Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh, I wait and wait and wait...............

It has been so long.
We've already had to re-do our medicals and police.
Last time we re-did them after first visit. We haven't had first visit yet.
We had to re-do our FBI, that takes 8 weeks plus one week to federally apostille. That is now on its way with a family traveling Wed. (yeah! to have it done!) The old ones expire 6 months from May.
Am I'm complaining? Yeah, I am complaining. If you could see how my 3 precious boys look now, you'd want them home too. Last August our Moses was sick, very sick. Our Noah is going to be 9 in June. He's gone without a family long enough!
I understand waiting but this has not been fair. These boys have very special health needs. No, they don't need surgery or anything like that. They do need nutrition and Drs attention.
Please join us in prayer that we receive our written referral this week.
Thank You!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Every once in a while my chip-in just disapears from my blog- causing me great distress!! I try not to worry, I've noticed at least from my computer, others chip-ins leave too? Or maybe it's just my computer!???
But that did not stop some very precious people from donating to our Reeces Rainbow Family Support page! (You can click on the pink icon on the right side that says "Born in my heart" to see!)
THANK YOU!!! SO MUCH!!!! And as my favorite clip art says- God Bless You!!
((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) and prayers from ALL of us!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MA loves babies!

Yes, there was a time.
When MA wanted her very own baby.
There never was a boyfriend serious enough to consider marriage. But still, wanting a baby was there.

Now the baby "want" is gone, she let go of it quite easily. After all there are so many other things that are interesting for her to do. And now that she's a Great Great Aunt to many babies in her family. She finds that is enough.

Of course when you live with "old" people like you who continue to bring babies home, because, well, they just can't move on as easily. And haven't found anything more fun than this to do!
Then you get to hold babies more often than maybe you'd like!
Maybe you even wonder when Tom and E are going to start acting their ages, and live lives like their peers! Relaxing at the lake drinking yummie drinks in lawn chairs. Eating out, re-decorating, something- anything- but babies?!
But then you remember, these babies LOVE you, look up to you and you get to tell them what to do!
When you tire of them you tell on them!
And Tom and E are like your 2nd family after 25 years.
So you can surely put up with their antics another 25 years, right? Please!
MA had a bad cold here, excuse the drippy nose. :o) She couldn't hold Julius (aka wiggle bug) because he's a handful to hold and does not pose for pictures!! LOL!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thank You!! and not a pretty post

God Bless you ALL for caring SO MUCH about our 3 precious boys!
We keep you in our prayers daily!
Your help means so much to them and our family!

Now the not so pretty post.
You can read here- http://www.only1mom.com/2012/03/update-on-pleven-medical-fund.html

This has been weighing so heavily on my mind.
First of all, do my boys, have my boys have/had broken bones? Oh my heart is heavy. They already need some medical things the Tokuda hospital may be able to help them with before they come home.
After we get them home, we hope to donate/re-pay those amazing Drs who have taken on this wonderful work!

As I sit in my comfortable home, in clean clothes, with beds and sheets for everyone, with money to buy food for all of us here. With boxes of diapers and depends stacked in rooms. I feel sick to my stomach that so many children, and my 3 boys, are going without. All of the things we have, that we/I take for granted. The Country they live in is poor. The real kind of poor, not the kind of poor we talk about here!

We have so much help here. For instance, I've said how our health insurance costs us a lot of money each month because we are self employed. And our deductible on one policy is $5,000 and the other $5,700. We have been fighting/struggling to pay a large load of medical bills for Julius & Pauly. Things we hadn't anticipated they would need. Things spread over time wouldn't be too much, But the Drs insisted- now! We ended one calendar year 3 months after they came and had to pay the deductible twice as the new calendar year began.............until our hospital told us we were eligible for Charity care.

Now that's just the hospital. Specialty Drs still want their money after insurance. :o)
But what a wonderful blessing for the hospital to lighten our load. I did not want Charity care. I was too proud. I begged them to let me make small monthly payments- they refused. I put my pride aside and thanked God!

Yesterday with St. Patrick's day I thought about how my paternal grandfather's family came from Ireland,
and my paternal grandma's family from Scotland and my maternal grandpa's family - England and my maternal grandma's family- Norway/Finland.

They left 4 Countries that they loved and knew. To come to America! They never knew that I was going to exist- but oh- how they blessed my life by coming here, because of them I can celebrate these Countries as an American! Just as our newly American boys celebrate their beautiful Country of their birth, as Americans!

