Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, April 27, 2012

5 days that flew by way too quick

I have been writing quite a bit on here about how hard it is to fund raise.
I just wanted to show other precious adoptive families that fundraising takes time and work. Sometimes we see a few families become fully funded very quickly and we wish that was us. I just wanted to show that's not what happens 90% of the time for families.

We also hope to continue to fund raise for other families/children after our boys are home. Because we care so much about ALL of them! We want them all home. We won't have a chip in or anything, but we'll continue selling on ebay etc to raise money!
I love this picture. Even at home this is how Tom is, lots of loving little children around him and on him. These boys will learn quickly that Dad is fun! 
 Our little Moses. What a gift he is. We already have had two boys home, Julius & Pauly, for 8 months now. We KNOW the JOY these little boys bring when they come. We just can't wait for these 3 to come HOME!
They can join in the kid's favorite game- "Hop on pop"! It looks like they already know he is going to be fun!! It looks like we are going to be shopping for a large collection of stuffed toys for Mr. Noah!! :o)
 This trip we knew better what toys to bring for the visit. Tom didn't bring much because we were first told that we needed to pack very light. Then later we found out from another adoptive mom traveling at the same time, that we could bring more. We just didn't have time to re-pack and add things.
 Noah loves to chew! Lots to chew on with this book! Rubbery corners.
                                                Crinkly pages!
 This precious boy is going to need lots of oral stimulation! I have been searching/googling for the latest in oral stimulation therapy and chews. There are amazing new things out there. Things that we didn't have 11 years ago when we went through this with our Faith.
 And our sweet Moses, who never learned not to trust, not to fear, shares his joy with everyone he meets. I can just hear it now, when in the future people will tell us "Moses has touched our lives." Little will they know, what he's overcome. And yet he continues to bring JOY to so many!
                                 He's been sick way too many times.
                       And he always comes out smiling- happy- joyful!
Will Noah remember Tom? Will Tom's visit have any impact on a little guy who has a world of his own.
 We have ooohed and aaaawed over these picture a million times now. Imagining we are with Tom here. We cry tears of joy and happiness. We imagine we are holding the boys too! It's way too exciting!
 Will Moses remember Tom? Will he remember that this man loved him like a Daddy, and held him close to his heart.
              Will he be able to stay well and fight off those yucky virus'.
 It's so hard to see them left behind, as Tom comes home. At home we will talk about every single minute of Tom's visit over and over again. We'll all ask Tom- questions over and over, about what did they like, or how did they act, what did he see that was cute!
The happy part, Tom leaves knowing, all three boys have Babas. The Babas now know that these boys have a family. A Daddy who traveled thousands of miles to see them and start the process to bring them home. The Babas will now be extra careful in caring of them, so they look really good when they go HOME! God Bless them!

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