Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Your support means everything to us!

Your prayers, your kind words have meant so much to us. Thank You for going out of your way, e-mailing us and writing such kind caring comments.
It means so much to us to hear your words encouraging us to keep on!

I thank God daily for crossing our paths on this journey.

We wish more than anything we lived closer to all of you! I'd love to give you a (((HUG))) and have a cup of coffee with you!

I know you'd love our kids and MA and SP. And Tom, he's always got something interesting to say! We've known each other 42 years and we still make each other crack up laughing over the silliest of things.

Thank You for your prayers. I have felt every one of them give me strength. They brought Tom home safely too. And Moses and Jacob got over their colds!!

God Bless you all, and keep up the wonderful Christ like works you do encouraging families like ours!!

(((HUGS))) :o)

Tom is home

It was 8 p.m. when Tom got home. We couldn't think straight, he was on BG time and I had a million irons in the fire! It was like he never left, but then it was crazy that he was in the way of my routine! LOL!

I couldn't wait to see how happy Julius and Pauly would be to see him home!! Pauly was all giggles and hugs, he LOVES his Daddy. But Julius was mad at him!! LOL! He was mad that Dad left him and he did not want Tom to touch him! He's such a thinker! He really did miss Tom but he wasn't going to show it.

I have our I800 filled out in triplicate! But I am told that I need more paper work from AAC to go with it. So we can't send it in until then. I don't know if it will be e-mailed or sent by regular mail.

Have a great blessed Sunday everyone!! :o)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

chip in ? not responding :o(

My chip in should read $10,198.75 we are at 67% !
Why is it not registering?
Thank You so much everybody!! (((HUGS)))

Friday, April 27, 2012

5 days that flew by way too quick

I have been writing quite a bit on here about how hard it is to fund raise.
I just wanted to show other precious adoptive families that fundraising takes time and work. Sometimes we see a few families become fully funded very quickly and we wish that was us. I just wanted to show that's not what happens 90% of the time for families.

We also hope to continue to fund raise for other families/children after our boys are home. Because we care so much about ALL of them! We want them all home. We won't have a chip in or anything, but we'll continue selling on ebay etc to raise money!
I love this picture. Even at home this is how Tom is, lots of loving little children around him and on him. These boys will learn quickly that Dad is fun! 
 Our little Moses. What a gift he is. We already have had two boys home, Julius & Pauly, for 8 months now. We KNOW the JOY these little boys bring when they come. We just can't wait for these 3 to come HOME!
They can join in the kid's favorite game- "Hop on pop"! It looks like they already know he is going to be fun!! It looks like we are going to be shopping for a large collection of stuffed toys for Mr. Noah!! :o)
 This trip we knew better what toys to bring for the visit. Tom didn't bring much because we were first told that we needed to pack very light. Then later we found out from another adoptive mom traveling at the same time, that we could bring more. We just didn't have time to re-pack and add things.
 Noah loves to chew! Lots to chew on with this book! Rubbery corners.
                                                Crinkly pages!
 This precious boy is going to need lots of oral stimulation! I have been searching/googling for the latest in oral stimulation therapy and chews. There are amazing new things out there. Things that we didn't have 11 years ago when we went through this with our Faith.
 And our sweet Moses, who never learned not to trust, not to fear, shares his joy with everyone he meets. I can just hear it now, when in the future people will tell us "Moses has touched our lives." Little will they know, what he's overcome. And yet he continues to bring JOY to so many!
                                 He's been sick way too many times.
                       And he always comes out smiling- happy- joyful!
Will Noah remember Tom? Will Tom's visit have any impact on a little guy who has a world of his own.
 We have ooohed and aaaawed over these picture a million times now. Imagining we are with Tom here. We cry tears of joy and happiness. We imagine we are holding the boys too! It's way too exciting!
 Will Moses remember Tom? Will he remember that this man loved him like a Daddy, and held him close to his heart.
              Will he be able to stay well and fight off those yucky virus'.
 It's so hard to see them left behind, as Tom comes home. At home we will talk about every single minute of Tom's visit over and over again. We'll all ask Tom- questions over and over, about what did they like, or how did they act, what did he see that was cute!
The happy part, Tom leaves knowing, all three boys have Babas. The Babas now know that these boys have a family. A Daddy who traveled thousands of miles to see them and start the process to bring them home. The Babas will now be extra careful in caring of them, so they look really good when they go HOME! God Bless them!