I try not to feel guilty about all I have, all I've been given . I work hard to share, after all it is God's not mine. I pray I've used His gifts wisely.
But sometimes it's hard to be so blessed when you see the suffering. Sometimes I just feel sick in the pit of my stomach because so many struggle. Sometimes it's hard to enjoy what you have when you wish you could share it with those so far away.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


So 2 weeks ago we got our verbal referral. (YEAH!!)
Now we are back to waiting.
(here is Gabe waiting for the mail man) We need a written referral for travel dates first trip.
We are also waiting for our updated FBI fingerprints. They need to be Federally apostilled. We are going to have a Courier (in VA) walk in for us to get this done. This costs anywhere from$35.00-$120.00. We're hoping we can get the $35.00 Courier, we'll be calling around.
Have I said, I hate waiting!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pauly says THANK YOU!! and sends a kiss!

Pauly has been home! since August 20th 2011. Pauly never had a home! before! And he wants to tell you he LOVES it!
He wants to tell you his 3 new brothers are going to love having a home! too!

Pauly says THANK YOU!! to all of the precious people who have donated to help bring his 3 new brothers home!

Here's a kiss from Pauly to you! Pauly only knows love in his heart, he loves his forever family and he loves to give those kisses! He can't wait to kiss his 3 new brothers!
God Bless you! And THANK YOU! so much for caring about Pauly's brothers, Noah, Moses and Jacob!
((((HUGS)))) and prayers, from all of us here to YOU!

Dinner with Samson~

Samson likes his picture taken too. He's 16 now and every bit teen ager!
And I do take his picture, but I take it on my old camera that does not transfer to computer. I haven't moved into the future yet!!
So it's nice when his big sister Hope takes some pictures on her cell phone for us.

But then Samson wants to see them on "HIS" blog! LOL!!
(Yes we make 13 boxes of macaroni and cheese at a time! I add broccoli or peas to it and of course garlic! I don't think it is edible without garlic!! I found a supplier of just the Kr*aft cheese and now make it much cheaper using my noodles!)
That's Kitty with Samson. Yes she smiles like this all day long! Samson loves his little sisters and brothers! Kitty and Samson are "trouble" buddies at the table!
Are you happy now Samson? Your pictures are on the blog. Yup, he's happy, he says "Look mom! It's me!!"
What a handsome guy!! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photos of the beautiful give away prizes!!!

Julia posted beautiful pictures of the prizes!! in the give away!!
Please help us spread the word!
Please link us anywhere you can think of!!


PLEASE DONATE to us or any of these precious families!! You could win a beautiful prize! Prizes still coming in!!
((((HUGS)))) and prayers!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Looking back

We've never celebrated "gotcha day". For many of our kids, it just was a very stressful day for them.
This is a picture of Julius (blue) and Pauly (green) in the hotel Budapest, Sophia, Bulgaria. After Tom and Gabriel picked them up, cleaned them, dressed them for comfort, and really got to know them and love on them.
They stressed out. :o(
Julius licking the bed, Pauly self stimulating.
We wondered, would it have been easier for them, to have adopted only one of them, because together they seemed to multiply their sorrow and fear. They were the only familiar thing they had left and even they weren't that familiar with each other.
So much sadness. So much for being rescued in their minds.
I wish I had a recording of the very LOUD continuous noises,the grunting, grinding teeth, and yelling they made! It was impossible for them to be quiet, even while sleeping. As Tom and I Skyped those 5 days, he could not even hear me!
They were also spitting and biting and drooling.
My heart just aches now remembering how helpless we felt. Holding them made it worse. Watching them was torture. We had to just be there for them. We prayed a lot.
These last two pictures show their tongues working. Julius still comforts himself when put to bed by sticking his tongue on his blankie or sheet. He licks what he likes!
Pauly holds his little tongue in now. Both boys are learning that spitting is "icky" and drooling is "ishy". Old habits die hard, but the cute little tongues no longer protrude!
6 1/2 months later we see lots of positive changes. Pauly gets his own toys from the toy basket! This from a boy who sat and self stimulated for hours- amazing! He loves little kid size chairs, he used to plop his seat down on the floor. Now he scoots himself up into a chair. He still doesn't like to walk...but we're not getting him a wheel chair- LOL!
Julius IS trying so hard to talk! Sometimes waaay too loud! He walks a lot! He has finally learned that nap time and bed time are not party time! :o) Part of that was Samson's fault! Samson still naps because he has a heart condition. He and Julius share a room. Sometimes Samson can't sleep, or Julius is loud. So Samson decided he would lay Julius down if he popped up. Julius thought it was great fun, he screamed just to get Samson going. Unfortunately Samson then hit him. So now two boys were in trouble!
Now we are wondering, will our 3 new precious little monkeys remind Julius and Pauly of their previous life? Will they regress after hearing the 3 new boys mourn all that they've lost too? The new boys are older, but will Julius and Pauly keep their maturity or regress around more "worldly" older orphanage boys?
Whatever happens we're ready! :o)
We wouldn't trade what we are doing for anything!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Can you help us??? THANK YOU!!

