Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What a week! If you're tired don't read this!

Monday we notarized our I800A approval, Tom drove it to the cities (140 miles round trip) to apostille it. It was our last piece of 15 documents apostilled and notarized with family pictures for our Dossier. I was finally able to put our entire Dossier together!!
Tuesday we over-nighted our entire Dossier UPS to dear precious adoptive parents who will carry it to EE for us on Saturday!
On Tuesday Tom also went to Social Security to get Julius and Pauly's SS numbers. He was told it was not possible without a birth certificate from our state! This is not true, our adoption does not need to be finalized here, it was finalized in Bulgaria. Tom had shown the Social Security workers- their passports, their Bulgarian Birth Certificates translated in English, Hague act papers, their Certificates of (United States) Citizenship. Nope, two workers, two separate times said that "our" embassy must translate the documents?? (UPDATE- today-Thurs. we got a letter to each child stating that their SS cards will be here in 2 weeks!! What?? We had called Michelle Bachman's office for help! Her office hadn't even helped us yet- and now? we get them?? Bachman's office has someone to help specifically with International adoption- he's calling us tomorrow!)
Tuesday night I also filled out our 2nd stage documents times 3. (sent to our government when Tom gets back from trip 1 with papers to add to it) One for each boy- Noah, Moses, Jacob. The I800 is long!! I had saved copies of Julius & Pauly's to jog my memory! I only need to fill out their expenses page yet. I want these forms submitted as soon as Tom gets off the plane 2nd trip!
Wed. I had an annual meeting for one of our gals. These meetings are a review of the entire year- goals, objectives, Risk Management Plan, medical, behaviors etc- etc- etc. All I could think about during the meeting was adoption-adoption-adoption! LOL! So I was pretty clueless and useless. I felt like my "game" was off. The gal I work with was very kind and told me I did great! LOL!
Thurs. we went to the police station to re-do our FBI prints "just in case" our others expire or the EE country's newly elected official request it. FBI prints take 8 weeks and then 4 more weeks to federally apostille. Ours were done in April 2011 and federally apostilled June 2011. Now if EE decides those are too old, even tho they are supposed to be good for 18 months, we should be ready! Phew! So hopefully by Tom's first trip- which we pray is April or May the FBI stuff will be ready!!? We UPSd our prints over night to the FBI.
Tomorrow- Friday I go back to my pile of paperwork for the annual meeting. ugh. I hate paperwork and then on to our taxes! Owning a business makes taxes hard- I'll need all of Feb. to do them.
It does feel great to get so much done this week! We had forgotten tho that we need $1,420.00 for the 2 added I800 forms- because there are 2 extra boys un-related being adopted. And $1,212.00 for Visas for 3 boys.
Re-reading their medicals we see more surgeries for all 3. Tonsils and adenoids, and 2 boys have undescended testicles. Possible eye surgery for two also. Here we go again! LOL!


  1. I'm already tired, but I read your update anyway :) Whew! Praising the good, good Lord for his blessings on your efforts and hard work this week. I understand the grueling path you are running down to get these papers in order, and I'm thankful to Him for giving you the will and strength to get all things done, plus manage your precious family. I am so excited to follow along. Know that we are praying every day for you all. Love and hugs!

  2. I just don't think you have enough to do! LOL! :) Blessings, Jennifer


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