Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankfulness- the economy and boys in far away places :o)

I put up our fundraiser blog almost week ago. We have been beyond blessed to have three precious families donate items to our three boys. These are gifts from their hearts. The economy is bad, money is tight, work is hard to find. I am editing the post to leave the fountain up indefinitely. Maybe someone somewhere will be interested this spring. :o)
Please keep Sonya, Jamie and Heather (and their families) in your prayers. We cannot Thank them enough!!

I know hardship. We feel the economy here too. Our house value just dropped from $135,000.00 to $99,000.00. And yet the taxes went up again. If we were adopting from a Country that wanted "asset" values. We wouldn't have any right now! The real estate that we invested in (lake property, and 19 acres, both land with only garages) has much less value than before. Nothing is selling. Tom has only worked 11 years of our 35 year marriage. I support us. I lay awake in prayer too many nights asking God to care for our needs. But I'm far from complaining. We are beyond blessed by Him. He has NEVER let me down!

All of us living in America are beyond RICH here. We have the freedom to worship and express our faith. We have the right to free speech. (Which is not free, but paid for by our BRAVE Soldiers) We have "stuff" coming out of our ears compare to my 3 little boys in a far away place. We have food shelves and Churches that feed the hungry. I saw a woman on the MS*N*BC home page who said she feeds her children but skips meals because she does not have enough money. SERIOUSLY??? If this woman went to anyone's house- even mine- I know any one of us would feed her. I don't believe for a minute that any of us would not give this woman food. And be more than happy to do it! We are beyond blessed here in America! Praise God!

My 3 boys have potato water to eat/drink. They have such poor nutrition that they have health issues we don't see here. They have urine soaked clothes and sheets/ or no sheets. They wear urine soaked clothes. They are neglected. They are living on borrowed time. I pray that my little Moses can make it thru another winter. He is so tiny and frail. You may agree or disagree, but Tom and I feel that boys are the weaker sex. More prone to illness and death, not as strong as the girls. We asked God "Send us the children who need us."

Then there are girls, everyone wants girls. Beautiful precious girls. The girls are chosen quickly. We just don't get it. Why do the boys wait? We think our boys are as cute as a button. We love girls, we have girls, but when you see the hundreds of boys who wait. And die. And age out of the system. It breaks our hearts.

We take so much for granted, me included. I'm not pointing fingers here. We think we need more than we have. We complain about "rights" that people in other Countries can't even dream of having. Every day I wake up, I find joy that I don't even deserve. That's what drives us on to share what we have. After all we really don't "have" anything. It ALL belongs to God not us. Hanging on to it doesn't make us richer or better off. It makes our hearts cold. We are not giving what is ours, we are giving what is Gods! If He has given us this much and we give it away- certainly won't He give us more? Shouldn't we count on Him to care of our needs?

O.K. where am I going with this? If I was a fluent gifted writer I might have a point that made more sense here. And ending that was worthy of sharing on multiple blogs!! LOL!! If I could write blog posts more eloquently; I would say something wonderfully profound here. Nope that's not me. What I can do- All I can do, is POINT to HIM!! I have no words. Just humble observations and a thankful heart.

(((HUGS))) to all! As we prepare for Thanksgiving!!

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