Everyone :o) who has donated on our Reece's Rainbow page since Friday, Please let me know who you are and how much you donated.
Then I can enter you into the give away!
All of the chip in people are entered!
Go here to check on the updates of the give away-
Or read my post below!!
(((HUGS)))) and prayers to you all!
God Bless!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We can never THANK YOU enough~

These sweet people donated to our Reece's Rainbow Family support page!
If you donate to the chip-in I can "see" you. For the Reece's Rainbow page I have to ask someone to tell me, who donated.
I don't want anyone to think we are un-grateful!
(I know there are several more, I apologize.)
Thank You SO MUCH!!! And God Bless you all!
(((HUGS))) and prayers to you!

ANOTHER WAY TO HELP Noah-Moses and Jacob!! :o)

Please!! Post on FB, anywhere and everywhere!!
Help our boys!! :o)
This fundraiser will run 3 weeks from last Friday 3/9
Tell Julia how much you donated to us and you will get the corresponding chances to win one of 83 prizes!!
$10.00 - 2 entries
$20.00 - 5 entries
$35.00 - 9 entries
$50.00 - 13 entries
$75.00 - 19 entries
$100.00 - 25 entries
$150.00 - 36 entries
$200.00 - 47 entries
$250.00 - 58 entries
$500.00 - 110 entries
Sorry this only counts for donations starting on Friday March 9th,2012. You can put your donation in our Reeces Rainbow tax deductable page (click on the "born in my heart" on the right) OR our chip-in, either one.
If you go to Julia's blog you can see even more information about this give away!!
HERE IS THE LIST OF ALL 83 ITEMS. Total value is over $4,500.00.

1. 3RD GENERATION iPAD 16GB WiFi with engraving - $500.00 value - donated by S.
2. Kindle Fire Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi - $200.00 value - donated by Molly
3. Kindle Fire Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi - $200.00 value - donated by Kelly
4. Extra $250.00 donation to a waiting child of the winner’s choice
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7. 250.00 gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond
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17. $25.00 gift certificate to http://www.handiworkforelijah.blogspot.com/ - This gift certificate will also benefit Lilly 3G on RR
18. $15.00 gift certificate to Vadas Creation http://www.etsy.com/shop/vadascreations
19. $5.00 gift card to Walmart
20. $5.00 gift card to Walmart
21. Beautifully and lovingly made Afghan by the M. family - $100.00 value
22. PUPPY EYES stained glass by Martha Walker - $50.00 value
23. Handmade Dr. Seuss quilt for a Double bed with ornate and detailed quilting by Heather Vitella- $400.00 value
24. Owl purse handmade with love by Brenda - $20.00 value
25. Owl purse handmade with love by Brenda - $20.00 value
26. Happy Hartman Handmade soap - $15.00 value
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28. 4 Handmade potholders - Made with hands of love - PRICELESS
29. Beautiful Dresser Scarf - $10.00 value
30. Chain crocheted by seven year old Maggie, who has a very big heart for orphans - Value: PRICELESS!!
31. Set of cards from Africa - lovingly purchased from an African man in a handcart wheelchair - Priceless
32. Set of cards from Africa - lovingly purchased from an African man in a handcart wheelchair - Priceless
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34. E-reader/ipad cover by Missy Breen - $8.00 value
35. Tag blanket by Shelly Berman - $10.00 value
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71. “7 – A Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker - $15.00 value
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83. Chocolate gift basket - Comes with hand-carved wooden platter made from a Chinese Fir Tree. Basket includes Chocolaty Cherry Amaretto Cheesecake Fondue, White Chocolate Sauce, Hazelnut Zebra Hand-Crafted Biscotti, Chocolate Toffee Hand-Crafted Biscotti, Godiva Milk Chocolate Cashews, Godiva Dark Chocolate Almonds, Godiva Milk Chocolate Strawberries, A Large Assortment of Lindt Cream Filled Lindor Truffles, A Chocolate, Berries, Cookies, Grahams, Crispy Rice & Pecans Bar, A Chocolate, Peanuts, Peanut Butter and Chocolaty Puffs Gourmet Bar, 2 Godiva 3.5oz Dark Chocolate Bars, Godiva Milk Chocolate Bar (3.5oz), Godiva Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar (3.5oz), Godiva White Chocolate Peppermint Crunch (3.5oz), Rich and Creamy Chocolate Walnut Fudge, Rich and Creamy Vanilla Walnut Fudge, European Delicacies Premium Cookie Assortment (incredible!), Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with a Creamy Peppermint Filling, Godiva Milk Chocolate Filled With Caramel, Godiva Dark Chocolate Filled With Raspberries, Ribbon, Wrap and Ivy Enhancements - $200.00 value
God Bless you all we LOVE you!
(((HUGS))) and prayers!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Are YOU against abortion!

