Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, February 24, 2012

Paul Follower

Pauly is named after my dear friend Pauline and Paul of the New Testament.

Paul of the NT was a Follower of Christ. Our Pauly is a Follower of Christ too! Our Pauly loves nothing more than to listen to us sing hymns accapella! He rocks with joy!
It still amazes us that the orphanage staff told us that this little boy "is very serious, does not laugh or smile". Because just from Tom's first visits, Pauly broke out into hysterical happiness! Totally surprising the orphanage!

This is what I think. I think Pauly never "felt" anyone hold him like Tom held him. I think Pauly knew this was love. And I think he wanted to be loved desperately.
When Tom and Gabriel took him to the hotel for 5 days before they could come home, Pauly was not happy. He had lost everything he'd ever known.

And he let Tom and Gabe know all about it! Grunting, grinding his teeth, moaning- loudly! Then he came home and told me all about it! LOL!!
I wish I knew the day things switched for him. I know it happened gradually. And now he has become that little boy that everyone stereotypes! When they say "Oh! Down Syndrome! Those children are SO HAPPY!!" And we roll our eyes thinking, not really, they are just like us. Some crabby, some happy, some quiet, some shy. But Pauly!!! He IS that HAPPY HAPPY kid who happens to have DS. He IS the smiling cheerful singing love that people imagine with DS. Every single day! Even Gabe wonders how this could be the same boy he was camped out in a hotel for 5 days with, because he was so grumpy! He didn't even smile the whole trip home.
Even more interesting is that Pauly was aggressive when Tom took him from the orphanage. Pauly tried to attack Julius. Pauly pulled Julius' hair. Julius is the stronger, quicker thinker. So you would have thought Julius would have been aggressive towards Pauly. He wasn't. Now Julius will take advantage of Pauly's good mood. Julius is a thinker and Pauly is a feelings kind of guy! Love those feelings Pauly has!
Pauly just started vocalizing "words". Tonight it was "YA" (a sound-like in apple) He says it really loud. For some reason both boys think loud is better! LOL! Boy thing? Orphanage thing? Who knows! We think it's o.k. Our Samson who could not hear the first 3 years of his life whispers his words. It drives us crazy!! LOL!
Oh! the love Pauly gives with his entire chubby little body! He has amazing abdominal muscles, he is the sit up king! He loves to climb bunk bed ladders. But his all over muscle strength is alot of work for him to control! If he's next to me and wants to climb up. he can only shrug his shoulders up! I get the signal right away! :o)
How can a boy from thousands of miles away, fit into my arms like he's always been here? Like I was just living my life waiting for something, not knowing what it was, and it was him! and Julius! How can people look at us like we've lost our minds when they won't even help one of these precious children find homes by donating supplies, time or money?
God has overwhelmed us with blessings as we submit our will to His. Our eyes have been opened, we will forever be part of this in any way we can for life. There will come the day we can't go back to BG. But we can support the others as they go! All so little boys can let down their guard to love and be loved and LAUGH all day! Just like Pauly!

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  1. Beautiful Elizabeth :) He has come such a long way toward revealing who God meant him to be!


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