Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 3

 From the very limited updates of Jacob I was able to receive from adopting families, I had a feeling Jacob was different. More aware. A thinker. Possibly higher functioning. And I was right.

But all of that intelligence can also be a disability if you have never been taught to use it. He has only used it in his little boy mind, to cope in his world. Now he's afraid to function outside of what he knows. He's terrified of strangers at age 7.

Today they took the boys out for passport pictures. Sadly Jacob was very fearful, and still very sick, sicker than Moses right now. Tom still only gets to see Jacob 1X a day for about 15 minutes. Today's 15 minutes with Dad were at the photographers. Which were probably the worst 15 minutes. Jacob does not walk and refuses to stand. We had hoped he could walk.

Jacob did not cooperate for his photos and cried the whole way there and back. He likes his new Daddy, but he doesn't trust him. He doesn't ever want to leave the only home he's known. Especially not to have a photo taken, not to live in America. Please pray he gets well. Dad felt terrible for him.
This little guy defines the word LOVE. He cooperated pretty well considering he too has never left the only home he's known. He gives eye contact and seeks very appropriate interactions with people, even though he is so tiny, can't walk, and often weak even sitting. What a doll!
And our little wild man took it all in stride. He definitely has many autistic behaviors that help him cope with everything! If you look at his hands in this picture- you see his pointer fingers are eye level, they go into his eyes and poke them, then he proceeds to pull on his top and bottom eyelids until they are red, over and over. One of his self stimulating behaviors, perfected by 9 years of life in an orphanage. So heart breaking.

We had heard Noah was learning to walk up stairs last fall. I wondered why. And I said- "I highly doubt this, I don't think he can even walk." And I was right. He can't walk, so why is he encouraged to go up stairs? It is not functional for him at this time. Tom spends alot of time encouraging him to walk during visits.

We will be searching for a double stroller and a front carrier for Tom to wear with Moses for next trip.

Please pray for Isaiah, his fever is just not going away, and he feels miserable.(Isaiah is holding Pauly here)
The temperature here was in the high 70s, I don't tolerate heat at all, so I completed melted by 1:30 p.m.
I could barely get up from my nap by 7:15 p.m. Thank goodness I prepared some meals ahead for everybody and Gabriel and Faith were great helping entertain MA and SP.


  1. Your family is so precious. What a caring man your husband is - willing to love on and transport three special needs boys. That would be a huge job for anyone!!!

    And your little son - so willing to love and help out. What a treasure he is and such a blessing from God. God knew you'd need him, eh? :)

    Praying for each of you tonight. Stay strong!

  2. It will be so exciting to see the boys' progress after they are home, Elizabeth. I'm praying that day will come much sooner than you could imagine. Love you.

  3. Hey E,

    As soon as I get my triple stroller you may have my double!!! I have been working on locating and shipping a triple and I think I have one...now to get it here! Our girls have specific seating issues because Avi's cp is severe and it could not be just any stroller...but I found one and once I get it and see that it works I want to get rid of my double!!!! So...it's yours!!!

    Email me at nusker1@hotmail.com sometime and then we can work out getting it to you!!!

    love you and praying fervently!


  4. What type of weight foes the front carrier need to support?

  5. Hi, I've never commented before, but have followed you for awhile now.
    I have an extra baby bjorn carrier that I would love to give to you. I used it I. My classroom ( I am a teacher for special needs preschool kiddos). It is just your standard bjorn that was donated to me (it was a sample item for people to try on in stores --it says sample on the front but could be easily covered by a patch) in a very cool red and or and pattern. Please let me know if I may share this blessing. My email is jillianrose87 at gmail dot com.


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