7 years old

 Jacob was able to spend more time with Tom on Thursday. But this did not make Jacob happy. He cried. He was afraid. Tom did get him to smile a little. All of the 7 year olds we have raised were very out going and curious of all people. You expect this fear from toddlers. That may be the age/stage he is stuck in mentally.
 He has the most beautiful brown eyes doesn't he? :o)
Our Pauly will be our only blonde hair, blue eyed Prince from Bul*gar*ia.
                                     Jacob turned 7 in March.
 This picture just melts my heart. His bottom lip is sticking out. Makes you want to hug him and love him and tell him everything in the world is o.k.
                                   What a handsome Prince he is!
 Now this sweet boy, Moses, is 7 too, he turned 7 in Feb. Look at that LOVE!! He may be tiny, but he is all heart!!
Moses just can't have a bad day!!
Jacob is the size of our almost 5 yr old Julius.
Learning to be brothers is hard for Jacob.
But Moses says he's all ready!
They are both the same age- but look at the size difference.
Moses was smaller last August, if you can even imagine.
He looks like he's gained some weight. Which is great!
I found a blog last winter, where a family actually adopted over 30 boys! If Tom wasn't here, I have to say, I could go for maybe 5 more boys! LOL! But Tom says not now.............. anyway! (wink) He just doesn't get my fascination with little boys. I guess for me it's because there are so may waiting. Their waiting faces melt my heart.

                               ~~~~~~ NEWS FLASH!!!!!~~~~~~
We got great news today from our attorney! We will be allowed to expedite this adoption!

Rumors? I'm sorry but I'm hurt

I was posting pictures and updating Tom's Thursday visit when Tom Skyped me.

He was told that my blog sounds as if I am unable to type a post on here or get out of bed.

And that my blog sounds as if  I am unable to care for all that I do. Possibly not being able to care for the new boys also.


From what I recall, I only wrote how hard it is to do this. Not that I can't or I am unable.

I tell the truth here- things like- yes our adult kids don't help me. And yes it would be great if some of my bloggy buddies lived closer to help. And yes this is NOT easy. But I have done it for over 36 years. I don't know how to do anything else.

And yes, prayers were answered on a day I was extra tired and wondered if I'd get Isaiah's virus/fever after being up all night with him. And worried about catching MA's tummy virus. I do get weak when I'm tired, don't you?

And yes I have been busier than usual- fund raising non-stop and selling things on ebay. Answering tons of new e-mails from really nice new people. I am on the computer waaaay too much raising every penney I can for my 3 boys!

Y'know someone seems to have it out for me. And I guess that's just part of the bloggy world. Someone doesn't like my opinion, and gets a bee in their bonnet. I have had to cut back on some of my computer groups to spend more time with family and fund raising. We still need $10,000.00. Yesterday 2 auctions closed out but I lost a buyer. That hurt.

Sometimes satan isn't the reason for division, sometimes it is us. Something we do that intentionally hurts another person-and we can't blame our actions on satan. I know I sin, no matter how hard I try not to.

Recently I had confided heart felt things to a group of women I thought I could trust. Now I don't know who to trust. It's a sad day for me. If the intent was to hurt me. I have been hurt. I still pray nothing but good for whoever you may be.

To those of you who have supported us through thick and thin. We LOVE you more than words can say.
YOU are the wind beneath our wings!
God Bless you!

Now I will resume my normal blogging, I just had to get that off my chest.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Falling in LOVE over and over!

 Do you see what I see? I see LOVE!! These boys are learning to be brothers!! 9 year old Noah is learning to LOVE from his tiny little 7 yr old brother Moses!
These pictures are from Wed. I could not get any pictures from Thursday because we lost our Skype connection both Wed. night and Thurs. morning. Tom and I only had about 10 minutes to visit and he was gone. :o(
We couldn't get the calls back. We'll try again tonight. But it may not be until he returns to Sofia, Friday night that he can send more pictures.

 See the boys holding hands? This is an orphanage thing- grabbing and hanging on to anything. Noah constantly reaches out to touch and hold on to people. If he can't do this with a person, he does it with a soft toy. This habit gradually left our Julius and Pauly when we made sure to touch them and let them touch us as much as they wanted. Even tiny Moses knows that when he holds a hand, don't let go, hold on tight!
This picture breaks my heart. If you click on a picture here, it will bring them up larger, so you can see how tiny this angel is.

Noah is not aggressive at all. He is self abusive. Not being aggressive is amazing for little boys with autism and fetal alcohol. But I imagine that little extra chromosome in him is filled with so much LOVE, it wins over any aggression!

Does Moses ever stop smiling, LOVING, melting hearts? Nope!
And when you look at Noah, you just can't help but see the hope for him. The hope for a real life with a Mom and Dad!
Last but not least! Thank You SO MUCH for your donations!! We are so humbled by your generosity! God Bless you!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 3

 From the very limited updates of Jacob I was able to receive from adopting families, I had a feeling Jacob was different. More aware. A thinker. Possibly higher functioning. And I was right.

But all of that intelligence can also be a disability if you have never been taught to use it. He has only used it in his little boy mind, to cope in his world. Now he's afraid to function outside of what he knows. He's terrified of strangers at age 7.

Today they took the boys out for passport pictures. Sadly Jacob was very fearful, and still very sick, sicker than Moses right now. Tom still only gets to see Jacob 1X a day for about 15 minutes. Today's 15 minutes with Dad were at the photographers. Which were probably the worst 15 minutes. Jacob does not walk and refuses to stand. We had hoped he could walk.