Yes! I am.
I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, my first baby in 1976. I just turned 19. I was an un-wed mom. I knew many girls who had abortions then.(who now in their 50s suffer because of it) I married Tom when she was 2 weeks old. We had had an off and on relationship since I was 13 and he was 16. He was in the Army from age 18 to 21. When he came home, we married and he became our daughter Angel Ruth's only Dad. (She would be 36 this year, she died in a car accident at 28 precious years young.)
Fast foreword to 1988. We were waiting to adopt our 5th child. We adopted the most beautiful baby girl with Down Syndrome. Her name was Joy Elizabeth. (her birth mom's name was also Elizabeth)Back then parents of children with disabilities, questioned whether they should carry a baby to full term if there was a known disability. They were often counseled to terminate for "the baby's sake". Our baby Joy's parents did something daring back then, they carried her to full term, loved her and chose us to parent her. Sadly our hearts were broken when she died at 5 months old, from medical complications. Her birthparents flew from AZ to attend her funeral here. Our baby Joy had 4 parents who celebrated every second of her life! This was not the norm then.
In 1989 we were ready to adopt out 7th child, our 4th adoption. As always we prayed-" Precious Lord, send us the child who needs us!"
This time we learned of the huge need for adoptive parents for children who were black. (My children call themselves black Americans- their choice) In our state, Minnesota, it was illegal then for white people to adopt a black child. (In the late 90s that was finally contested and found illegal in the supreme court, but MN continued to fight it.)
We knew of an outspoken family with a long history of Foster Care, who had children who were black removed from their foster home if they tried to adopt them. They did this to this family repeatedly to make a point! We learned not to ever make our trans-racial adoptions too public for fear of retaliation. We were criticised often for "attempting" to parent children who were black. These same critics were not willing to save a life!
I don't know how the outspoken family did it, but they never gave up and eventually they did adopt 2 children of color from Foster Care, from MN. The children the state did not allow them to adopt just because of color lost the most.
We could adopt children who were black from other states. We were told that boys who were black needed homes the most. We "patiently" (no I'm never patient! LOL!) waited for our boy! And in July 1990 our 2 month old daughter Grace Lovey came home! A girl! LOL! Grace's birthmom had considered abortion 3X before a Christian agency took her under their wing and loved her. Babies that were black were not adopted then like they are now. At a Christian agency dinner to raise awareness for trans-racial adoption, a birth mom speaker, pleaded "Will anyone adopt my baby?" Can you imagine? Just because of the color of her baby, they had difficulties finding a family? It broke my heart.
And this is why. If you look at the picture to the left, you will see MY baby Grace!! She is in the front center in the grey sweater, black dress. She was at a state wide Black CEOS conference for a very large national company. She is only 21 years old. She is also a Law student. Yes, her birthmom considered abortion 3X, because she was trapped in a situation she was not ready for. But I was ready, and because we teamed together- here is our end product- the Amazing Grace!! (yes I read her those stories as a child!) A gift from God! (o.k. I'm weeping un-controllably now!)
Now a days it is more than acceptable to adopt any baby. There are waiting lists now for babies of any color or with disabilities. Especially Down Syndrome babies! This is amazingly fantastic!
But there are no waiting lists of families for adopting children/babies like these from Eastern Europe.
They were not aborted in their country, because the cost of abortion is not affordable to them. That part is good. After all who can "afford" to end a life. But now, because they are not aborted, but still not wanted, they are abandoned at record rates there.
So here IS a life already waiting, already saved needing your help. Are you against abortion? What will be your part in saving one of these children in a Country far away from your comfort zone, my comfort zone.
Are you really against abortion? Could you offer prayer or support, and get the word out to everyone you know. Get the word out that these precious children need your help now! So that families willing to save them,willing to bring them into their home to save their life, can?
PLEASE! Support not just our family but any family! :o)
God Bless you all!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


WE got our verbal referral YESTERDAY !!!!!!!!!!

