on RR. But Noah was not. He had been listed at one time, but he was not there when we were looking. There was also one other boy and 2 girls available in the orphanage with Moses and Jacob. They were older. We decided on Noah, because in his very outdated photo he was smiling. His smile stole my heart.
From the photo we saw that Noah had serious needs besides Down Syndrome. He has signs of fetal alcohol as well. (low set ears, wide set eyes, no lip philtrum) With lots of behaviors from living in an orphanage for many years. Too many years. He hasn't learned any social skills, except those he copied from other children or taught himself. He also functions much lower than Jacob or Moses. He shows signs of autistic behavior.
We had read he was aggressive. I have seen kids with DS who were very aggressive. I volunteered in a children's group home for many years. We see none of this in Noah. We see a boy who needs to be taught that he is LOVED!
He will throw himself around and make repetitive loud noises. Sensory seeking is huge in him.
 Noah loves stuffed toys! I could kick myself, we threw out a bunch of large stuffed toys over the last year that he would have loved!
Our daughter Kitty still has a big stuffed Marie (Dis*ney cat) that she can't wait to give Noah! And we did keep our one large stuffed Winnie the Pooh I think he'll like! We had saved Pooh for Julius & Pauly. But Julius & Pauly aren't interested in toys that don't play music!
Here Tom practices walking with Noah. Noah can't walk either. We hope and pray he will be able to learn to walk.
Here you can see Noah reaching out. This was the first thing I noticed about him. He needs to touch someone or something. His arms just reach and reach and reach, until they touch someone or something. This is a good sign! He also has bunny's ear in his mouth. He "needs" to chew. He chews himself (his wrist) he chews everything he can put in his mouth. And as he chews, he drools huge puddles of drool everywhere. They had a bib on Moses, they should have had one on Noah! :o)
We have some great chewing therapies for Noah. It will be a challenge to get him to choose those over what he chews now. It's going to be a drooly challenge! But we are prepared. Sometimes LOVE is messy!
 Here Noah is again reaching out! He will soon learn if he reaches out he will be held, he will get to sit on a lap! We'll respond to his reaching with great joy! Reaching out to others will be encouraged!
This photo was posted once before. It shows his fingers/hands in the position of his only self abusive habit that concerns us. He pokes his eyes and rolls and stretches his eye lids. He'll do this until his eyes are red. He is hurting himself. We have a few ideas on how to discourage him from doing this. We have a group home woman with self abusive behaviors we've had to discourage over the years. We think we can use some of the ideas we use with her, to help him.
 Here again, hands ready to poke his eyes. Something done out of boredom for too long.
 His eyes are crossed. He also likes to "hold" them crossed.
 We brought this book for them to play with. The pages make crinkly noises and have nice rubbery parts to chew.
 I think he found every chewie and non-chewie part of the book!
 I think he'd eat the book if he could! LOL! Now I hope this chewing means he chews his food!
 Now we know what else he likes that we'll need to stock up on with the stuffed toys!
Because Noah was not sick, Tom got to spend the most time with him.
 This book got a great work out!
Here Noah is making some of his "sounds" like a cry or a high squeel. He can make these noises over and over for a long time. In his crib he will throw his body around as he does this. Here he found a compassionate hand to hold.
 He craves stimulation right now, and he's constantly trying to fill that need. We saw this with Pauly, but not as much since he's younger. We actually see Pauly relaxing from doing alot of this sensory seeking as his needs are getting met now with our LOVE and attention. We hope and pray this happens for Noah too!
It's good to see that Noah can "see" Moses is next to him. Even when Noah is in his own world, he senses when someone is near. Hopefully he can be encouraged to come out of this world!
 Noah likes to be touching someone always, to fill a void that has been there for too many years. I LOVE this about him, he's not closing himself off completely. His heart is good and sweet and precious.
 And even Moses can't resist holding Noah's precious hand.
 I love that in this picture you can see Noah "looking" at Tom. Jacob avoids eye contact, Moses does not avoid eye contact and Noah will give great eye contact on occasion.
 Now Noah says "Enough pictures Dad! Come sit with me, touch me!"
As he starts a big drooly raspberry!!
 Noah does not give many things his attention by looking at them. We aren't sure how he can "see". He is cross eyed with one eye turned in. We pray we can find the right eye Dr to help him.
 Moses gets it! He knows Noah needs him. They will be great brothers!
 Moses can tell, Noah is a sweet soul. And Moses has seen alot of kids here!
Moses may end up being more like a big brother to Noah.
Tom said it was often hard to encourage Noah to sit up. He preferred to lay down.
Noah has so many challenges. He no longer smiles at all, like he did in the picture on our RR page. That breaks my heart.
And yet we have so much hope for what we can do to help Noah be the boy he was meant to be.
We can hardly wait to get started! We only wish we could have brought him home sooner!


  1. I'm so glad you posted about each boy individually. They are so precious and worthy of love. As sweet as they all are I'm kinda partial to Moses. He's way too cute! Better watch me if I come around 'cause I just might sneak him home in my pocket. ;)

    1. I couldn't blame you!! LOL!! If only we were all that cute!! (((HUGS)))

  2. Thank you for sharing about each boy, Elizabeth. I do hope they'll be home with you soon. Please send me your e-mail address. I've misplaced it.
    edda-k at att dot net.

  3. Looks like you'd better put in an order for a few (many) chewy tubes!!! :) So thankful he will soon be in a place where so many will love him. Blessings, Jennifer

  4. So lovely to see how the boys have developed what a credit t you xx big hugs and kisses so proud of mosie xxx hope to see you all some day xxxxx


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