Jacob did not cooperate for his photos and cried the whole way there and back. He likes his new Daddy, but he doesn't trust him. He doesn't ever want to leave the only home he's known. Especially not to have a photo taken, not to live in America. Please pray he gets well. Dad felt terrible for him.
This little guy defines the word LOVE. He cooperated pretty well considering he too has never left the only home he's known. He gives eye contact and seeks very appropriate interactions with people, even though he is so tiny, can't walk, and often weak even sitting. What a doll!
And our little wild man took it all in stride. He definitely has many autistic behaviors that help him cope with everything! If you look at his hands in this picture- you see his pointer fingers are eye level, they go into his eyes and poke them, then he proceeds to pull on his top and bottom eyelids until they are red, over and over. One of his self stimulating behaviors, perfected by 9 years of life in an orphanage. So heart breaking.

We had heard Noah was learning to walk up stairs last fall. I wondered why. And I said- "I highly doubt this, I don't think he can even walk." And I was right. He can't walk, so why is he encouraged to go up stairs? It is not functional for him at this time. Tom spends alot of time encouraging him to walk during visits.

We will be searching for a double stroller and a front carrier for Tom to wear with Moses for next trip.

Please pray for Isaiah, his fever is just not going away, and he feels miserable.(Isaiah is holding Pauly here)
The temperature here was in the high 70s, I don't tolerate heat at all, so I completed melted by 1:30 p.m.
I could barely get up from my nap by 7:15 p.m. Thank goodness I prepared some meals ahead for everybody and Gabriel and Faith were great helping entertain MA and SP.

Answered prayers~

                    Thank You SO MUCH for your prayers!

Last night Isaiah had a fever and I was concerned I would become tired and sick with him, as I sat with him last night trying to bring it down.

Then I wondered if I'd end up get MA's tummy virus after cleaning her up, because she can't clean herself anymore.

Sometimes when I'm stressed, fatigue takes over my body, I trip on stairs, I fall, I can't think. It's very frustrating.

But even tho I slept only 1 hour two separate times last night, I feel great! I even felt refreshed and woke up before the alarm went off at 5 a.m.

Last year I was sick for a few weeks after Tom came home. I had such horrible fatigue. This year, I actually feel better each day instead of worse!!
                                              Praise God!!

             I know this was because of ALL your precious prayers!
                                              Thank You!!

Tom's little princess

There is a girl in the same orphanage as our boys, that Tom is in love with. He hasn't seen her while he's there, but he brought her clothes and diapers and a toy.
Her Baba came and took them for her! We wish he could have held her and hugged her, but it was not allowed.

When Tom goes back to pick up the three boys, if she is still available, we can commit to her. But not until then. We have to finalize our three boy's adoption first. We are praying that after court we can commit early if our agency will agree. Sometimes they request the new children are in the home before we can commit. That would be about 4-5 months away. We are trying to expedite this adoption through the USA side.

On second trip Tom will bring her more diapers and clothes even if another family chooses her before us. She has touched all of our hearts deeply. Tom says our family won't be complete without a Daddy's girl!

Thank You and my little boy blue

                      Thank You so much to our precious donators!

My little boy blue is very sick and feverish. So I am up keeping an eye on him late into the night. His throat is sore and causing him to snore and drool, which normally he never does. :o(
This picture is typical of how he crashes anywhere but his bed. Usually my bed!
He likes to help me, so he just goes until he can't!!
Please pray he gets well. He's such a good boy, and such a wonderful big brother to little boys with DS.

This guy is a HUGE help too. When he's not chasing birds, cats or whatever runs through our yard that catches his attention! Also typical of 17 yr old young men, he forgets alot of what mom says! LOL!!

I think when Tom gets home I'll take a little vacation and see what he thinks about staying behind! ;o) LOL!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 2 with 3 love bugs

 It takes up to 15 minutes to download a picture. I lose seriously needed sleep, but instead I sat waiting for these pictures! Tom sits in the stairwell of the hotel! We lose our Skype connection every 2 minutes!
Jacob is in the orange shirt. He's still not feeling good, and Tom only gets to see him once a day for about 15 minutes. He was happy to see Dad.

 Poor Jacob, I love how he's holding on to Tom. And Moses (Tom is holding) has started antibiotics, so he was feeling a little better. Noah on the right is chewing on a stuffed toy! He's getting sick too.
 This photo is so cute! It needs 2 more boys in it :o) Julius & Pauly.
Pauly does this too. He chews on his stuffed toys. But Noah chews with a vengeance. And he drools much more on where he is chewing. Now we know what he likes!! :o)
We fell in love with Moses' file first. Then we saw a video and that sealed the deal. We thought Jacob was just as needy as Moses. But he looks pretty good, compared to what his file said. Except that he's sick now. We picked Noah because of his smile in his baby picture. But we haven't seen a smile on him in any picture since.
There's something incredibly special about these three love bugs!