Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So many changes!!

After the initial shock of realizing the boys will- avoid eye contact at all cost, hate going outside, avoid adult women who remind them of orphanage staff, are afraid of taking baths, have no interest in anything except running and crawling in the oposite direction of us, grinding their teeth, spit, bite, and groan 24/7. (this is only a small summary) We have begun to see exciting new behaviors!
Each week we saw them accepting their new lives with us a little more, and grieving for everything they knew, a little less. And then we saw them start to do the things that were amazing!
Pauly has a toy that says "turn the wheels to change a word" and he does!! Pauly responds to voices of people he likes with excitement and anticipation. He cries when he's sad. He likes a few toys. He doesn't pick a toy, we just have to give him one. He walks holding one hand. He did LOVE his vibrating teether, but he wore it out in 2 months and they are expensive! He is responding to his environment a little more each week.
Julius walks every where!! He walks from one bedroom to another to get a toy! Instead of knocking things over and breaking them, he pushes them away from himself! LOL!! He actually plays with things he likes! We let him pick his toys and he has real preferences for what he likes. He uses play tea cups to "pretend" he's drinking. (The boys almost freaked out when they saw play food, they had no idea about what that was about!!) He likes to sit with me when I crochet and he hands me yarn! He's a very quick learner and very smart. It is going to be fun to teaching him! One day he was sitting with me and I put him down to go play with his sibs, instead he turned around and came back to me! He climbs into chairs by himself. Amazing!
We often think that Julius must have recieved more attention, because he likes to "work" people with his antics. Pauly we think recieved much less attention, he gave up and withdrew. Now we have to give him reasons to "come out". It's hard. We could sing long praises about Julius' abilities, but Pauly's lack of abilities do not make us love him any less.
Both boys have fit into our family better than we ever could have imagined and each day with them is filled with love. The other day Tom told me I knew how to pick the best children. That was so sweet of him, but it isn't me!! :o) It's God!


  1. So glad you are beginning to see these wonderful changes. Every.single.day we get to see miracles with these children, don't we! Sounds like God did pick the very most perfect children for your family!!!

  2. Wooo Hooo! I've been praying that your family would be chosen for the next Hidden Treasures auction. I am so happy that you were! :)


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