Now we need a FAST signature!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

THANK YOU!!!!! and urgent news

We have another angel in the wings of our adoption. Her name is also Elizabeth. She posted about us on her blog here- http://keeponspinning.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/saving-babies-together/
It is a beautiful post. I loved it. I was humbled and honored by it. We do not adopt these boys alone. There are MANY of you :o) and you know who you are, who silently, selflessly like Elizabeth help behind the scenes. THANK YOU!!!! (((HUGS))))
My chip in is NOT cooperating with showing recent donations. I'm off to try and fix it!
Now the urgent news.
Here is more of what we know is happening to our boys in their orphanage in Eastern Europe-
Donated toys are put into a bag and henceforth ignored in a toy closet.
The staff all know the routine to impress visitors. An insider described this routine as “making one sick.”
The donated therapy room is hardly used, but it benefited the
director–as leverage to get herself a higher pension.
Sometimes the children aren’t fed on Sundays, when there is a
skeleton staff.
The children’s diapers aren’t always changed every
One child has been kept in isolation for two years for an
upper respiratory infection.
The caregivers unashamedly lift the children from the beds and
carry them across the room by one arm.
They are deliberately underfeeding the children to keep them
small and weak, so that they don’t need much food or attention, and can’t be transferred (along with their government stipend) to the next
My heart breaks, do you realize that our Moses has only doubled his birth weight in 7 years?? Recently on the news a 15 yr old in the US was found weighing 70 pounds. As terrible as this is, this 15 yr old (below) in the same orphanage as our boys is this big. She can't weigh more than 24 pounds. You can read about her family here-http://thesousabrownfamily.blogspot.com/
why??? ....cry....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

much to do

Our medicals and police reports will expire in April for our Country.

So on Monday we go to the police dept. for new ones. This is a steal- it costs only 50 cents! Then we notarize (free) and apostille $10.00 + gas for 140 mile round trip to the apostille office on Wed. in our 15 passenger van.

On Tuesday we both see the Dr to sign the two medical forms each for Tom and I. That is a $500.00 visit. Then we notarize (free) and apostille $20.00 with the police reports.

This week we wait some more. We wait for word on something we hoped to hear last week. Please pray with us that our Country moves our paperwork foreward quickly so that Tom can go first visit to see and HOLD our precious boys.

Last August Tom was in our Country. He was picking up Julius & Pauly. He received word while he was there that Moses was very ill and in the infirmary. A very Dear Sister in Christ was there where Moses is, when he was sick. She was able to hold him and have a picture taken with him. He is so tiny. We pray every day that he will continue his fight to live. These little boys may be tiny but they have strong wills!

Their strength reminds me of our Susie who lived with us 16 yrs in our Group Home. She had DS and developed Alzheimers. The Drs said she'd go to Heaven quickly. Once we called to re-new her meds and her Dr responded "Is she still alive!?" I thought that was terrible! We had wondered if her will to live would be strong, since she really couldn't understand. We found out quickly that she was not going to go without a fight! Her spirit was strong. Much stronger than we could have imagined!

Our 3 boys have faced challenges living without a mommy and a dad. They have had to be strong. They have done a great job!

Friday, March 2, 2012

so very very sad today

I wrote about my sadness on my other blog.
I'm trying to keep this one clear for adoption information.
The people in our Country who were expected to meet on Wed. did not meet that day, or Thursday or Friday.
They did not meet at all this week...................cry..........................
I'm trying to understand.
But I'm feeling very deflated right now. Not defeated, deflated- the wind knocked out of me.
Yes, God IS in control. And He uses everything for good, His good. But there are waaaaay too many people getting up in the morning, living, loving, working, shopping...............who NEVER think about these children suffering day after day as they lay their heads on their fluffy pillows at night and sleep. And then get up and do it again....oblivious.
My pillow is soaked with tears.
Jacob turns 7 this month, Moses is 7, and Noah turns 9 this spring.
They want to come home now.
Oh, how I wish I could save them all. But there are many of us right now going there. Please sign our papers and set our children free.