Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thank You!! and not a pretty post

God Bless you ALL for caring SO MUCH about our 3 precious boys!
We keep you in our prayers daily!
Your help means so much to them and our family!

Now the not so pretty post.
You can read here- http://www.only1mom.com/2012/03/update-on-pleven-medical-fund.html

This has been weighing so heavily on my mind.
First of all, do my boys, have my boys have/had broken bones? Oh my heart is heavy. They already need some medical things the Tokuda hospital may be able to help them with before they come home.
After we get them home, we hope to donate/re-pay those amazing Drs who have taken on this wonderful work!

As I sit in my comfortable home, in clean clothes, with beds and sheets for everyone, with money to buy food for all of us here. With boxes of diapers and depends stacked in rooms. I feel sick to my stomach that so many children, and my 3 boys, are going without. All of the things we have, that we/I take for granted. The Country they live in is poor. The real kind of poor, not the kind of poor we talk about here!

We have so much help here. For instance, I've said how our health insurance costs us a lot of money each month because we are self employed. And our deductible on one policy is $5,000 and the other $5,700. We have been fighting/struggling to pay a large load of medical bills for Julius & Pauly. Things we hadn't anticipated they would need. Things spread over time wouldn't be too much, But the Drs insisted- now! We ended one calendar year 3 months after they came and had to pay the deductible twice as the new calendar year began.............until our hospital told us we were eligible for Charity care.

Now that's just the hospital. Specialty Drs still want their money after insurance. :o)
But what a wonderful blessing for the hospital to lighten our load. I did not want Charity care. I was too proud. I begged them to let me make small monthly payments- they refused. I put my pride aside and thanked God!

Yesterday with St. Patrick's day I thought about how my paternal grandfather's family came from Ireland,
and my paternal grandma's family from Scotland and my maternal grandpa's family - England and my maternal grandma's family- Norway/Finland.

They left 4 Countries that they loved and knew. To come to America! They never knew that I was going to exist- but oh- how they blessed my life by coming here, because of them I can celebrate these Countries as an American! Just as our newly American boys celebrate their beautiful Country of their birth, as Americans!

I try not to feel guilty about all I have, all I've been given . I work hard to share, after all it is God's not mine. I pray I've used His gifts wisely.
But sometimes it's hard to be so blessed when you see the suffering. Sometimes I just feel sick in the pit of my stomach because so many struggle. Sometimes it's hard to enjoy what you have when you wish you could share it with those so far away.


  1. Can I just tell you that I've thought this same sort of thing so many times? I look around at the room I'm in, I walk through a store, and I think... I have all this and those kids have nothing. I would give all this up for them. And then I want to. I want to take everything I have, and trade it all in for the things these babes need most. Sometimes I wish there were a big building, where you could haul all the crap you don't need, tell them how much you paid for it when you thought you needed it, and get your money back so you can use it on something you know means more. And, I mean, like you, I know I haven't lived a life of excess. But comparatively, seeing what they have versus what I have now? It sure feels like it.

    Hugs, Mama. You've already done so much. You will do so much more. I wish I knew how to make this "hurry up and wait" period not be so hard.

    1. Katie you are so kind. No we have not lived in excess, but compared to others, we might as well be millionaires! And if only we could give it back!
      The Unroe family is next for the Hidden Treasures Auction- that's a great way to donate things!! I know I have a few!

  2. I'm really glad to see how successful your fundraising has been! I also understand about medical bills; our insurance is also very expensive and we have a $6,000 deductible and a deductible for prescriptions too. I know what it's like to make monthly payments - we do the same thing! Not sure how we will manage when our little boy gets home, but we will surely run through that deductible quickly!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! We have had several Angels pick up the fund raising ball with us and help tremendously! Mostly because the boys are in a very poor area that has touched all of us to the core.

  3. I too hurt here for all that my baby and so many other are going without there. We are getting there though. Our babies are coming home (hopefully sooner than later) and help is on the way to the others we are forced to leave behind. I try hard not to fret, by my Mama's heart just can't help it either. Praying for your 3 as they wait and your family.

    1. Hi! A :o)
      You know it wasn't this slow last time. :o(

  4. How could I forget to tell y'all ((((HUGS))))) in my replies to you!!
    Guess it's Monday morning brain dead.ugh.


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